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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Richardson | 6 comments Hi my name is Tony. I realized too late that I posted this incorrectly and hijacked another new member's thread (sorry Dianne). I'm a fan of hard boiled or noir crime fiction looking for some new authors to try. Some of my favorites are

Ken Bruen
Adrian McKinty
Elmore Leonard
Stuart Macbride
Stuart Neville
Walter Mosley


message 2: by Don (new)

Don Satalic (donsatalic) | 135 comments Hi Tony,

Have you tried Cornell Woolrich or Jim Thompson? Exceptional writers I learned a great deal from in my own work.

message 3: by Tony (new)

Tony Richardson | 6 comments Thanks forthe recs Don. I've been meaning to read Snow Angels for a long time but for some reason have never gotten to it. Woolrich is new to me but I'll definitely check him out.

message 4: by Marshall (new)

Marshall Stein | 6 comments Hi Tony,
You may also want to read David Goodis. Every two years there is a NoirCon held in Philly, and a Goodis Award named for him. Shameless plug: you might consider RAGE BEGETS MURDER, my noir crime thriller set in Philly in the early 50s at the birth of Bandstand. Second shameless plug: I've been invited to be a panelist at this year's NoirCon, 10/29-11/2.
Rage Begets MurderRage Begets Murder

message 5: by Tony (new)

Tony Richardson | 6 comments Thanks Marshall your novel sounds really interesting. Also, I live about an hour from Philly so maybe I'll try to get to NoirCon

message 6: by Lee (new)

Lee Mossel | 106 comments Hi Tony,
I highly recommend James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series set in New Iberia Parish, LA. Introspective, barely functioning alcoholic detective with a brutal stone cold killer buddy operating in the less than law abiding climes of south Louisiana.

message 7: by Janis (new)

Janis Bolster | 30 comments Hi, Tony. What about Kate Flora's Joe Burgess series, set in Portland, Maine? Edgy with a good local insight into the dark side of what's supposed to be paradise. She also did a gripping true crime called Finding Amy (written with a police detective whose name I can't remember).

message 8: by Tony (new)

Tony Richardson | 6 comments Thanks guys, I really have to get started reading some of these. I've read most of the Robicheaux novels Lee and you're right, they're all outstanding

message 9: by Lee (new)

Lee Mossel | 106 comments Tony wrote: "Thanks guys, I really have to get started reading some of these. I've read most of the Robicheaux novels Lee and you're right, they're all outstanding"

You might also like Ian Rankin's John Rebus series set in Edinburgh. It fits your "noir crime fiction" description.

message 10: by Janet (new)

Janet Hey All,

I just added this group to see if I can find some good authors. I did want to make a comment...I see most of the books listed as read are by female authors and I by far read more male authors...I prefer the blood and guts macho kind of stuff that I typically find missing with the lady authors. Maybe this isn't even the right group for me.

An example of my frequently read authors are Barry Eisler, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Brad Thor, Brad Meltzer, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, David get the idea.

So, am I in the right place?


message 11: by E.A. (new)

E.A. Cook I highly recommend Pearce Hanson.

message 12: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8694 comments Mod
Hi Janet -- welcome to the group. I'm sure that you'll get plenty of suggestions for the kinds of authors you're looking for.

message 13: by Tony (new)

Tony Richardson | 6 comments Hi Janet, I joined for the same reason as you and I have to say I've gotten alot of good reccomendations from the group.

Based on your list i'd suggest Ken Follet or Daniel Silva for Thrillers and John Sandford or Robert Crais for crime fiction.

Welcome to the group

message 14: by Lee (new)

Lee Mossel | 106 comments Hi Janet...Welcome. I suggest you scroll back about three or four months on this site for numerous lists of thrillers. In addition, try the following:
James Lee Burke
Vince Flynn
Robert B Parker: Spenser series
Elmore Leonard
JT Ellison

message 15: by Bill (new)

Bill | 5458 comments Welcome to the group, Janet. I'm sure you'll find discussions on all mystery authors. Feel free to start a discussion thread if there is any particular authors you like to talk about. You might like to try John D MacDonald or Giles Blunt or Jo Nesbø.

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