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Dream Wedding: Dream Bride\Dream Groom
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > series of two sisters who have a family legend that wearing this nightgown during the week of their (21st?) birthday, they will see their soulmate/ true love [s]

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message 1: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 2 comments so what i recall, is that there is a series where there are two sisters, one is adopted and one is biological. The parents pass away and the biological daughter inherits the house and the adopted one gets money. the family has a legend that if they wear this nightgown during the week of a specific birthday (its somewhere in their 20's) they will dream of their soulmate. there is speculation about whether or not this will apply to the adopted daughter.

in the first book the biological sister's love interest is a geologist and he is doing an exhibit at the university where she works. I think that there is an eccentric meddling aunt involved.

in the second book, the adopted daughter, who is a preschool teacher, ends up becoming the live-in caretaker of a little girl whose mother and father died. she has been left to a bachelor uncle who knows nothing about kids, and who becomes the love interest of the protagonist.

this is a two-book series. I can see the story in my head and i can recall everything but the names of the characters, the author, and the title. I have not had luck finding anything in the big search engines. Please help me! i am dying to reread these books. :)

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Gabi | 2 comments YES, THANK YOU!!!!

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Darcy (mrsbean04) | 20 comments Your welcome :)

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