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dany (elothwen)

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Matt tacks up his first finished drawing onto the wall. He studies it for a bit, then grabs an eraser. He rubs it on the paper a bit, then uses his pencil to fix the error. "There we are." He says quietly.

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Matt works continuously for several hours, tacking up pictures on his walls. Sometimes he draws on the wall itself, making dragons and landscapes and castles. He tacks up another picture he'd drawn as a kid, but never finished. *Johnny the Buccaneer.* He thought with a chuckle.

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Matt notices one drawing, a lion he'd drawn from his imagination. He picked up the paper, studying it quickly. *This goes next to Johnny...* He says, tacking it up beside the pirate.

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Matt shuffles through his chest of sketches, trying to find the one of his young cousin, Rachel. He finds it, and smiles, remembering how she had been delighted to have herself on paper. HE tacks it up with great care.

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Matt looks around his room, trying to find any non-covered spots of wall. He find one, and tacks up a drawing of his mother's cats, Jason and Johnathon. He never really liked cats, but drew these in honor of his mother.

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Matt picks several dragon sketches up off the floor. The mighty dragon was his all time favorite animal, and he drew them constantly. He'd studied every book he could about dragons, learning to draw them better than most professional artists. He' practiced for years, and still tried to learn everything he could. He tacked up several drawings of the dragons, overlapping several other pictures.

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Matt backs off, finally content with the room. Sketches cover the walls, both on paper and the wall itself. Various sketches litter the floor, but Matt doesn't bother picking them up yet. He grabs a small portable radio, and turns it to the nearest rock station while cranking up the volume. He clears a little room in the middle of the dorm, and sits cross-legged. He opens his sketchbook, and turns to his last piece of work, a heart landscape. Matt bites his lip, and continues the drawing, letting the music carry him into the drawing.

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Several hours later, as the sun peaks into his room, Matt's watch starts beeping, and he jumps. He drops his sketchbook, leaving the pencil beside it. *Dang it... I'm late!* He thinks, quickly changing clothes from his chest. He tucks his shirt in, checking a mirror on the wall. *Ugh, I look terrible.* He rakes his fingers through his hair, then hurriedly puts his shoes on. He exits his dorm, locking the door behind him. He slips the key into his pocket, and takes down the hallway.

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Matt returns to his dorm, unlocking the door and slipping inside. He shuts the door, and slides against the door to the floor. He feels exhausted, both physically and mentally. He lies on his back, staring at the blank ceiling. He promises himself he'll draw some scenery on the ceiling tomorrow, and falls asleep among his many sketches.

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A few hours later he wakes up, dying for a cup of coffee. *Wonder if Alex is still working...* He thinks, not wanting to face her. *Ah, heck with it, I need coffee.* He gets up, and heads for the cafe.

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Matt leads Alex to his dorm, and unlocks the door. "Dang, I forgot to clean up..." He say, slightly embarrassed. He enters and starts picking up stacks of sketches and putting them in his chest. "I don't have any furniture... Sorry about that..." He picks up the last sketch, a picture of a ship. "Hmm." He tacks that one on the wall.

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Alex laughs. "I don't mind." She sets her guitar case on the floor, then sits on it. "Wow, this is quite a lot of art." She looks around the room.

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Matt nods. "Yeah. I've been drawing for quite awhile. And I can't bear throw any away. So I keep em all in that chest." He snaps his fingers. "I'm gonna need a step ladder. Be right back." He hurries out of the room, leaving Alex alone.

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Alex wanders around the room, looking at all the pictures. She glances at the chest, a hint of curiosity hits her. But she doesn't want to make him mad. She stops in front of the picture of a little girl. "Who is this?" She calls out, pretty sure he could hear her.

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Matt's voice comes from down the hall. "My cousin Rachel. She lived with us because her family dissapeared years ago." He comes in with the step ladder. "She's a great lass. Heart of gold."

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Kylie ((DANG! he's stealing you back!!))

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((LOL This is hilarious. You're killng me Ky!))

Alex smiles. "She's pretty." She says to herself. She keeps walking. The dragons kind of creep her out, so she avoids those.

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((Muahahahaha! I'm just a charmer like that. :P Oooo! Bring Aidan in this! that would be epic!))

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Kylie ((What-ever I'll steal her and I'll take Cis character and savannah! Ill steal ALL the girls! What then!!!?))

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Kylie ((*Vi's))

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((Hahahaha you guys are too funny. Are you always like this?))

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Matt sets up the step ladder, and gets his supplies from the chest. "Hmm. A moment for inspiration..." He closes his eyes. "Alright. I see it..." He gets up the ladder, and starts marking the ceiling with his pencil.

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((yup. Pretty much. You can steal em all except Denise, Ky. ;P She's mine. XD))

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((LOL oh gosh I feel awkward XD))

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Kylie ((Denise's characters aren't yours! And yes Denise it's always like this. Dude. This isn't fair- I want her too! I think...idk))

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((XD OMG You're gonna kill me one day, Ky... XD))

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Kylie ((Why am I killing you two? XD I don't understand. Here's the deal. One of them gets Denise. My guy will win. XD because your guy and Alex make a VERY dangerous combo and you need BALANCE))

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Kylie ((Plus they'd be fire and water like how cute is that?)))

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((LOL this is so weird. XD))

Alex sits on her guitar case again. She goes so quiet its like she disappeared. She just watches Matt draw, absorbed in curiosity.

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Matt concentrates his strokes, drawing long lines here, short lines there. He works for a half hour straight before stopping for a bit. "Ouch. Gives you a crick in the neck." He says with a smile. He rolls his head around, and sharpens his pencil.

((You should get Aidan here!!!))

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Alex winces, hearing the crack in his neck. "Ouch. Want something to drink?" She smiles and holds out a bottle of water. She always kept some with her.

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Kylie ((Uuuuggh why?! So he can be a third wheel? I'm so laaazzzy.))

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((LOL Ky what happened to you wanting to fight?))

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Kylie ((I don't wanna kill Matt XD I will bring him in but in 30 minutes I disappear for 50 and then come back))

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((Lol I don't want them to be mad at meeeee :P))

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Kylie ((I'll get on when I get home and bring in Aidan...I'll let you two bond, for now. Until I break you up.))

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((XD Alriiiight.))

Matt takes the water gratefully. "Thanks." He looks at the time. "Hmm. Wonder what Aidan's doing." He walks over to a sketch on the wall. "I drew this for him, I was gonna give it to him tonight." It's a picture of a fire bird.

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Alex looks at the bird. "Nice. I prefer rodents. Like weasels. And ferrets." She laughs. "Obviously."

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Kylie ((Just read some of the other rps jeez Todd way to make your character flirt. Aidan isn't very good at that grr))

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Matt laughs. "Then look at this one." He walks over to the other side, and lifts a sketch of a horse to show a ferret. "I drew that last night."

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((LOL Ky.))

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((XD I'm a big flirt in real life too. :P))

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Kylie ((It's because I can't flirt. If I tried to flirt if probably scare them off...))

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Kylie ((Figures. If someone even looks at me I blush and run off. Tristine tried to teach me XD she's a flirt too))

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Alex shrieks. "It's so cute!" She claps her hands.

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Kylie ((Drawing ferrets...low blow man.))

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Matt laughs. "I thought you'd like that one." He moves the horse sketch so it's easily visible. "Alright, back to work." He says to himself. He climbs up the step ladder and continues to draw the scenery. It's a view from a mountain. He adds a small house at the side, then continues to make a village to the right. He creates a sun in the left top corner, then continues with the village. "So I heard you're going to stick around the town at the end of this year." Matt says to break the silence.

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((LOL you guys are so funny!))

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((XD Want me to say Matt drew a gypsy? I know you love gypsies...))

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