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Stuck on Your Writing? > Hi! What types of conflicts should there be in a YA story?

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message 1: by Nuzhat (new)

Nuzhat Yousuf (shababa51) | 47 comments I'm stuck! Please help! Thnx!! :)

message 2: by R.F.G. (new)

R.F.G. Cameron | 601 comments Nuzhatyousuf wrote: "I'm stuck! Please help! Thnx!! :)"

As a rule, a YA will have many of the same conflicts as Adults, with the added mix of trying to figure out who they are on top of figuring out their hopes and dreams in a society that isn't always helpful.

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen | 51 comments Depends on what you're writing. There's YA "problem" novels which are about teenage issues like drinking, drugs, alcohol, depression, and sex. Then there are lot of different fantasy genres for YA: dystopian (like the Hunger Games), magic (Harry Potter), urban fantasy (Paranormalcy) and so on. Basically you have a lot of options! Also remember that relationships is HUGE in YA, as in guys and gals. So it can't hurt to put that in.

message 4: by Tara ♪ (new)

 Tara ♪ | 445 comments As everyone else has said, finding yourself and self-identity is huge, as is dating, friendship, and the like. In addition to having the same problems as adults, teens often feel like those problems are given less attention because of our age. We also have to deal with living and growing up in a (pardon my adjective) crappy world. Terrible education system, peer pressure, college application (even kids in middle school are worried about this, so don't think that a middle school character is too young), drugs, depression, divorce/family dysfunction, gang violence, (most of those were already mentioned.) Even if your character isn't dealing with any of that, chances are they have a friend (or enemy) who is.

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