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Littles Books No one thought that the story didn't add up?
The timeline is wrong, or Daniel should be 70 years old, and if that's the case, how come NO ONE has a cellphone? And how could the killer be in two places at once?

Kevin Pierce Why do you say the timeline was wrong? I didn't recall a year being mentioned in the entire book so I just assumed it wasn't in present day, besides the dude had a pager lol.

Littles Books Hahaha. He has a pager, but the wife has a laptop and wifi. And NO cellphones.
I first assumed it was in the present, which would be fine, but there are little references that threw me off.
And also,,the killer kills someone when they are somewhere else. You noticed?

Jessica Gardill I love discussions like this. I personally thought he was an older guy in his 50's and his wife around the same age. Making them older parents but still plausible. She alluded to them really wanting a baby as if it was something she decided to do late. If the time is set in early 2000 it makes since because the war ended a little after 1975 (I did a little research).

Kevin Pierce LOL pagers are funny. Didn't really think about the no cell phones thing. As far as the killer in two places, I guess you're talking about when she was in NY. I thought she just came back and did it, I mean that was her in the house that one night right. She seemed pretty bitter and had planned it all out for years so it's not shocking to think she'd fly back since she already had an alibi.

Littles Books Yeah, maybe, I just think is a bit of a reach. She got out of a plane, killed a guy and was home early enough for him to find her laying on the couch surfing the net...

Vietnam war ended in 1975. And he was in college when he got drafted, so he had to be at least on his mid twenties. He made special forces, so that should be a few years in the military. So late twenties early thirties by 75. Which makes him born in the late 40s? so, in mid 2000, (when there laptops and wifi, but also EVERY doctor used a cellphone), he should be 60.
When she was raped, she should have been on her early 20s, and that was before the Nam war. so...

it doesn't compute! hehe

Randy Berk Here's my .02 cents. I felt like the timeline was a bit of a stretch, but really didn't distract from the book to me. In fact I really didn't think about it until I wrote my review today and saw this discussion. Anyway I'd say he would've been 23 in Vietnam as a 2nd LT. Which is about par for the course. Special ops training during vietnam and draft time was no where near as long as it is these days. And I guess this book could've taken place in the early 2000's since WiFi was pretty prevalent in 2000 alone. That'd put him around 50 which i said is a stretch, but not super distracting. I don't recall any murders where she got off a place and got home so maybe I missed that. I didn't think much of the cell phone thing I mean there weren't that many instances where one was necessary and I figured he had a pager because he was a doctor, although I haven't seen a pager in over 10 years. I know this is long, but what can I say I'm a nerd.

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