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Do you think that this book is a sequel or modernization of pride and prejudice

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Menna  Emad I don't think that could be a sequel or modernization of pride and prejudice unless Mr. Darcy fall in love with Lydia.

Bridget couldn't be Lizzy in any part except her mother of course.

What do you think?

Sheri Schuttler But Bridget is Lizzy in the sense that she falls for the easy charms of Daniel (Wickham), a man who has seduced a family member of Mark's (Darcy), causing Bridget to be further prejudiced against Mark, whom she considers arrogant/proud.

Sonia Jarmula Although I enjoyed the book, I found that the film was a clearer modernization of Pride and Prejudice.

Melinda Brasher Definitely a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Bridget is Lizzy. Darcy is...Darcy. Bridget's Mom is Lydia.

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Helen Fielding said in an interview that it's inspired by Pride and Prejudice, since it was being showed on TV when she started writing.
But I don't quite know if it's a retelling

Melinda Brasher You're right. "Retelling" might not be exactly the right word, but despite the many differences, I think it's definitely Pride and Prejudice with Fielding's own spin.

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Sorrel I agree that it has some elements of Pride and Prejudice in it but it's quite different in other respects. For instance, I don't think that Elizabeth would ever really Calorie count or obsess about her weight and I don't think that Bridget would enjoy long walks to Netherfield.

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Fijke Sometimes I thought Bridget seemed to have a little bit of all five sisters in Pride and Prejudice. There's an obvious link to Lizzie of course, but just like Jane, she has to deal with how the man she's falling in love with is pressured by expectations of his family and class, like Mary she is confronted with people getting married all around her while her own hopes for that are somewhat slim and like Lydia she falls for the wrong man. I haven't figured out how Kitty comes into this mix but I think the way Bridget deals with her career has a little bit of that character in it.
I find Melissa's (message 4) analysis that Bridget's mother is Lydia very interesting. I never thought of it that way before, but it kind of makes sense.

Jean I thought Bridget was a good modernization of Pride and Prejudice. How wonderful to see Colin Firth play both characters, Darcy and Mr. Darcy!

Deborah Cupples Absolutely it borrowed from Pride and Prejudice, but I agree with another comment that Bridget is not based on Elizabeth.

Wise Cat The only connection I made to Pride and Prejudice (which I read and loved) is the character's name of Mark Darcy. I thought, "Isn't that from P & P?"

There's a description of the book in the library database (I think ) that says it's a "reinterpretation" of P & P. But Bridget is no Elizabeth, except when she maybe passes judgement on Darcy.

I can't remember the name of Darcy's rival in P&P. So I don't know if "Daniel" is a reboot of the Daniel in that story.

Elizabeth didn't think about her weight or smoke either I believe.

I agree with Jean above that Colin Firth was great in both roles. I saw the movie based on this book a million years ago. I don't remember anything except that I really liked it. I just finished the book about 2 weeks ago, finally! I've been meaning to read it forever.

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