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Why did Rhett say "I'm not a marrying man"?

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Sandy As title. :)
Do you think he was an ideal husband?
Please comment.

Mariana Because he slept around, and was a huge casanova.

Iris Because he felt the life of a husband to be a boring one. He liked to jump from place to place and enjoy women--husbands can't really do that. Also, Rhett looked down on everyone, he never found a woman that he could spend his life with until he met Scarlett, and we all know how that turned out.

Alexandra Alexyna I do think because he couldnt setelle down . the ending of scarled was something we belong to each other and we belong to the world

Mrsbooks Because he wasn't a marrying man. He didn't want to get married.

Sandy Mrsbooks wrote: "Because he wasn't a marrying man. He didn't want to get married."

Before he met Scarlett, he didn't want to get married. :)

Danna Rohleder Scarlett changed him. He decided that women were to much trouble, dishonest, and not worth the hassle.

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Tiggs He was a womanizer and a gallivanter . Even Scarlett knew that.

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