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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Sorry, overestimated my computer speed :)

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Haha ok :) sooo, what were your plot ideas?

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments I like both of them a lot. I kinda like the second one a little more, but they're both grerat ideas. Which one did you want to do most?

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Alright cool :) Sooo, do you want to be the very smart girl, or the popular rich guy?

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments cool! :D i like you already!!

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments YES!!! THANK YOU!! I feel the exact same way!!!

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Let's do characters first. You can start if ya want, it's probably gonna take me a few mins lol

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments So my guy:

Name: Oliver Elliot
Age: 18
Other: Um... he's... a dude :)


Name: Elena Rose
Appearance: http://davidcollard.files.wordpress.c...
Other: She's really sweet

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Shweet deal :) Would you like to start the rp then? Since I already made my charries:)

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Alright! I have an idea though. How about the two guys are best friends, but the girls don't really know eachother... IDK I had this idea like an hour ago, then I forgot what it was. Disregard anything I've just said. Let's start where you said!! :D

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Hahaha it's fine, I don't even remember what my idea was. You can start if ya want :)

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena was driving down the road towards her new customer. She wasn't very excited to tutor Daniel, just because he was so popular. Did he even know she was coming? She'd been hired by his parents so maybe... crap. She was going to show up and he was going to think she was a total stalker. Great.


Oliver was leaving the diner where he and his friends hung out after school every Friday. He laughed at something stupid his friend had said and slipped into his car. Pulling out of the parking lot, Oliver started his drive home.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments ((ahhh, same here, so its cool :P ))

Elena pulled into Daniel's driveway, took a deep breath, and stepped out of her car. She walked up to his front door, trying to act confident. She was a very bad actress.


Oliver had just pulled into his driveway and was pulling his keys from the ignition. He walked up to the door and was fumbling to get the stupid key into the lock.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena just stared at him for a second. "Um... hi... uh, I was hired by your, um, parents... I'm here to tutor you," She finally got out, looking down at her feet. He probably didn't even know who she was, or that they had been in at least one class together for the past eleven years... not like she was counting.


Oliver jumped, dropping the keys and cursing to himself. He turned around, looking slightly bewildered. "Um.... hello?"

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena continued staring at her feet, her hair falling from her shoulders to frame her face. She didn't want to talk to him and make a fool of herself in front of one of the most popular guys in school, so she just didn't talk.


He blushed slightly and took his keys from her hand. "Yeah.. you're in my Chemistry class right?" He asked, turning to unlock the door. Maybe he would be successful this time!

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena looked up at him, extremely surprised. "Um.. yeah," She walked over and elegantly sat on the couch a little over from him. She looked down at her hands, that were folded across her lap.


She shocked him again, this time with what she said. He dropped the keys again. "Damn it!" He reached down to pick them up, hitting his head on the doorknob. "Ugh..." He sat on the ground for a few seconds. "Sorry.. um.. but could you please try and open this door?" He handed her the keys, majorly embarrassed.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena blushed bright red. "Um... no reason," She tried not to make direct eye contact, and looked at his cheek instead. She had noticed that he moved closer, and that thought made her blush even more.


He stood and walked in after her, closing the door behind him. He sighed and walked into the livingroom.

((gtg, rp with ya tomorrow!! :D ))

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena shook her head vibrantly. "No... not afraid... just... I don't know." She tried to look into his eyes, but was extremely embarrassed by it. She wasn't very used to looking people in the eye.


Oliver looked over at her. "Whatever. I don't nede a tutor. I'm doing just fine," He sat down on thee couch and turned on the tv.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena looked back at her lap. "So... um... do you want to start?"


Oliver looked at her, a bemused look on his face. "You'll do my homework for me? You think that's what I want?" He stood, and looked down at her, anger edging his voice. "I want to be left alone, I want to do my own damn homework, I want my parents to stop acting like I just need to study harder! I want them to stop acting like something's isn't wrong with me!"

Oliver threw the remote on the couch and stormed from the livingroom.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena sighed. "Well.. your parents seem to think otherwise," She said softly. "Please, just let me help so that all of this will get over sooner. I get paid by the hour, and I don't take too kindly to lying to my employers."


"I can do whatever the hell I want! It's my house!" He yelled at her. "And it's none of your business what I'm like! Just get out." Oliver walked upstairs to his room and slammed the door.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena, though very shy, was getting a little irritated with him. She stood, and grabbedthe remote from his hand. She turned the tv off, then grabbed her backpack.


Oliver turned on his iPod, which was plugged into his very badass dock. He turned it on full blast, some rock song that he didn't even know the words to.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments "This job is helping pay my way to college, and I'm not going to let you ruin that because you want to watch Tosh.O!" Elena was getting ballsy. She pulled out all of her books. "Now, what subject do you have the worst grade in?"


Oliver really didn't want to come out, but he had forgotten to grab a snack when he first came home. Oliver had alrerady taken his shirt off, and was currently just wearing jeans. He didn't really care at this point, and walked out and downstairs to the kitchen. He reahed into the fridge, grabbing some food. "Do you want anything?"

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments His remark just made her blush profusely. "Ok... um..." She grabbed her science book and went to sit next to him. "Show me how far you can get before you don't understand." She set the book on his lap.


Oliver set his jaw, and closed the fridge door. "So, I'm guessing it's a no on the snack." He grabbed an apple off the counter and opened his Gatorade.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments ((why were you up at 5 in the morning?!?!))

Elena nodded and took the book from him. She read silently over the text he ended on. ((totally making their science class Biology, cuz thats the science I'm currently in right now so I can put in random facts))

"Ok, well you ended on the passing of sex-linked traits. So, it's actually pretty easy. You just draw a Punnett square, like this," She drew one down to show him how easy it was.


Oliver looked at her, and felt terrible. "I'm really sorry, Jane. You don't deserve this. I apologize for my ass-holiness."

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments ((ahh, it was 5 here. i was like "OMFG!!!" hahaha))

((yay, im not the only one!)) "Ok, so let's have baldness at our example trait. Let's say the dad has a dominant for baldness, and the mom doesn't. So, you fill in the squares like this," She showed him how by writing it down on a piece of notebook paper.


"It's not fine," He said, truly sorry. He put a hand on her shoulder gently. "I am reallllllyy sorry." Oliver hugged her softly. "Maybe you should just go. I can tell my parents you helped me, and say something that sounds smart."

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments ((IKR!! I have an all day knowledge bowl meet tomorrow, so im pumped!))

Elena froze, just staring at the page. "Um.. uh.. and so.. there's a... 25% chance of... um.. the child not... being bald..."


Oliver shook his head. "No, you need the money. It's fine, I'm a good liar."

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments ((so frickin psyched!! i woke up at 5... i am not a morning person >:( ))

"Um.. so... yeah.. if they have four kids, there's, uh, a likely chance that three will be bald.. and 1 won't." Elena was just too shocked to really move at this point.

"That's not what I meant, Jane. It's not you! I just... I just don't want a tutor."

((secret plot twist: Oliver had dyslexia, and his parents are in denial :D ... well... not happy, but... um.... :I ))

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments (( anyone who is should just shove their faces in a toilet....))

((wait, threats back??))

Elena sighed. "So, are you ready to move on?" She looked up at him.

Oliver sighed, looking at the kitchen tiles. He rubbed the back of his neck. "Fine... sure, whatever..."

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments ((lol, OK!!! haha i got really confused XD))

She turned a few pages to the next subject. "Would you like to.. uh.. continue with science, or move to another subject?"

Oliver smiled at her happiness, hugging her back gently. "It's my pleasure, Jane," He replied.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena looked at him. She bit her lip. "I... I don't want to start a subject, um, you don't want to yet," She said softly, swallowing.

Oliver walked behind her, his eyes sort of wide. He definitely wasn't expecting that.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena nodded. "Yeah... um.. ok," She set the book on the coffee table. She bit her lip again, and looked back up at him.

"Um... how about...hmm... how about lunch! That's a great subject!" He grinned and plopped on the couhc next to her.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena got a confused look. "For what?" She asked.

Oliver pouted. "Fine..." He sighed and laid back against the couch.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena shrugged. "It's fine. I mean, you're the popular guy, and I'm a nerd, so I don't really expect it." She said softly.

Oliver grinned, scooting closer to read over her shoulder. "Y'know, school sucks," He told her matter of factly.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena blinked, biting her lip. "Me too," She said softly, just looking at him.

((I'm sorry! :( :( :( I hope ya feel better! :( ))

"Why do you hate it?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows. He placed his elbow on the back of the couch behind her head, and leaned on his hand.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments She shook her head and looked down. "It's alright... I'm always nervous..."

"I can try," He told her gently. Oliver reached and held her chin in his hand. He directed her face towards him.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena held her breath. She nodded gently, looking up at him. "Okay," She whispered.

Oliver took her hand in his, lacing their fingers together. "I may not know what being bullied is like, but I do know how depression is. I know what it's like coming home and having to hide things from your parents. And I do have to worry about my grades. A lot more than other people do. And you're lucky that your parents worry. Mine are so blinded by pride in my soccer career, that they don't even notice what else happens," Oliver spoke softly, looking down at the floor. "The only reason people like me is because of a stupid act I have to put on to hide the truth..."

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena blushed and looked down. "Thank you," She murmured. "You're not the worst looking, either." She said, smiling at him.

Oliver smiled softly, looking into her eyes. Oliver leaned forward slowly, brushing his lips over hers. He didn't want to push her, so he did it slowly enough so she would have a chance to resist if she wanted to.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena smiled, and blushed brighter. She looked at her lap, very confused at what was happened.

Oliver smiled against her lips, and placed his free hand on her waist. Oliver kissed her sweetly, savoring the moment.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena slowly looked up at him. "I guess I'm just used to being shy," She replied. She bit her lip, so very aware of how close he was to her. And she liked it.

Oliver pulled her closer, kissing her just a bit deeper. Oliver's eyes had closed too, and he liked kissing her. A lot.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments She smiled slightly. She looked into his eyes, loving being this close to him.

Oliver licked her bottom lip, holding her waist tight to him. The hand holding hers brought her arm up around his neck, as this made her come even closer.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena gasped softly, but accepted the kiss. She gently kissed back, closing her eyes slowly. Her stomach was fluttering, and she was so nervous that she would mess this up. Or that it wasn't real.

Oliver leaned back onto the couch, her coming with him. His hand was placed around her cheek, his fingers tangled in her hair.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena's hand traveled up to cup his cheek. God, she was really hoping this was real. Her low self-esteem was bordering the edge, and she just tried her hardest to ignore it. She continued kissing him.

Oliver smiled. "I really like you, too. I have for a while," He admitted, kissing the corner of her mouth.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena's heartbeat was rising steadily. She kissed him back sweetly, enjoying every second of this. She let herself be pulled in closer, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Oliver wrapped his arm around her shoulders, hugging her tight. "I've always been jealous, how well you handle things at school. Because you're not the most popular girl, and you don't care. I wish I could be like you," He told her gently and looked down at her. "And if anyone is out of anyone else's league, it'd be me. I don't deserve someone like you."

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena bit her lip, breathing a bit harder. She nodded exuberantly. "I like you too," She whispered. If she spoke any louder, she was sure that her voice would give out.

Oliver smiled, tracing a finger over her temple, and down her cheek. "I want you as well, Jane," He murmured softly, leaning down to kiss her lips.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments "Ok," Elena whispered, that one word was all she could manage. She watched him, feeling a ton of different emotions pushing their way into her head. The strongest feeling was, of course, extreme longing.

Oliver ran a hand down her waist, deepening their kiss a bit more. He nibbled her bottom lip softly, licking it afterwards.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena took his hand, and stood next to him. She bit her lip again, awaiting what he wanted to show her.

((gtg.... sorry@))

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena smiled. "This is beautiful," She murmured softly. She smiled up at him, soglad that she had accepted this job offer. Definitely worth it.

Oliver grinned, pulling her closer to him still. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He whispered into her ear. This was a big deal for him. He'd only had one real girlfriend, and she had broken his heart.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena blushed, following Daniel. She looked at the lake, gasping. "Oh my goodness! That's amazing!" She exclaimed. Elena clung to his arm, her eyes wide.

Oliver smiled widely, hugging her tight. "Thank you," He replied, kissing her cheek, her hair, and her lips softly.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena sat next to him, leaning against him gently. She smiled wide, holding his arm.

Oliver shrugged, still smiling. "I wanted to," He told her, kissing her back sweetly.

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Juniper (junielove) | 1231 comments Elena looked up at him, shocked. "You have?"

((so sorry, but i really gtg.. ugh sorry :( ill reply more later!! :D ))

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