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Am I the only one happy about the ending?

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Kristen Well, I didn't like Prim as a character much, but wow....
She was a kid who didn't deserve to die any more than the rest of them did.

Giselle Prim was courageous, caring and independent.
And she loved her sister so much.
I remember the scene where Gale was tortured and no one has had the courage to react in front of his wounds. Prim took the situation in hand and showed courage as much as his sister. This moved me.
I don't think she deserved to die.

Nurlely @ Viv

Prim was killed in a bomb intended for the Capitol's people (including the children). She didn't deserve it. Those children didn't deserve it either. But it happened, for in a war, if we meant to kill someone with bombs, it will kill more and more people. Poor Prim. Poor the children.

As a teenager, Prim was not a bad person at all. She didn't wish her sister to replace her. She has grown into a gentle and caring girl and was as eager as Katniss. She went to Capitol as a medic because she wanted to be the part of the freedom fighting and because she was good in helping people

I think you spent too much energy in hating Prim. She was never my favourite but I never thought she was anything bad. And she was not. Prim was a child who wanted to help others and died in process.

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Martin Donald Hate Prim ? She was just a kid. If anyone deserves to die it's Gale or Katniss,OH gosh , she was fucking annoying and doesn't even deserve Peeta.

Rue Fleur Hey! Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!!! Katniss effing rocks!

Breton I didn't really care much for Prim, but I thought her death was too telegraphed.

Meena Honestly, I really think that many of us would be like Prim if put in her situation. Katniss, I think, is unusual, because she has a strength many of us don't have, a passion most of us lack. To me, Prim represents the good people in our world who are amazing but just don't have all the courage and ferocity in Katniss. I understand why people might not like her as a book character, but she is very realistic as a person. She did not deserve to die in any way at all.

Kelly Brigid ♡ The only person's death who I was seriously angry about was Finnick's. His death seriously sucked., I wasn't devastated when she died; it was understandable. Prim is the symbol of hope and innocence in the Hunger Games trilogy, and her death showed that in a time of war and suffering, you can easily lose these things. Her death showed demonstrated just that.

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I think the ending is perfect. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want everyone to die. Never. But it's realistic. I mean, there was a war. People die in wars. Their deaths made me think. And that's what a good book is supposed to do.

Emily Viv wrote: "I have to say that by the way Susan Collins described Prim, I developed a deep mutual dislike (hates a strong word) for her..."

I don't understand. How was the feeling mutual? You think Collins wrote Prim to hate you too?

Lilly I loved the ending it was perfect

Nurlely Viv wrote: "But the way she was described, I felt a mutual feeling of hate for her."

You can love or hate a character, but that character can not love nor hate you back for you to call it a mutual feeling.

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