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message 1: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments Here I will post anything urgent or important!

message 2: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments I'm going to ask that everyone agrees to the rules topic, if they haven't already.

message 3: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments In regards to characters and their powers:

While you can take as many powers from the list that accompanies each type as you want, just be reasonable. In general, people with court positions tend to be more powerful, with the monarchs (usually) being the most powerful, as that was how they got the position.

message 4: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments This is more like a suggestion than an announcement but whatever Everyone should claim at least a one person of a diverse ethnicity, so you can have characters in kingdoms such as Brallan and Rireveth! Thanks guys!

~ Angel

message 5: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Emma and I have finally come to a decision in regards to Moderator Applications. After a lot of thought, we decided to choose MMI and Sneha as the two new moderators! All your applications were great, and thank you for applying!

message 6: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments In regards to the charrie workshop thread:
Please remove all completed characters that have been reposted (I'll never delete your character,) and any duplicate copies of the same character. I'll also be removing spam later tonight, so if you could maybe delete some of your own comments, that would be a great help.

message 7: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments ****MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT****

So, the roleplay is supposed to be starting today for people with finished and approved characters! Mods, finish making topics pretty please, so we can get this party started! I've noticed that not a lot of you have been on lately, maybe it's because you thought it was getting boring? But now the RP is starting! Hopefully it won't be boring anymore. I just really don't want this group to die.

~ Angel

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