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When Sand Omnibus for nook?

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Alisson I feel like I have been waiting for forever for the Sand nook edition... I check every day. I could have sworn I saw a post a while back from Hugh saying February but now I can't find it. I need Sand! I may need to suck it up and buy a hard copy (even though I am trying so hard to limit my library (tiny apartment).

Alisson OK - I hunted down the post on his website:

Hugh C. Howey
January 9, 2014 at 1:58 am
At the end of February. I’m concentrating on the .mobi edition right now. I’ll have the .epub up later, not just at B&N but at Kobo and the iBookstore.

...still a wait but at least it is coming eventually!

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Alisson Well, end of February did not happen... still waiting on Sand for Nook. Any news?
Hugh Howey
Sand Omnibus

Alisson Update - Answering my own question (since I am the only one here) - I heard back from the HH board and the nook book has been delayed until April.

William Amerman Perhaps it was a licensing / royalty thing causing the delay because formatting an .epub once you have the .mobi is as easy as running it through a conversion program. And if that's too much of a hassle, there are two thousand or so people out there who run businesses doing these types of conversions for under $100.

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Alisson thank you - Once I found out it was further delayed, I broke down and converted it.

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