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Although I know that God teaches us that we are not to worry about anything, the remedy still keeps eluding me but I'm pressing forward. I am not looking for perfection, just know that I need to pray about everything - which is found in the New Testament of the Bible (Philippians 4). When I find myself in excessive self-absorption through worry I know I need to earnestly pray.

Thankfully I do not have to worry about what or how to pray, since God knows me and my problems better than I do. That relieves some stress. hahahah

Since my stroke and brain stem damage in Dec2008 I've lost my career, our house, our PT Cruiser, 95% of our belongings, my health. We lived 4 years in a '76 RV that was 24' long and leaked, no running water, electricity by extension cord. All in all, we've kept a good marriage going and that is only by God's grace. And believing what is plainly written... like Phlp4.

I'm glad you pointed out that worry does not change anything, at least regarding whatever the issue is. Is it true worrying affects our insulin levels?

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I'm a bad worrier. And the thing is I know worry is a wasted emotion. Yet I can't shut my mind down. Depression makes me worried all the time.

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