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Question for those who read the book

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Melissa Yes, I think so. It's NOT a parenting book. It's a book that lets you see some of the ways that the concepts of children, marriage, and parenting have evolved in society. It also, along the way, highlights some of the downsides to raising children that modern parents struggle with.

Susan I don't think so at all. I think it talks about being a parent in current times, especially in America, and comparing it to past generations and what has changed and why. The overall message is why parenting is hard and also why it is so worth it. I personally identified with it quite lot, as a parent. This was not a book about the pros and cons of having children per se (though some examples of that, on both sides, are discussed) but about the realities of parenting in the US today. It was a frank and REAL discussion for anyone who has ever had children or pondered it.

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