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message 1: by Francis, The British Lad (new)

Francis | 528 comments Mod
I know this may sound weird but when you write how and where do you write?

For me, I prefer my bed. Earphones in, blasting music that fits with the emotions for the scene I'm writing (i.e sad, angry, happy). When I write I'm quite picky, I constantly go over, check and change/add things even before I start the second draft.

message 2: by Abigail (new)

Abigail | 17 comments I write on the sofa or in bed, on my Ipad and when there is quite to concentrate or just put slow sad music.

message 3: by Red (new)

Red (littleredreader) I always write on my laptop, sometimes I write in bed, at my desk, and occasionally I might go to a Starbucks. I might consider going to Starbucks more for writing, only because I have less to distract me. When I'm home, I'm always finding other things to do, and it can be disruptive.

Sometimes I can just write, write, write, and push out a few chapters. Other times, when I know I want to write, but not sure exactly what I want to say yet, I'll go through and pick out random chapters to reread and lightly edit.

message 4: by April (new)

April I write on my laptop first before paper.

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