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message 1: by Nathan "N.R." (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 95 comments chapter 10 page 179

message 2: by Ce Ce (new)

Ce Ce (cecebe) | 104 comments It was all so terribly confusing that I shook myself awake, though perhaps this dream, if dream it was, was only a sane prelude to the confused reality of one long night. MMMD, HBJ, p 182

Leonora Carrington, "Took My Way Down, Like a Messenger, To the Deep", 1977

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan (nathandjoe) | 44 comments a marriage of Self to Self, and of Other to Other, a birthday party with no cake..all dreamed, all passed through like light through water - refracted and refracting, shimmering and insubstantial.

To speak of Truth is to tell a Lie. But to speak around Truth, to gesture towards it from all compass points, to examine its reflections, to tell of the dreams it summons up, will, I suspect, turn out to be the only way to approach it. To run from illusion into illusion in the hunt for Truth, for the Real, is that the only way?

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