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message 1: by Allison (last edited Feb 12, 2014 03:29PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Allison Where does this take place? Did I somehow miss it while reading?

Nicole I don't remember, but I think it said...didn't it?

Mary I think geographically, it would have to be one of the Southern gulf coast states like Alabama, Louisiana or Texas as Landon/Lucas was able to drive several hours to get to his father's fishing boat in the same state on the coast.

Megan Was this in Texas? I didn't know! I just thought Anywhere, USA. I don't remember reading a location.

Allison The author calls out Arlington as Lucas's hometown so it must be Texas.

Allison Lake Arlington?

message 7: by Stephanie (last edited Feb 07, 2014 11:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Stephanie The only name I remember seeing was Alexandria. So that could mean Virginia or Louisiana.

Mary He grew up in Alexandria (likely VA due to mention of cold), but his father's fishing boat is in the same state as the college, I believe.

Stephanie Yeah I never caught where that was. The teacher mentioned that they lived near Georgetown at one point but all I remember was they were going to State. Her parents went to Colorado for Thanksgiving and her friend went to a cabin plus the one friend from class flew home to Georgia. It really was all kinda vague.

Laura I was thinking Louisiana because they mentioned Shreveport and I think they mentioned LSU too

Stephanie I can't remember it's been several months since I read it but I thought they said something about the gulf so Louisiana is possible.

message 12: by Tammara (new) - added it

Tammara You guys are all awesome! <3 I hope you don't mind me butting in here.

I did have a particular town/university in mind while writing, but I wanted the setting to be somewhat generic (Southern US), so I was vague and/or took liberties with some of the details to make that so. The Gulf Coast is correct for where Lucas's dad is, though.

The backstory was more solid: Landon grew up in Alexandria (VA). His dad worked for the FDIC (Washingon, DC). The Hellers lived in Arlington (VA). Dr. Heller taught at Georgetown University (DC). He later moved to the university Lucas and Jacqueline eventually attend. By the time Easy takes place, he's been there several years.

Hope this clarifies a little bit. :)

Allison Thanks Tammara! You are so sweet. So great of you to reply. I can't wait to read Breakable!

message 14: by Tammara (new) - added it

Tammara You're welcome, Allison. I'm not on GR often, and I didn't know there were Easy discussions until recently. (*DER!*) :)

Stephanie Awww thank you so much!!!

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