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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie couldn't help but laugh at his high pitched voice, thinking she did not sound like that. She started off, the short, five minute walk going by quickly as she dug for her keys. Her cabin seemed to just pop out of the trees as they approached. There were no cars or sheds or anything else around it, just the cabin. Kenzie pushed the door open, and a red husky puppy instantly bolted out the door into the snow. A kitten was curled up on the back of the couch, lift it's head idly. Kenzie held the door open for Luke, the puppy racing back in just behind him and jumping up on Kenzie's leg. "Hey my little Rose," she greeted the puppy, picking her up and scratching her head.

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somebody | 332 comments Luke laughed shaking his head lightly. "Poor baby probably hated being pent up for so long" He shook his head, a light grin on his face. It was kind of out of the way, really, how did anyone find this place if she didn't give them first hand directions was beyond him. He turned his hair to see the kitten on the couch and sighed lightly, turning to her. "You live here then?" He raised an eyebrow with a small smile. It was cozy, small but cozy and he liked it.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Yup, this is my place. I actually have a whole basement, but I don't use it. There's two more bedrooms and a bathroom down there," she shrugged. She barely even remembered what they looked like, and they were probably all covered in dust. "This is my little Rose, and that is Mittens. I got them from the shelter over the summer. I couldn't stand to see them in cages, I would have gone home with all of the animals if I could have.

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somebody | 332 comments He nodded his head. "Any of them actual used? The rooms that is?" He raised an light eyebrow before chuckling lightly, staring down at the little cuties, allowing them to spell him before he actually petted them. God he loved animals and these two were simply adorable. "Though I can't imagine letting them stay locked away in cages either-A family probably would have caved in to their little child, realized they didn't want them and gave them to the pounds." He shuddered at the thought. "I'm guessing they're besties or something?" He chuckled lightly.

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Megan (nightrunner) "No, I don't even go down there, up here is enough for me," she told him, both of her animals seeming to deem him acceptable, and letting him pet them. "I don't know what happened to them before, I just know that nothing bad is ever going to happen to them now," she told them, moving into her kitchen. "Do you want anything to eat? Eggs? Cereal? I have oatmeal and granola bars too," she offered him, thinking he was probably hungry.

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somebody | 332 comments "Uh, can you make waffles?" Luke asked, he was hungry a bit though honestly he's grown to know that you should always accept food when offered. Seeing as he wasn't always willing to go out of his way to feed himself, only to end up with an hour of sleep. He slipped over beside her, he bent over a bit to ruffle the fur of one of the animals before continuing on. Honestly he hasn't been this talkative for this forward for a while now, he kind of missed that feeling. She was beautiful as well, it made it that much harder for him to think straight. "I can help" He offered with a sly grin.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I don't have a waffle maker, but I can make pancakes?" she offered, thinking it wasn't all that different, it was the same batter, just used in a different way. Mittens wound around Kenzie's feet, Rose sitting to look up at Luke, tail wagging happily, tongue hanging off to the side of her mouth. She grabbed a pan out of the cupboard, and a book of matches to light the stove. She climbed up onto the counter to get up to her top shelf and grab so Bisquick down, jumping deftly back down. "If that's okay with you?"

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somebody | 332 comments "Course it is, I'm pretty sure that'd make be rude if I took the batter, stating no, and pouring it all over you now would I? And trust me, I'm not going to be rude to you for no reason at all" He promised with a somewhat lazy grin, he was tired but awake and he'd manage on like that easily. Sides, he rather much liked her. She was different. He really was starting to realize that as he stared at her with a light chuckle, his chest rising and falling. He kind of wanted to hold her, because good god she deserved someone to love her. It wasn't fair for her...But he couldn't tell her that, they hardly just met.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((sorry, family drama))

Kenzie's brows furrowed, why would he even think of doing that? She quickly pulled her hair back and struck a match, turning on the gas and swiftly lighting the stove. "Pancakes it is, you want to start mixing some of that up?" she asked as he moved to pull the things they would need out of the fridge and from around the room. Syrup and butter being added to the pile. "Oh, plates!" she got back up on the counter again, reaching to get the good ones, figuring her normal paper plates would be less than impressive.

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somebody | 332 comments ((Ah, that sucks))

He chuckled lightly, starting on 'mixing some of that up. Him finding a mental song to whistle too, even if he wasn't the best whistler. Her tapped his foot lightly to it. "Man I don't look impressive next to your plate plates" He laughed. "I don't actually own any of these, paper plates have became my thing, I'm usually too tired to eat or keep from dropping and breaking it, so I decided to take that out of my daily routine." He admitted, eyeing her up for a moment as he turned his head to get a better look.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie listened to his whistling, giggling at how bad it got at some times. At him complimenting her plates, she grinned slightly. "I actually normally use paper plates too, but when I have company over, it's nice to put on a good show," she shrugged, ppulling down cups. "What do you want to drink? I have lemoade, apple, orange, and grape juice, and milk," she offered him, working in a happy buzz around the kitchen.

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somebody | 332 comments "Uh, orange juice." He insisted. Chuckling lightly. "It's good to know someone else doesn't always use plates plates. I don't exactly have anyone to impress though, kind of why I don't have them" he shrugged. Was it had that he imagined people from Florida using a machine orange gun like thing and firing at Alligators the moment he said oranges. Which caused him to chuckle a little longer than he would had originally. He stopped whistling entirely, deciding on not torchuring her anymore with his 'mad skills'.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie smiled, pouring him a glass of orange juice, and one of grape juice for herself. "Batter ready yet?" she asked, thinking now they could get to actually making the pancakes. "Well, I have a total of four, an might use them once a year, my coach comes over once and a while. She's kind of like my mom in some ways," Kenzie told him, shrugging. "Have you ever played with nerf guns?" she asked, thinking she might have some fun with him before he left.

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somebody | 332 comments "What was your mom like?" Luke started with a nod from his head. "Yes, I'm a boy. I must have played at one point-I'm guessing you have some?" He assumed with a small smirk and a wiggle of his eyebrows, leaning against the counter. "Though yea, I'm done with the batter in case you wanted to know" He informed her with a soft shrug. It felt like he was trying to keep three conversations open at the same time and he sort of questioned if that was normal for girls? He assumed so however, it only made sense if scientist state girls talk over 2000 words a day while guys talk less than 2,000. Though he saw the benefits to it.

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Megan (nightrunner) "My mom? Well..." Kenzie trailed off for a second, a small smile on her lips. "She was kind, supportive. She never had a job so she could take care of us. She would run us everywhere, practices, school, meetings. She would read to us every night, and sing us to sleep. When e cried, she would stay with us for hours until whatever upset us had passed." There was a nostalgic smile on her face as she put the pan on the stove and started the first pancake. She was good at making them, having mastered flipping them once she was living on her own. In no time flat she had four good sized pancakes out, two on each plate, and turned the stove off. "There! Now we can... I forgot silverware," she sighed, rummaging through a drawer for a clean set of knives and forks, handing him one of each. "There! No we're all set."

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somebody | 332 comments Luke nodded his head. At times like this he kind of missed his mother, though it's not like he was actually prepared to go and head back home. He never liked the life style they lived and found it almost meaningless. He took the cold set of silverware as he messed with it along his finger tips, spinning the fork in circles as he cocked his head to the side. "Seems good-No Syrup?" He checked, knowing most people used it, though perhaps she didn't like it. He always had, though he liked it just as fine without. He felt a small grin on his face most the time, like everything was just grand even when it wasn't. He learned it usually faired better way.

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Megan (nightrunner) "The syrup is on the counter, about two feet in front of you," she told him with a giggle, putting butter on her pancakes, then sliding the butter his way. She started cutting up her pancakes as the butter melted, thinking she would put syrup on them after. Rosie yipped at her feet, and she tossed the dog a tiny piece, which she accepted, then went over to jump up and curl up on one side of the rug under the coffee table. The puppy was easy to please, and had the shortest attention span ever. She reached around him to grab the syrup, nearly drenching her pancakes in it. If she was going to eat sweets, she was going to do it thoroughly.

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somebody | 332 comments He hadn't cut his before drowning them. Just S thorough on his sweets. Honestly if they weren't drowned they tasted rather bland to him. "God I love syrup" he laughed, not that it wasn't exactly obvious. Staring down at the adorable little mongrels. His feet tapping lightly as his foot shifted up and down quickly, without a thought as he kept himself concentrated. Biting his lip lightly as he turned to his body to give her a small grin. "So you've lived in this town a long time?" He checked with her, thinking that was the case due to how she talked about her past.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie laughed, motioning for him to follow her over to the couch, thinking sitting and eating would be better than standing around. "Yeah, all my life, never really leave it either, only for competitions. She was never out of town more than a week either, though if she went to the Olympics, she most definitely would be. She plopped down on one side of the couch, propping her plate up on the arm of the couch and starting to eat, turning on her tv to a station she got that played prime time shows the next day for those who couldn't see them when they were on. "Anything you want to watch?"

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somebody | 332 comments "Eh, I'll watch anything you want to" Luke shrugged to her with a light grin. "I'm not that picky about TV" he shrugged lightly, offering her a slop sided boyish like grin as he finished off his drowning pancake. Eating it a bit funny though you know, he's never been full on proper like his mother and father had expected from him. Which he's completely fine with. "Long as you don't make me watch the Kardashians or anything like that" he chuckled, resting back a slight bit.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie smiled, flipping it to an episode of Criminal Minds. She loved the show, she wasn't quite sure why. It was so unlike her to like things like this, but hey, don't judge her for it. "I hate those type of shows, they're all scripted anyway," she told him, a disgusted look on her face for a moment, then she turned back to her food, eyes keenly watching the TV. The kitten staled down to sit in between het legs as she sat crossed legged, seeming to watch the tv right with her.

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somebody | 332 comments "Yea, I been on one before. Tell you exactly what to do- not always what to say but they make you do things over and over. It's terrible and my friend apologized for bringing me onto it- even if the guys recording them were amazing to work with" he chuckled. He loved Criminal Minds, though he's only seen a couple different episodes on the whole. One over 5 times just out of sheer luck- and actually it was that one again. Though he loved the episode all the same. "You watch this often?" He asked, never being one to watch full seasons, instead catching them when he could.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie just nodded, though she wondered why he would be on a show like that. "I like the show, I watch it when I can, though I almost never am around for a whole episode. I catch bits and pieces, it's really confusing, but I make it up in my head, the things I miss," she shrugged, finishing her first pancake, taking a sip of her juice. "So, what do you do when you're not working?" she asked him, thinking he had to have some kind of hobby, everyone around here did.

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somebody | 332 comments "I sleep, sometimes eat" Luke admitted, shrugging his shoulders as he sat back. "I work a lot, doesn't exactly pay really well, but it keeps me living" he shrugged. He was never the smartest kid and after the incident he couldn't really ever think straight for long periods of time. "I watch from the part I come at, and on rare occasions I'll see the same episode more than once, and continue watching so I can remember" he chuckled lightly. "I like cop shows, things that are funny. You know?" He shrugged to her lightly.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie laughed softly, thinking he was joking, not realizing he was actually being serious, until he continued on. "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were kidding," she apologized with wide eyes, feeling as though she had offended him. She loosened back up a little as they went back to talking about the cop shows. "I like funny things, but I don't like the over dramatized romantic stuff. It's too sappy for me, I like cop shows, and shows like Whose Line is it anyway. I love watching that," she admitted. She watched it whenever she could, it eased her mind and gave her a reason to let loose and laugh.

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somebody | 332 comments He had rolled his eyes to her treatment towards the laughing but he hadn't mind in the slightest. "Yea, I tend to like action things. With a bit of drama but not the kind where it's all 'on my god! Becky! Someone took the last breath mint!' Kind of thing" he insisted, using a girly voice to indicate the drama type. He enjoyed watching TV, he just didn't have the time to actively watch it nonstop for a long time. A bad habit of his really. Staying up to late. But he'd manage with that. He liked having her as company, made things interesting. It felt like a fully fresh start just happened.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((So... sorry about not being on last night, I rolled my ankle over and it hurts like a... you know. Haven't been to the doctor yet to find out what's up, but it doesn't look good.))

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somebody | 332 comments ((Ouch, sorry bout your ankle. Hope it isn't too bad))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Still waiting on x-rays, parents made me go to school, and ride the bus hoe today. Hopefully nothing bd, my play is at the end of March and softball starts Monday. I'm kind of screwed regardless.))

Kenzie laughed in earnest at his girly voice. He was really funny sometimes, and when he did that it was just so cute and funny. She smiled, dropping off into a fit of giggles. "I like most things I watch, some things not so much, but that's just the way it is, I guess," she shrugged, finishing her breakfast and setting it aside. She looked over to him. "I'm going to go put my dishes away, be back in a minute," she told him, standing to go to the kitchen, then cutting upstairs to her room to pull out her two nerf guns.

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somebody | 332 comments ((That sucks- softball hasn't started yet there?))

Luke rested back with a soft grin on his face. Closing his eyes lightly. "Alright. Fair enough. I can live with that." He insisted with a chuckle before she had gone. Getting comfortable even it it'd only be for a moment. He liked the idea of not having to question whether she'd come back, I mean. What was she gonna do? Jump out the window? He doubted that highly. His lips pursed in a think line for a moment before they smoothened out. His eye kids resting lightly. Almost asleep but not quite there.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((No, we're still getting snow storms, we'll be in the gym until late march. Oh, and my ankle isn't over, just badly strained, I'll be on crutches for a few more days, then one crutch until the end of the week. Should be able to start doing things again next Monday.))

Kenzie smiled, loading both the guns, then sneaking up on him, shooting him in the arm first, Mittens instantly jumping to attention to pounce off his shoulder and after the little yellow bullet. Kenzie giggled softly. "Gotcha!" she exclaimed softly, tossing him the other gun, plopping down on the couch beside him. She shot another bullet at the wall for the kitten to chase, shaking her head and giggling even more.

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somebody | 332 comments ((Not too bad. I never harmed my legs enough to get crutches but I always wanted them))

Luke let out a laugh. A hand going to his 'wounded' arm. "Cheater" He cried out, rolling his eyes playfully with a light grin before holding the plastic gun to her head. "Now apologize or I shot" he insisted with a light chuckle. A hand slipping around her waist holding her close in a more....comfortable, hostage position. Finger on the tigger he allowed a smirk to slip out from the grin.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((No you don't. It's terrible, you're armpits bruise and you can barely move your shoulders, and the crutches slip if they hit dust or water, you don't want them, this is my third time on them.))

Kenzie couldn't help put keep grinning, trying to move her head out of the way. "I'm sorry," she told him, giggling, not minding being close to him, her gun pressing to his stomach, "but now if you shoot, I shoot," she told him, lightly pressing the gun into his stomach. She was having fun with this. It was crazy and insane, and she loved it so much.

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somebody | 332 comments ((Yea. But just the idea of it. Never really been "crippled" in my life yet. Kind of edges me on in a sense))

"Man. Now it's a stand off, who shoots first" Luke chuckled, throwing her a grin. His hand almost pulled the toy gun from her head, dropping it an inch before shifting it back up. Licking his bottom lip. "Well- personally I don't want to be shot so...." He trailed off with a small win or her. His fingers tightening on the tripper as the bullet fired at her head head before stopping- 99% till in the gun. That's the thing with nerds. They only harm relationships.

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somebody | 332 comments ((Silly auto-correct.....I meant nerfs not nerds. And it still wants to correct me.))

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie poked her gun a little bit harder into his stomach when he brought his back up to her face. At his remark, she flinched back, only to watch the bullet get stuck. She fell back on the couch, shooting her gun, it hitting him in the chest. "A misfire, bad luck," she teased, giggling like crazy at him. A bullet, even a nerf one that close to her face probably would have left a welt, she was kind of glad it didn't fire.

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somebody | 332 comments Luke laughed. "Well it's the nature of nerfs, they don't actually hit well on close contact-" He put a hand to his chest, faking himself as he 'fell' to the floor. "But alas! I've been struck! I don't fancy I'll make it" He faked as he laid, faking his death on the ground. Eyes closed. "Psst. I'm dead" He let out a small chuckle as he shook his head lightly. Squeezing his eyes shut before poking open just one and throwing her a sideways grin before returning to death.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Would you mind if I invite seventmesseventy to have William come over? so we can do that whole thing and get it out of the way to get our rps on track?))

Kenzie laughed as he fell, pretending to die. "You forgot the "a plague upon your houses," she teased, reaching out to ruffle his hair teasingly, laughing as he threw her another grin. He was just so fun and so amazing sometimes. It was so nice. "You should probably get to seeing your boss, I don't think he'd be happy with me killing you," she told him, offering a hand down to help him up.

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somebody | 332 comments ((Na. Sides. She deserves to see her brother after all that time anyways))

"Probably- if he bothers to deal with me at all" Luke made a face. "Usually he kind of shoves me off to security who in turns gives me a 'stern talking to'. Then they tell me to beat it and show up at work tomorrow. Though every once in a while he'll think I'm somewhat important enough to talk to" he shrugged. Tossing a bullet at her head to make up for the mis fired one. Course it harmlessly bounced off. "I like to think I'm important" he winked.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Okay, I'll ask her today, hopefully he's still free. If Luke wants to stick around for a little while to make sure everything goes well, I wouldn't be opposed.))

"You're boss sounds absolutely terrible. Why would he be like that at all? At the very least your entitled to some respect from your boss," Kenzie told him, shaking her head. "You are important, and don't let anyone ever make you think other wise," she told him, pretending to be shocked as the bullet lightly hit her forehead. "I've been struck!" she pretended to collapse back onto the couch, giggling softly.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((there, all cleaned up.))

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somebody | 332 comments "Oh. You. Poor. Thing." Luke stated teasingly, his head turning side to side with each word. His lips pursing to the side for the second he shrugged. It was just all fun and games until someone murdered him. He lifted up his arm and aimed for her only to lose his concentration at the last second and basically miss by a mile as he had started laughing. "That was just terrible, can we agree on that?" Honestly for his work he was but a pawn, most players don't exactly respect the pawn as much as they should. Or at least, that's how he sees it.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie was about to tease him back when he went totally wild, sending her into a fit of giggles. She heard her phone ring and jumped up, racing to go pick it up, nodding along to whatever the other person was saying, then realizing she was on the phone and responding. "Yes ma'am, I'll see you then," she told the person, then put the phone back down. She moved back over to Luke, plopping down in his lap with a smile. "My coach is back in town. I have to go to practice at one, you want to tag along and watch?" she offered, thinking she didn't want to let him leave yet. She finally had a friend, but if he left, she didn't know if she'd really ever see him again, or when she would.

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somebody | 332 comments Like bit his lip in thought. Thinking it all over as quickly as she could, and in a way, he'd like to think she 'needed him'. Now he figured he was wrong but it did make him feel happier as he gave a little nod of his head. "Sure... Seems like fun" he chuckled. "Only I'm mostly just expecting to hear your coach yell at you to do better like they do in the movies, maybe an extra action theme in the background as well." He had tried to joke to the best of his abilities at the moment though wasn't quite sure if he succeeded as he stood up.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Do movies really make coaches seem like that? Lydia is great. She used to skate professionally, she didn't think she wanted to coach as a job, but she says she loves being out on the ice as much as she can without having to worry about competitions or shows or anything else. She's pretty chill most of the time, though I have been trying some new tricks. Her rule is that I can't try new tricks unless she's around. Triples seem easy, but quads, do you know how hard it is to get high enough off the ground to take your whole body around four times and land on one skate?" she sighed, leaning back against the couch. "Do you want to hang here while I go upstairs and change? Practice isn't for a little while, but I'd rather get their early than late."

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