Voyager (Outlander, #3) Voyager question

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Ok!!! I am on Voyager book number three of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Love the books so far, but come on. Jamie gets shot? Again? How much more can he get hurt already? How much more could possibly happen to him? He has been shot, flogged, beaten, raped, branded and flogged. How much more can one man take?

It's fiction remember! Anything can happen, that's the beauty of it!

life back then was rough...especially with everything that was going on with political unrest

If claire can go through a bunch of stones and go back in far fetched is it to accept all of the physical abuse jamie must endure?

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Darica Lmao!! Amen Vanessa!
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I think I agree with Diana Gabaldon when she said you never really know a person until they go through something and you see how they deal with it. I am reading Voyager now too and it does seem like he has a bulls eye on him but that is what makes him so special. How he deals with it and where it takes them both. It doesn't bother me that it keeps happening to him as much as it shows the depth of his character.

And to get technical, we're talking about powder and balls, not modern weaponry, so depending on distance etc, the damage isn't necessarily as severe. There's more chance of dying from sepsis if the shot wasn't short distance.


That's why I think Jamie may be immortal and Claire actually knew him from somewhere in the future.. LOL! Lot's more happens to him before book 8 ends so it's just his fate to be strong enough to survive it all.

He has nine lives - like a cat. He gets to almost die 8 times before it actually takes.

Jamie getting beat up, shot, bashed on the head, flogged, and many other things (I won't spoil, but more is coming) seems to be just part of the narrative.

Obviously, Jamie can take more than most...the average bastard would have been dead by the end of that second flogging. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is, apparently, not the average bastard. Lol.

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Ha ha this is only book three there are several more to come.

A lot more can happen to him!

What I love about his character is the moments when he allows himself to show emotions, all this other stuff is just the way life was back then, especially for those who cared about living. Ok, maybe just a bit overkill, but, nevertheless, I will keep on reading.

Before I read the Outlander series I had zero knowledge of Scotland's history or the people. After reading the Outlander series and The Winter Sea, I have a great respect for them. I hope to visit Scotland in the next couple of years. The men written about in that time were REMARKABLE!! Almost super human in the way the fought and loved.

Jamies not exactly the 'let's close the door and wait for it to blow over' type either. Can anyone remember him walking away from anything?

I completely agree and I'm on book 4 and since there are four more it's clear they will all escape death by a hairsbreadth numerous more times. Geez, smart people would learn to walk away and not get involved. I'm only a short way into Drums, but it is apparent Jamie will get himself involved in trouble soon enough.

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LOL! Obviously he can take quite a lot.

He's a Scot. He can take anything!

Just finished the book and now onto the next. Chewing through them like thin mint cookies. Heheh

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