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Jenni Frencham (jennifrencham) I am having difficulty seeing the teen appeal of this book. It certainly wouldn't appeal to younger teens, and I know of very few older teens to whom I would recommend this book. The pace is so incredibly slow, and although the book is definitely written in a literary style similar to other award winning or classic books, it lacks any sort of punch that would appeal to most teens. That being said, it's gotten a lot of good reviews from adults who read adult books, so it could be that I've spent too much time reading YA lit to appreciate adult works anymore.

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Rebecca Ann I LOVED this book, and also his last book, Rotters. The appeal of the slow pace is in the slow build of tension and atmosphere, so fans of gothic stories or horror will probably enjoy that aspect. I would have no trouble finding teens at my library who would like this book, I always have teens and adults asking for YA horror more like King's style and this fits the bill. It's also has a complex, thoughtful writing style.

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Mindy | 6 comments Did you read it or listen to the audio book? I enjoyed Rotters too! Also narrated by Kirby Heyborne. I agree it is slow, but the tension is so methodical that you are wondering where the plot is going until Bam! it hits you in the face.

Debbie | 14 comments I stayed up very late finishing Scowler (the audiobook) last night and then had bad dreams for the rest of the night. I found it extremely suspenseful and disturbing. I wouldn't give this to every teen reader I meet, but I certainly know some who would gobble this up.

Devera Chandler (developyourya) | 32 comments WOW. This book is a frightful, horrifying nightmare! YIKES! It is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. I love mystery/thriller/suspense and this one kept me on the very edge of my seat and nearly sent me sprawling, chapter after chapter. It is rough, edgy, grimy, graphic, and sometimes appalling. With that being said, it is a GREAT read. Warning...there are 2-3 scenes of disturbing abuse. Just a heads up, but I loved the book. I have to agree with Debbie that there would be VERY FEW teens I would recommend this to as it scared the living BEJEEZUS out of me!

Jennie (bobcatbrarian) | 5 comments I agree that while you might be able to sell your horror lovers on the suspense and the gore, those expecting a lot of fast action might not be patient enough to sit through the pacing. Rebecca, I totally agree with you--it's so King-like his fans would enjoy it. Monstrumologist fans might enjoy it too.

Funnily enough, I finished last year's challenge after Rotters because it just drained me. I told my teens I just didn't like the book but, when I was telling them about it, I guess my descriptions were so passionate some of them said that THEY wanted to read the book now! I didn't like it then but, the more I think about it, and while listening to Scowler, I think I really liked Rotters a lot more than I thought I did!

bjneary | 19 comments I can't stop reading Kraus' books, but I am totally unnerved while reading and after!!! I still think about Rotters and last night, my mind was racing with Scowler, Marvin, Ry, his mom and Sarah--so no sleep there!!!I would have a tough time recommending this title to just any teen, too.

Rebecca (rjung) | 8 comments I am loving this as much or more than the audiobook rendition of Rotters - the fight scene between Marvin and Finney made me squirm and feel a little lightheaded - just so gross! But I would definitely recommend this to teens 14+ who like horror/psychological thrillers.

Lee-ann | 16 comments I'm listening to audiobook and I am really enjoying Kirby Heybourne's voices, but I am not enjoying the overall story all that much. I think the build up of tension that is trying to be achieved is too slow for my taste. That being said, I think the wording and the writing is very good, but I would suggest this title to higher level teens and adults who like King, but want something a little different.

Lee-ann | 16 comments I am really super annoyed with ry and Marvin.

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