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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan (megan720) Name:
Character Age:
Weapon of choice: (or weapons)

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan (megan720) Name: Julie
Personality: Sarcastic, quirky, but can be serious at times.

Weapon(s) of choice: bow and arrow with two daggers strapped to thighs
Strengths: Loyalty to her fellow Hunters
Weaknesses: Terrified of losing her friends

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Sandra
Character Age: 17
Personality: Fun, helpful, serious, sensitive
Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, ivory skin
Weapon of choice: (or weapons) Bow and arrow
Strengths: Loyalty, defensive
Weaknesses: Lonliness

message 4: by Paige (last edited Feb 10, 2014 11:20AM) (new)

Paige Hoeling | 10 comments Name: Paige
Character Age: 16
Personality: serious, kind, caring, defensive, sensitive
Appearance: [image error]
Weapon of choice: (or weapons) a bow and dagger
Strengths: protecting others
Weaknesses: losing a friend

message 5: by Megan (new)

Megan (megan720) Approved :)

Nicoleofan {mellie}  (nicoleofan) | 5 comments Name: emerald
Character age: 14
Personality: shy at first but the more you get to know her, the crazier she seems
Appearance: petite structure, long black hair and green eyes and pale skin
Weapon of choice: bow and arrow
Strengths: doesn't crack under pressure, loyal, defensive
Weaknesses: too loyal at times, claustrophobic

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Megan (megan720) approved :)

Nicoleofan {mellie}  (nicoleofan) | 5 comments Thanks:)

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Megan (megan720) No problem :)

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Destiny | 5 comments Name:

message 11: by Destiny (new)

Destiny | 5 comments oh my grapes.
Name: River
Character age: 15
personaility: shy,talkative when needed,loyal to a fault, nice to anyoneand anything, openminded
Apperance: Short, pale, long dyed hair, Deep Purple hair, Hazel eyes, medium weight
Weapon of choice: Swords and knives
Strengths: Suprisingly strong mentally and physically, good theif and really good at talking her self out of bad situations
Weaknesses: Loyal to a fault, too nice, not very good at anything

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approved: )

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Destiny | 5 comments yay. i will try to find a picture.

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k: ) It's alright if you can't

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Destiny | 5 comments Mmk

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Hope to see you: )

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Eri (musicspeaksforemotionsunsaid) | 3 comments Name: Jazabelle ( Jaz )
Character age: 16
Personality: Sarcastic, Witty, Arrogant, funny, short tempered, caring, LOUD.
Appearance: Gold eyes, Long straight brown hair with angle bangs natural gold highlights, hair is usually in a pony tail, and is about 5'9"

Weapon of choice: Throwing knifes, Swords, Bow and arrow, daggers, and occasionally Maces
Strenghts: Speed ,accuracy, strength in general, and empty hand combat
Weaknesses: Fire, and overly confident sometimes :)

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Eri (musicspeaksforemotionsunsaid) | 3 comments Yes! Thank you!

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Seira (midnightsnow) | 5 comments Name: Seira(Say-Rah)

Character Age: 12

Personality: Carefree, shy, quiet, nice, witty, and serious if the situation calls for it.

Appearance: Waist-lengthed dark brown hair with blue highlights, dark brown eyes, fair skin and a normal 12 year old height.

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow, dagger, spear, sword, throwing knife, and staff.

Strengths: Flexible, great accuracy, fast reaction, and speed.

Weaknesses: Can't back down a game challenge, antisocial outside of the Hunters, and losing her precious people.

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Approved :)

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Seira (midnightsnow) | 5 comments Thanks.

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Name: Marcy
Character Age: 15
Personality: She is funny and sweet. She prefers to be taken as a fifteen year old and not an old lady. When it comes to battle she is very fierce and won't be afraid to die for one of the Hunters.
Appearance: Her green eyes and dirty blonde hair are very attractive. Her skinny frame gives her a miss priss look but she is anything but that.
Weapon of choice: (or weapons) Marcy likes to use a bow, but somehow mastered the art of the sword.
Strengths: Sword fighting, bow shooting, battles
Weaknesses: loyalty, stubborness

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Ally || the Inkblot || (inkyally) | 2 comments Name: Phuri
Character Age:17
Personality: She's a quiet girl, but not really shy. She'll speak when necessary and she's not afraid to put someone in their place; her tongue is as sharp as her knives. But she has a soft side too; an almost motherly instinct to protect younger girls and take them under her wing. Once they’re one of “hers”, she’ll do anything for them.
Appearance: shoulder length corkscrew curly hair the color of seafoam, skin the color of almonds, hazel eyes, about 5’11 with a healthy figure.
Weapon of choice: Anything sharp and pointy; always carrying at least 2 throwing knives and a sword. Sometimes throwing stars, depending on her mood.
Strengths: Sword fighting, knife throwing, knowledgeable
Weaknesses: Easily emotional attached, terrified of losing people, makes emotional decisions

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Name: Ivy Alexa

Character Age: 14

Personality: Ivy is brazen and bold. she has a quick tongue and fiery temper, but cools off quickly. She's moody, but generally quite friendly. She's very foxy, and really feminine. she's a clever, fiercely independent spirit who waits for no man!

Appearance: Ivy has black hair in a pixie cut. Her bangs are sweeping and fall into her eyes, and the sides of her head are shaved. She is tall, about 5'8", and slender but strong. She has a long torso and legs, and has minimal curves. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and her face is heart shaped. she has a few freckles, and full, rather pouty lips.

Weapon of choice: Ivy is skilled with knife and spear throwing. she has good aim, so is alright with a bow or slingshot.

Strengths: Has physical strength, as well as the mental ability to block out distractions or pain, if she's driven enough. She is really clever, and independent (That's not always good, though! ^_^))

Weaknesses: Her temper and mood swings often get the best of her, and her sharp tongue sometimes hurts those that she likes best. She's a bit impatient, and her extreme independence can cause her to be proud, and unable to accept advice or help.

message 31: by Carrie (new)

Carrie | 1 comments Name:Carrie
Character Age:15
Personality:Can be shy but once she feels comfortable she is brave, she fights off boys, and is kinda weird
Appearance: Short brown hair, around 5'8", has hazel eyes and is tan,
Weapon of Choice, Bow and arrows, and dagger.
Strengths: She is very strong and is a quick thinker. She can always come up with a plan last minute.
Weaknesses: She doesn't always trust people and she can be very moody. She sometimes acts before she thinks.

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