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message 1: by Taja (last edited Feb 04, 2014 06:16AM) (new)

Taja  (taozi) | 48 comments I got an idea that is quite similar to the pick-it-for-me challenge. But it can go on for a longer time :)

The basics are, a person describes what type of book they wish to read and the person commenting bellow them, recommends him\her 1-3 books that fit that description. And then they describe what type of book they would wish to read ...


person 1: I wish to read a book with minimum romance, set in a dystopian world and I want it to be a series (preferably a trilogy).

person 2: I recommend the Unwind trilogy.

I want to read a fantasy book with great character development, and an interesting world. I want the main character to be a boy.


This way we get great recommendations on topics that really interest us and we get to discover a lot of interesting books :)

message 2: by Taja (new)

Taja  (taozi) | 48 comments I'll start to get this going:

I would like to read a book where the story takes place in an alternate reality where people have special powers, or something else that makes them extraordinary :)

message 3: by Taja (new)

Taja  (taozi) | 48 comments I strongly recommend Graceling :)

I would like a good dystopian book that isn't set in America.

message 4: by Arielle Rae (new)

Arielle Rae Aguilar | 55 comments I recommend The Other Side of the Island

I want to read a book where a woman dresses up as a man, but still finds romance. There has to be a Happily Ever After where the woman ends up with the guy. Preferably not YA, but I don't mind (you guys can check my gender bender shelf to see what books I've already read)

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