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message 1: by Thriller (new)

Thriller | 6 comments I'm looking for good books to review, in exchange for the pleasure of reading them. Since I'll probably be swamped with requests, I'll only respond if the first 10 pages capture my attention. I apologize in advance if I don't review your work, as I mean no offense by having different taste.

As to my qualifications, I'm an author myself, a college student, and a philosophy major. Also, I love to read. Here are my guidelines:

Medical thrillers are my favorite! I also love Violence, Psychological Thrillers, Action, Religious/Cult Thrillers, Demon Possession, Mafia Thrillers, stuff that Lee Child and Stephen King write, that sort of thing. I do NOT read Zombies, Werewolves, or Vampires! Please don’t send me something to review if it’s outside of my listed interest, or I won’t respond. Also, I only post nice reviews. So, if I do review your book, then I’ll give it a minimum of 4 stars. If I don’t like your book, then I won’t post my review. I try to help new authors, not hurt them. I’m not easily offended, so I don’t care if there’s sex between adults, drugs, profanity, etc. The only thing that offends me in novels is sexually abusing children. No PDFs or Word Documents. I want to use my Kindle. I will only post my review on your Amazon page, but you can quote me on other pages. Also, if I like your book or shorty story, then I'll buy it. I believe in supporting authors.

Hit me up, guys and gals! Oh, and it'll take a month before I write a detailed review, and I only intend to take on a select few authors. Please make sure your work is properly edited.

Good luck!

message 2: by Thriller (new)

Thriller | 6 comments I apologize if I stuck this post in the wrong forum. I'm new here.

message 3: by Keith (new)

Keith Madsen | 40 comments Here is some info on one of my e-books, SEARCHING FOR EDEN (available for Kindle): When Evan Jordan’s 14-year old daughter dies of cancer, he goes on a quest to find a place where children don’t die, and where life is still good. The search is inspired by an interest his daughter had in the Garden of Eden. Could it be that such a place still exists somewhere? Evan and friends travel through Iran and Iraq, looking for clues to the Garden’s reality. They dig in ancient cemeteries, climb ziggurats, race through war zones and examine bizarre art carved into human skulls; all the time seeking the secret to humanity’s foundational story. In the process of searching they run afoul of the Iranian government, they battle militants, and they have to decide who to trust in a very dangerous part of the world. Will what they find make it worth the risk?

You can find the first three chapters of this book at my website, I just discovered that it is in a form with some editorial comments.) If you would like I can have my editor send you a free copy for your kindle, or you can purchase it for kindle on Amazon. Let me know how I canhelp Searching for Eden by Keith Madsen

message 4: by Thriller (new)

Thriller | 6 comments Keith, thanks for bringing my attention to your work. I regret to inform you that, as soon as this offer was posted, another author emailed me her work and it now occupies what little free time I have. But thanks for keeping me in mind and making your work available! Best of luck!

message 5: by Thriller (new)

Thriller | 6 comments To all others: I'm now closed for further review requests. My schedule is filled. Thanks!

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