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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Morgan (mjbookeditor) | 15 comments Hey writers!

Yes! I have openings in March to accept new clients for editing services! Check out my website for more info about me, testimonials, my blog, and the first of many videos to come: www.mjbookeditor.com.

Feel free to send me an email to discuss your story and your publishing goals: michelle@mjbookeditor.com. I'd be happy to review a sample of your work before we get started, to see if we might be a good fit.

Happy writing!

message 2: by Iman (new)

Iman Eyitayo | 8 comments I love the website! Too bad I'm a french writer :(
I'm trying to translate my story(ies) in english but it's hard to find a good translator !

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Morgan (mjbookeditor) | 15 comments Hi Iman. :) Thanks for the comment! I am actually half French, but I've forgotten almost everything I learned in high school French classes - to my mother's dismay. :-/ Can I still be a proud French girl?? Ha ha.

Where have you been looking for a translator? Send me a message and I'll try to point you in the right direction. I might have a couple of ideas. ;)

message 4: by Iman (new)

Iman Eyitayo | 8 comments Hi Michelle :)

I think you can still be a proud french girl, it's all about the spirit ! Ha ha. In fact, I think we are all citizen of the world ^_^

About the translator thing, I've been looking around me basically : through social network, network of people I met on fictionpress.com, twitter and also through my brother's network who has been living in Canada for more than a decade now and knows a lot of bilinguals who have done translating work before. He introduced me someone a few months ago actually, who translated 2chapters, but his style didn't match, it didn't felt like an english written fantasy at all. Probably because the guy is not a big reader? Don't know. I'm guessing that because I know translating is hard and that you have to be a little bit writing yourself to do it right.

Anyhow, I've then been looking on random websites and even met a few translators at meetup events in Paris, but the price just discouraged me. Do you know people who can translate a french fantasy to english?

Thanks !

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Morgan (mjbookeditor) | 15 comments Hi Iman, I'll send you a PM. :)

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