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message 1: by Anastacia, Head Moderator (new)

Anastacia (ana3) | 1878 comments Mod
So I realized with my having school (Ick) and having to sleep, it would do some good to have a couple of mods who can be on when I'm not. So just answer these, and I will be picking 2 mods in 5 days.

Why do you want to be a mod?

How active are you?

Do you have a character made?

Do you have any current ideas for the group?

message 2: by Natasha ♥ (new)

Natasha ♥ (tashieasmiles) Why do you want to be a mod?
I'd be able to approve characters, help out, and add on to this RP.
How active are you?
On at least 15 min. Every day.
Do you have a character made?
I have three characters, Karina, Sophia, and Brianna
Do you have any current ideas for the group?
Well, right now,I thought, what if certain people from different rooms, went with the evil characters, and were tortuedm for money, passwords, information, and such. And we could have certain days, that certain groups try to escape. And we could have room that the kidnapped end up in and have to escape from the traps and such. Well, just ideas!

message 3: by Evelina (new)

Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 156 comments Why do you want to be a mod?
I really want to help this group grow even greater than it is right now. I also feel like I could help to solve altercations and problems that might occur.

How active are you?
At least 6 out of 7 days of the week

Do you have a character made?
Yes; Ivy, in Room 5

Do you have any current ideas for the group?
What if each month, there was a contest? In the contest, the people in each room would elect one person to kill off and one person to set free. The people who were set free would undergo the same contest with the other people who were set free. (So, among the freed people, only one would die, one would go free, and the remaining ones would go back into captivity.)

message 4: by Megan (new)

Megan | 493 comments Why do you want to be a mod?
I LOVE this group. The plot, the people, EVERYTHING! And it would be nice if I could help out in all of this.

How active are you?
Monday-Friday: Before School-10-20 minutes, After School-A couple of hours.
Saturday-Sunday: Basically an chance I get.

Do you have a character made?
-I have six characters that I created.

Do you have any current ideas for the group?
-Maybe more places? I'm not sure, but a topic named Hallway where you can see all the doors of the rooms.
-There should definitely be attempts to escape, can't wait to see that. Most of them should be a different and unique way each time.
-I say some characters should be taken away into a room for experiments(with permission) so more slots can open for other people to make characters.(Maybe something happens to them?)

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 04, 2014 12:45PM) (new)

Why do you want to be a mod?
I love this group, and the creative thinking you used to think it up. I can make this group hit at least 55 members and I can advertise and invite people at all times. I can also make sure people are following the rules.

How active are you?
All days if the week.
(Unless on vacation, but will tell you beforehand)
Monday-Friday: Before school, 10-15 minutes.
After school, 2 hours- not all at once.
At lunch, 15 minutes.

Depends on functions going on, but at least 1 hour a day, not all at once.

Do you have a character made?
Yes, 3.

Amy: Room 4
Alexa: Room 3
Benjamin: Boss for Room 2
Am about to make a boy

Do you have any current ideas for the group?

-Definitely more places are needed

-Escape attempts- one room or two at a time. (I know one of mine has a gun and dagger to use to the kidnapped team's advantage)

-Maybe rooms could find away to make minor contact without actually talking in person

-There should also be a character list to keep track of everyone that is created- and a member list so we can see who leaves the group and stays.

-I was thinking kind of a mini Hunger Games. The bad guys VS the people in each group- all at once. The Games would last for 2 days, and whoever loses more people loses. If the kidnapped win, they will have 5 people (one per group) be freed. If the bad guys win 5 people (one per group) will die. With permission from the RPers.

message 6: by Racheal (last edited Feb 04, 2014 04:24PM) (new)

Racheal Sunshine  (lilrayofsunshine) | 86 comments Why do you want to be a mod? I absolutely love this group! Its awesome and I want it to grow even more than it is. I'm organized and monitor over other groups.

How active are you? I'm pretty active, I can be on atleast an hour or two each day.

Do you have a character made? Yes, three to be exact:)

Do you have any current ideas for the group?
I have a few up my sleeve ;) I was really wanting to add an escape route or something? That'd be cool and it would keep things interesting.

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