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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 600 comments NIKOS

Name: Nikolaos Ambrosios Shachor Zosimos
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure-Blood
Age: 94
» Birthday: January 9
Position: Headmaster
House: Ravenclaw
» Wood: Walnut
» Core: Dragon Heartstring
» Length: 13 Inches
» Flexibility: Reasonably Springy
» Description: Nikos's wand is a handsome, dark brown color with a smooth finish worn from years of use. It is plain and unadorned, except for two small rings scored about five and a half inches from the base, designating a handle. The wand is relatively willing to change and adapt, and learns more quickly than most wands, despite the occasional temper-tantrum. It is a powerful tool, rightfully paired up with a powerful man. It prefers to perform powerful, flamboyant spells over domestic tasks. It was the fourth wand young Nikos tried at the wand shop in preparation for his first year at Hogwarts. The wand chose him for his high level of intelligence, ability to change, and vast potential. With rare exception, it will perform any task put upon it by Nikos.
Description: Nikos is rather tall, about 6'3", and is mostly skin, bones, and wiry muscle. For a man of his age, he is remarkably spry. Of course, that same fire that seems to fill his every step shines equally brilliantly through his eyes of a dark indigo color, much like that of the sky at twilight, right as the sun has slipped from the sky. His black hair turned a dark silver long ago, though it still retains a few black streaks here and there. He wears his hear in long waves that fall a few inches over his shoulders, along with a full, similarly-colored beard (though no mustache). A bird-like nose extends sharply from his face, accenting the harsh lines of his brow and cheek bones. Thin lips of a dark, musky pink generally hold pinched together, only rarely parting to let eloquent, intelligible speech pass. His voice is mid-ranged, potentially edging on the low side, and holds a certain metallic quality. His leathery skin is a tanned, olive color only starting to spot from age. He carries himself with pride and grace, never failing to look the part of someone in charge. Nikos himself is a man of little words, and has limited patience for those who like to hear themselves talk. He discourages vain tendencies, though he places a high value on intelligence, a thing he has an abundance of. A man who some might call strict or harsh, he does have a certain soft spot in his heart for the brainy Ravenclaws and ever-loyal Hufflepuffs. A Ravenclaw himself, he has never forgotten that the Sorting Hat did consider placing him in Hufflepuff, due to the manner in which he remains so fiercely loyal to those few he calls 'friends.' However, he is extraordinarily intelligent, innovative, and versatile, and remains confident that the Hat did put him in the right place.
Background: Nikos grew up in the home of a modest, magical couple. He had a fairly ordinary childhood; he was identified as having magical ability at a young age and come his eleventh birthday, he got the customary letter from Hogwarts. When he first walked into Hogwarts, he had no idea the things he would achieve. As an only child and not the most outgoing of people, he initially struggled to make friends. Fortunately, a Hufflepuff a year ahead of him, named Clara Doolittle, took him under his wing after the Christmas break his first year, and throughout the next years, became the closest friend Nikos would ever have. Nikos excelled in school (though he never became quite the quidditch player), and graduated with some of the best test scores Hogwarts had seen in years. At this point, Clara was an Auror working for the Ministry, and upon invitation, Nikos leaped at the chance to join her. They worked together for a number of years before Nikos realized the feelings he had for her. At that time, she was seeing someone, leaving him nothing to do but wait. It ended badly, and he was her rock, her shoulder to cry on. He made no move, fearing rejection, but slowly the mutual attraction blossomed into an innocent love. Just as things started to move in the young couple's favor, tragedy struck. During a usual assignment, Clara was killed, leaving Nikos devastated. Heart wounded, he returned to the thing he next-best knew: Hogwarts. A teaching position had just opened up, Transfiguration, and he gladly accepted the job, desperate for any distraction. Over time, he became the Head of Ravenclaw, Deputy Headmaster, and eventually Headmaster, where he has spent the past number of years, devoting himself to the school that made him who he is today.
» Ensio Valdis Arvel Zosimos - Deceased; Pure-Blood; Father
» Lucia Méline Zosimos - Deceased; Pure-Blood; Mother
» Clara Doolittle - Deceased; Half-Blood; Lover
Pet: Kneazle
» Name: Hibbelle
» Gender: Female
» Age: 39
» Description: While Hibbelle looks much like a cat, she is far from it. She has light brown fur flecked with black, large ears, and a lightly plumed tail similar to that of a lion. Much like Nikos, she is both extremely intelligent and independent. At times, she can be quite aggressive, particularly towards small children who make the mistake of trying to touch her. She is very attached to Nikos, who affectionately refers to her as his 'little Hufflepuff'. They have been companions for a very long time, and seem to have an uncanny way of communication with one another. They are both very fond of each other and watch out for the other one.
Other: Nikos' patronus is an eagle, as was Clara's. He never speaks of Clara.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 600 comments OLIN

Name: Olin Tomov
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure-Blood
Age: 47
» Birthday: December 10
Position: Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor
House: Slytherin
» Wood: Blackthorn
» Core: Phoenix Feather
» Length: 11 3/4 Inches
» Flexibility: Supple
» Description: This particular wand was the ninth wand tried by Olin at the tender age of eleven. Just as Olin was about to hand the wand back to the shop owner, the wand shot off golden sparks. Their relationship went unchanged for years, only truly bonding when Olin was nineteen. Blackthorn wands usually must go through some hardship with their owner to become truly bonded, but Olin has yet to relate the details of that story, though he doubtlessly has it written up in a diary somewhere, in spidery, slanted handwriting. The wand saw in him a warrior, capable of great things. It still does. Now that they have fully bonded, it is an incredibly loyal and faithful wand, even if it does occasionally perform magic on its own accord.
Description: Olin has smooth skin of a very dark, rich brown, unmarred by pockmarks, scars, or the like. His steady gaze of a brown so dark it is almost black is found unnerving by some, yet for others it may have an opposite, calming effect. He is quite attractive, with a slender nose and a gentle face lacking any harsh definition. Though not particularly tall—he stands at about 5'11"—Olin carries himself with a commanding presence and sense of superiority that often makes him seem to be much taller than he is. With his willowy frame and feline-like grace, Olin seems to glide rather than walk as he moves down the hallways of Hogwarts and the rows of his classroom. Along with this, he has been known to be so quiet in his movement that he can approach a student and stand behind them unnoticed until he decides to speak. His voice is much the same way, quiet and silky, but somehow containing a great deal of power. He keeps his black hair trimmed very short, less than half an inch from his head, forcing the otherwise unruly tight curls into some semblance of order. He is only ever seen wearing his black robes, it is doubtful that he owns any other types of clothing. The first impression of Olin would generally leave one thinking of him as more of a Ravenclaw than a Slytherin. However, the Sorting Hat declared Olin a Slytherin practically before it had been set on his head, not that Olin was surprised. Like many Slytherins, he is cunning and ambitious, with a drive that leads him to succeed at whatever he does. He is a born leader, and was the Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team in his sixth and seventh years (he was a Chaser). He is also very smart, though not as traditional as the stereotypical Slytherins. He is quiet and highly observant; he sees everything that happens in his classroom, and if he doesn't see it, he hears it. While he has a great deal of patience, once he loses his temper, he is a frightening sight. His anger is something to fear. He is very proud, but he is not one of the pure-blood elitists so frequently found in Slytherin. He values initiative and ingenuity, as well as honor and loyalty.
Background: Olin is one of those people who have always known what they want out of life and who know how to get it. After his first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, he knew that he wanted to one day teach the very same class. Twelve years later, he was. For the five years between the time he graduated from Hogwarts and the time he started teaching there, he traveled the world, visiting other wizarding communities and schools to learn as much about Defense Against the Dark Arts as he could. He even visited Azkaban, and spent time with the Aurors of Britain's Ministry of Magic. He kept a diary throughout that time, and ended up writing a book on what he learned. Needless to say, he is considered to be the current leading expert on the subject. Since teaching at Hogwarts, Olin has had less time to travel, though he has managed to do so fairly extensively during the summers. He still keeps a diary of the things he learns on these trips, which he can sometimes be found perusing, but he never discusses his travels, be it with a student or fellow teacher. Olin has been trying to set himself up to be named the Head of Slytherin, but so far that has not come to pass.
» Vincent Tomov - 88; Father; Former Slytherin
» Carol Tomov - 87; Mother; Former Ravenclaw
» Andrew Tomov - 61; Married; Three Children; Former Slytherin; Closest Sibling
» Parker Tomov - 59; Single; Former Ravenclaw
» Elaine Richardson née Tomov - 42; Married; Two Children; Former Slytherin
Pet: Owl
» Name: Clarisse
» Gender: Female
» Age: 17
» Appearance:
» Description: Clarisse is a Great Horned Owl, with brown feathers and large golden eyes. She is very observant and much too trusting of strangers. When she occasionally comes into the Great Hall to deliver mail to Olin, she will often go fraternize with the some of the Slytherins, pulling from Olin an indulgent smile. She is very sweet, and loves to be the center of attention. She doesn't mind being touched, especially if it involves scratching the back of her neck. A very soft hoot is her usual way of communication, generally being a sign of great pleasure. Sometimes she will get moody, at which point she fluffs up and, depending on whether she is more depressed or angry, will pick disconsolately at her feathers or snap peevishly at any unsuspecting fingers.
Other: Olin's patronus is a black panther.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 600 comments HARRIETT

Name: Harriett Arabesque Finch-Fletcher
Gender: Female
Blood: Pure-Blood
Age: 34
» Birthday: September 23
Position: Muggle Studies Professor
House: Gryffindor
» Wood: Pear
» Core: Fwooper Feather and Phoenix Feather
» Length: 13 1/2 Inches
» Flexibility: Swishy
» Description: The pear wood lends a golden tone to the wand and also splendid magical powers. Wielders of pear wands are usually popular and well-respected, which has been true throughout Harriett's life thus far. No one is able to recount an instance where a pear wand has been found in the possession of a Dark witch or wizard, a fact Harriett does not mind. Pear is one of the most resilient wand woods, and to this day, despite having been in use for twenty-three years now, still looks as new as the day Harriett bought it. The Fwooper feather does extremely well with Charms and Care of Magical Creatures, even though its presence makes the wand incapable of casting Quietus. It has been combined, in this instance, with Phoenix feather for health, as Fwooper feather is otherwise rumored to slowly drive the wielder mad. That being said, Harriett is not concerned about it. As she has jokingly told Scott on numerous occasions, "How can it drive me mad when I am crazy already?" Her wand is quite powerful and is capable of a great range of magic, even if it did take Harriett fifteen years to truly bond with the wand. The wand is plain and unadorned. It's beauty lies in the color of the wood, and the way it curves so perfectly at the handle to fit Harriet's hand. This was the eighth wand Harriett tried so many years ago at Ollivander's wand shop in Diagon Alley. The wand emitted a warm, golden light even before Harriett took it in her hand; it was attracted to the woman for her wise, generous spirit, and her warm heart, not to mention her yet-unknown ability concerning Care of Magical Creatures.
Description: Harriett is very good at pulling off prim and proper, as she's seen at Hogwarts, but once she gets away, her true colors are quick to show. She is a true wild child, daring and brave, with just a hint of insanity to top it all off. Not that she is actually insane, in the literal sense, but rather, she is willing to take immense risks on the simple belief that, "It will work out." In all fairness, the motto has served her well over the years. It's how she ended up falling in love with Scott, after all. She is a very pretty woman, with grey-blue eyes the color of the sea during a storm, and long, silky locks of honey-brown. She isn't very large, barely 5'4" and just a tiny wisp of a thing, but she can be terrifying when she's angry. She gets very quiet, her lips purse in displeasure, and she sits or stands very still. One look with her death glare is enough to shut anyone up, especially those who are unprepared from such ferocity from such a gentle, delicate woman. Her voice is always calm, except when she is with Scott and away from her students. Then she may holler with excitement as she charges off the edge of a cliff into crisp blue waters below. Normally, though, she speaks clearly, and just a little softly, so people have to be quiet to hear what she has to say. Her voice is mid-ranged and light, and typically very gentle.
Background: Harriett is one of many children named after Harry Potter in the years after the Second Wizarding War. She passed through Hogwarts unremarkably, or so she thought. After all, she was a Prefect her fifth and sixth years, and Head Girl for her seventh, but what did that count? Upon leaving Hogwarts, she was quickly picked up by the Ministry of Magic to work in the Department for the Regulation and Care of Magical Creatures (the name of the department was changed a few years after the Second Wizarding War, the Ministry not wanting to suffer another incident like the centaur fiasco with Umbridge). While that was all fine and dandy, she found she had much greater interest in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, especially the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. So when she was contacted by Professor Zosimos seven years ago with an invitation to come teach Muggle Studies, she leaped at the chance and waved goodbye to the Ministry. Needless to say, she was elated when her boyfriend, Scott Worthington-West, was invited to come to Hogwarts to teach Care of Magical Creatures and fill the newly-vacated position of Head of Hufflepuff. She was even more enthused when he told her that he had accepted Professor Zosimos's offer. (Not that she had any real doubt about what his answer would be.) She met Scott nine years ago, when she sat in on an academic presentation of his, after which, the Ministry funded Scott's next adventure, to ascertain the truth of the supposed Crumple-Horned Snorcack sightings, an endeavor of which they requested Harriett join, as their liaison. She was more than happy to oblige.
» Jamison Andrew Finch-Fletcher - Father; 66; Pure-Blood; Wandmaker
» Jessica Marie Finch-Fletcher (née Williams) - Mother; 65; Pure-Blood; Housewife
» Wainscott Abracar Worthington-West (Scott) - Boyfriend; 41; Muggle-Born; Head of Hufflepuff; Care of Magical Creatures Professor
» Amanda Bolero Finch-Fletcher - Sister; 28; Pure-Blood; Auror
Pet: N/A
» Name: N/A
» Gender: N/A
» Age: N/A
» Description: N/A
Other: Regrettably, Harriett's last pet, a large owl named Saffron, passed away recently, and she hasn't found the heart to replace her yet. Saffron's death was very sudden and unexpected, due to a nasty virus.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) DAVID

Name: David Timothy Parnell
Gender: Male
Blood: Muggle-Born
Age: 32
» Birthday: October 19
Position: Study of Ancient Runes Professor; Apparition Teacher
House: Hufflepuff
» Wood: English Oak
» Core: Kelpie Hair
» Length: 12 Inches
» Flexibility: Rather Bendy
» Description: David had absolutely no real opinion about what he wanted in a wand, leaving the decision up to Ollivander on the day that he purchased his supplies for Hogwarts. He can't even remember how many he tried before the wandmaker told him that his current wand was the one. Upon discovering that the boy was Irish, Ollivander chose the Kelpie core for David (failing to see the irony of pairing it with an English Oak wood) and David accepted the rich wooden stick gratefully, never having any real complaints about it from the time he was a boy until now.
Description: David was gifted with that undeniable Irish charm that seemes to be a common trait among his countrymen. He is boyishly handsome, adorably scatterbrained and genuinely kindhearted. Physically, he is great to look at: six feet tall and full of muscle, years of manual labor on a farm as well as a love of sports keeping him athletically toned. He has a messy, scruffy look about him both in his unruly dark blond hair and five o'clock shadow as well as his usually somewhat disheveled clothing (he tries his best to look respectable for class but sometimes it seems to just slip his mind!). It's hard not to like David, be you a professor, student or just a friend. He is a gentleman through and through as well as polite, generous and positive. It's too bad he's completely clueless when it comes to just how wonderful he is though, or so many women (and girls) seem to mutter to themselves underneath their breath, when attempting to catch his interest.
Background: David was born in Cork, Ireland to a large family of five children (three boys and two girls) with aspirations of becoming a rugby player. Imagine his surprise--and his family's--when he found out he was a wizard. The boy's wide-eyed wonder of this new world turned out to be more than David could have ever hoped for in life. Although he missed his family, he loved Hogwarts, especially Quidditch. He began as a Beater and became the Captain in his sixth year. When he graduated from Hogwarts, he applied for the nationals but had to withdraw when his father became ill, requiring him to return to the family farm to help and run things (the rest of his siblings gone and/or married). David stayed in Cork, working with his mother and caring for his father until the age of twenty-five when the Parnells decided that they had to sell the farm and move Stephen Parnell into the city where he could receive more attentive medical care. Now that he was no longer needed on the farm, David was told by his parents to pursue his own dreams. Although David had never complained about the unfortunate turn of events, his parents could not help but feel somewhat guilty about robbing their son of his athletic career. Even though he still loved Quidditch, David knew that it was far too late for him to attempt to join the game professionally again. At a loss about what to do, he decided to travel around Europe, hoping that the adventures of exploring might trigger an interest in something else. During his travels, he ran into an old schoolmate and Quidditch teammate who told David that he was now teaching at Hogwarts. After catching up some more, he suggested that David should consider applying as well for the school was currently looking to replace some retiring professors. Intrigued with this idea and assured by his friend that he had as much of a chance as anyone else since he had completed both his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s (although David didn't necessarily see how this was possible, still unsure in his own skill set) decided "what the hell" and after his year of traveling, found his way back to Hogwarts. After being interviewed by Headmaster Zosimos, David was told that if he so desired, he could choose to research the subject of ancient rune history for three years and if the Headmaster was satisfied with what David had learned, he could have the position as professor of the subject. At the age of twenty-nine, he was officially hired as a professor at Hogwarts and he has not regretted his decision. At thirty-one, he submitted a dissertation on personal research that he had been conducting in his spare time concerning apparition and received the offer of teaching that course as well, which David happily accepted.
» Stephen Parnell - Father; 56; Farmer
» Bridget Parnell (née O'Brien) - Mother; 55; Farmer; Housewife
» James Parnell - Brother; 36; Farmer
» Michael Parnell - Brother; 35; Priest
» Claire Connolly (née Parnell) - Sister; 34; Farmer; Housewife
» Patricia "Trish" Parnell - Sister; 33; Legal Assistant
Pet: Squirrel
» Name: Cheeks
» Gender: Male
» Age: 2
» Appearance:
» Description: Cheeks is a Eurasian Red Squirrel, native to the United Kingdom and Ireland who can be described as "as ginger as an Irishman" sporting a large, bushy tail and ears that are far too big for its head. The rodent was rescued by David's sister, Trish (an endangered wildlife enthusiast who works for an environmental law firm). She begged David to adopt the then baby squirrel and to take care of him (her own home already starting to resemble a zoo), to which David did not have the heart to refuse. Cheeks proved to be a noteworthy companion as a spry, constantly-eating rodent who David now can't imagine life without.
Other: David always sees the glass as "half full" instead of "half empty" and while he has certainly known disappointment in his personal life, he refuses to let a bad spot of luck bring him down for too long, always able to convince himself that it could be worse. Although his athletic career did not pan out, he continues to play Quidditch as a hobby as well as rugby when he returns home for the summer.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) ANTONIO

Name: Antonio Marcus Vitale
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure-Blood
Age: 41
» Birthday: July 7
Position: Deputy Headmaster; Head of Slytherin; Transfiguration Professor
House: Slytherin
» Wood: Ebony
» Core: Dragon Heartstring
» Length: 14 Inches
» Flexibility: Unyielding
» Description: It is possible that Antonio's love for the color black started when his father bought him his wand. The instrument is a stunning jet black with absolutely no designs on it but polished to such a high degree that even upon close inspection, the wand appears to be made out of obsidian. Dragon heartstring and ebony wood are both key ingredients for performing powerful transmutation spells and this combination certainly helped Antonio obtain his current position(s) at Hogwarts for he was able to showcase quite wonderfully what he was capable of casting. It chose Antonio because it sensed the boy's then uncultured ambition, flamboyancy and keen intellect and although Antonio is now a very goal-oriented and confident man, the wand's unyielding nature no doubt helped to shape the Deputy Headmaster into becoming the powerful individual he is today.
Description: Tall, dark and handsome would be one way of describing Antonio physically but the adjectives "intimidating" and possibly even "brooding" would most certainly flesh him out characteristically. Antonio is 6'2" and muscularly lean, weighing one hundred and seventy-two pounds. He is ridiculously intelligent, cunning and ambitious, always two steps ahead of his opponent when it comes to planning and plotting to achieve his goals. Antonio's voice is low and soothing, calm and collected, never raised in anger or agitation. When he teaches, he uses his superiority as his weapon of intimidation and his disdain as disappointment with ill behaved children. He is a hard marker, rarely giving As and the ones that he does hand out can be found on Slytherin transcripts. Although Antonio is hard on students, he is most certainly the hardest on himself, never settling for anything than the best when it comes to standards. He expects others to want to overachieve because he is an overachiever who believes that just because one might have been gifted financially or mentally, does not give one the reason to coast through life.
Background: Antonio was born into a line of Venetian pure-bloods whose parents emigrated to England when his father received a job offer at the Ministry of Magic. He was a very gifted child who found a home in House Slytherin when he began to attend Hogwarts. He graduated at the top of his class every year, excelling in his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s without fail. He chose teaching as a career at twenty-seven than something in bureaucracy simply because Antonio enjoys imparting knowledge on others--more so to showcase his magnificent brain than for any real "love of children" or some such nonsense. Although he could have taught any subject, he chose Transfiguration as his subject because he considers it to be the most consistently difficult course to master. Aside from Severus Snape (who he agrees received a sort of "free pass" because of the shortage of teachers who had been in Slytherin after the First Wizarding War), Antonio is the youngest professor to have become Head of House (at thirty-seven) and he is the youngest to date to become Deputy Headmaster just before his forty-first birthday. His next goal is to become Headmaster of Hogwarts before the age of fifty.
» Vincenzo Vitale - Father; 71; Former Ministry of Magic Worker
» Angela Vitale (née Giovanni) - Mother; 65
» Liana Faust (née Vitale) - Sister; 39; Housewife
» Kyle Algernon Faust - Nephew; 11; Slytherin
Pet: Snake
» Name: Kitara
» Gender: Female
» Age: 4
» Appearance:
» Description: Antonio received his Black Mamba Snake as a present when he became Head of House from an old friend who told him that he had purchased the snake in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The idea of caring for a pet (he hasn't had one since he was a young child) being most unappealing, Antonio would have outright refused the animal but when he saw her, he changed his mind. Kitara really was truly beautiful with shiny, obelisk scales, coal colored eyes and an ebony tongue--not to mention notoriously aggressive and extremely deadly. She is almost 9'0" long and must be caged at all times for one of Kitara's bites will kill anyone who isn't treated immediately. Her custom cage runs along the span of an entire side of Antonio's room with bulletproof glass that has also been reinforced with protective spells.
Other: Antonio is vain and prideful, never one to shy away from compliments, especially regarding his appearance or intellect. Although he is in his early forties, he is often mistaken for a man in his late twenties or early thirties and this only boosts his ego when coupled with "My goodness, how can just a young man be so very smart and have achieved so much?" He is a connoisseur of fine wines, expensive leathers and antique furniture, a fan of indulging and spending a pretty penny for pretty things. Antonio's favorite colors are deep blacks, warm charcoal greys and cool silvers.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) JAMIE

Name: James Ashton Keenam
Gender: Male
Blood: Muggle-Born
Age: 24
» Birthday: September 12
Position: Keeper of the Keys and Grounds
House: Gryffindor
» Wood: Rowan
» Core: Crup Tail
» Length: 12 3/4 Inches
» Flexibility: Pliable
» Description: The wand that warmed to Jamie when he was only a boy of eleven is made out of rowan wood with a crup tail core. With a smooth, beige sheen and a bone-like polish, the instrument's handle has been carved into with the stylized, Inuit-esque faces of three different animals: lion, bear and owl. The outlines are stained a slightly darker beige to enhance the contours of the creatures. But apart from the handle, the rest of the wand is plain and unadorned. Because crup tail cores tend to work solely for Hufflepuffs, Ollivander believed that the boy would become one, and the Sorting Hat was indeed ready to put him into that House on his first night at Hogwarts, but something made it decide that Jamie was a Gryffindor instead. The Sorting Hat did not make a mistake for the wand has never failed Jamie and completely bonded with the boy towards the end of his first year.
Description: With chin length blond hair, constant stubble and somewhat threadbare clothing, Jamie is scruffy looking but in a very Viking kind of way. He has narrow, pale green eyes and a thin, angular face. Jamie can't count the number of times he's been told he looks like the spitting image of Chris Hemsworth and he admits to having lied about being him on more than one occasion, especially when cruising chicks with his friends. He is 6'4" and weighs two hundred and nine pounds, with a lean, muscular physique that is a product of jobs that entail manual labor. He is not buff or bulky, but cut and very lean, and undeniably strong. Jamie is a simple man with simple tastes when it comes to the comforts of life: he likes to have a hot shower after a long day's work, a hearty meal for supper with a cold beer and a warm, clean bed to sleep in at the end of the night. He is a good friend who is trustworthy and reliable, ready to drop what he's doing if you need him. Jamie loves his family dearly and is very close to them; he is also extremely protective of his younger sister, Alice.
Background: Jamie grew up on a sheep farm in the countryside of Wales with rolling green hills and plenty of space for four boys to run wild in without fear of being run over by cars. Like the rest of his brothers, he helped his father out on the farm from a very young age and was ready to continue working there until he was old enough to think about his future when an owl on his eleventh birthday changed his life completely. The Keenams took the news of their son being a wizard as well as a muggle family could and in a way, they always wondered if their then four year old daughter was a witch as well (since the three older boys clearly were not, having already had their eleventh birthdays years ago). Jamie had a blast at Hogwarts and was even more thrilled upon finding out on his seventh year that Alice would be attending too. After graduating, he spent some time traveling Europe as most Europeans tend to do although he did also stay on the farm to help out. During this time, he did send out résumés to several different places, one of which, one a whim, was Hogwarts. When he was twenty-two, he received an owl with an invitation to meet with Headmaster Zosimos for the position of Keeper of the Keys and Grounds to which Jamie happily attended. He was accepted for a trial period of two years at which point, he would be reevaluated to see if he qualified for the position permanently. During the two years, Jamie apprenticed under the retiring groundskeeper and did his best to learn quickly and show that he was worthy of the position. This summer he was congratulated as a fulltime staff member of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
» Arthur Keenam - Father; 65; Retired
» Marian Keenam (née Kensington) - Mother; 60; Housewife
» Connor Keenam - Brother; 31; Veterinarian
» Walter "Walt" Keenam - Brother; 28; Farmer
» Simon Keenam - Brother; 26; Graduate Student in History
» Alice Felicia Keenam - Sister; 17; Ravenclaw
Pet: Cat
» Name: Fuzz
» Gender: Male
» Age: 2
» Appearance:
» Description: To celebrate his new position at Hogwarts, Alice insisted to Jamie that he needed a pet to keep him company in case he ever became lonely all by himself in that cottage on the school's grounds. Laughing with amusement, Jamie had agreed to buy one if Alice picked the pet out. His sister chose the grey, little fuzzball (picking up Amber at the same time) from an unwanted animal facility because he was just "so darn cute." His uniform grey fur, even as an adult, has remained quite fuzzy to the look and touch; in addition to this, the cat has the strangest stubby tail. Fuzz, as he was rightly dubbed, is a very chill cat and rarely moves around, preferring to lounge on the carpet or suntan by the window--different from Amber in so many ways. Jamie tries his best not to trip over that bump on a log daily when he returns from a long day of work.
Other: Although he would love to settle down, Jamie is conflicted about what kind of girl he'd like to marry: should she be a witch or a muggle? He isn't sure which one would make him happier. Alice tells him that he needs to stop thinking about it like that and just "let it be." Because the two siblings are close, Jamie is aware of Alice's sexual orientation, which he has contributed to her "experimenting" and he secretly hopes that she might grow out of it but he is trying his very best to be open-minded about the whole situation. Their parents still don't know.

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) SCOTT

Name: Wainscott Abracar Worthington-West
Gender: Male
Blood: Muggle-Born
Age: 41
» Birthday: April 1
Position: Head of Hufflepuff; Care of Magical Creatures Professor
House: Hufflepuff
» Wood: Apple
» Core: Winged Horse Feather and Crup Tail Hair
» Length: 11 Inches
» Flexibility: Stiff
» Description: Dual-core wands tend to be temperamental, but if properly harnessed in perfect tandem, can make for a truly remarkable wand, and an ideal companion for a remarkable witch or wizard. Never one to eschew advancement and experimentation in wandmaking, Garrick Ollivander's silver eyes glittered in anticipation as the tousled haired boy placed an unerring hand upon the handle, causing a vague hint of what was unmistakably apple pie to suffuse the dusty air. "Ahh yes... Mister Worthington, you are indeed worthy of the apple's gifts." Scott would later come to find that the expertly crafted wand would complement his love for the outdoors, and his fascination with the weird and wonderful of the magizoological and magibotanical worlds he would come to explore so assiduously. Fulfilling his childhood desire to travel, the apple wand accompanied him in his forays in search of the legendary Hidden Valley, home of the largest demiguise community in the world, among other less than lucrative locations, proving itself time and again.
Appearance: description
Description: Scott has always been a rugged, rangy boy with an overabundance of wanderlust and a healthy thirst for exploration; mud, scrapes, and a carefully procured species of bug, beast or bloom were usually the three things one would observe upon the person of the only son of noted wildlife preservationist Garrett Pickford Worthington-West and environmental science lecturer Isabel Leigh Platt. A source of equal amusement and distress, Scott's devil-may-care abandon contrasted with his canny competence, combining to produce a wavy-haired, black eyed wanderer with a penchant for climbing and swimming. Unabashedly social, his youth was interspersed by periods of intense isolation and introspection as he pondered what exactly was the matter with him, and the source and nature of the bizarre occurrences that cropped up around him. Proactive, amiable and always prone to laugh, people said he would have a bright future before him; nobody knew how bright, except perhaps Professor Longbottom. School and study did not dampen his youthful vigour, but only honed it, and gave it a direction and, in some ways a calling. Boundless enthusiasm and a wide eyed fascination saw him excel both academically and socially, and when he left Hogwarts the most gifted young magizoologist of his generation, it was to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Newt Scamander before returning, brimming with a desire to impart what he had learned during his years abroad, taking up the offered post of Care of Magical Creatures teacher, his aim, to infect his students with his own undiminished love for the magical nature of nature.
Background: Immersing himself in the wonders of the world he had always had a feeling existed, but had never had the chance to perceive, Scott Worthington, as he preferred to call himself, could not help but be utterly staggered by the fact that his perception of reality had been so blinkered by the Muggle perception of what was. Totally oblivious to his magical heritage, it came as something of a shock to Garrett, when a certain letter was delivered to the manor addressed to none other than his son, who was, naturally, nowhere to be found. Broad-minded about his children's future however, he eventually explained what it all meant to his stunned wife. Ironically, while they wrestled with the ramifications of having a magically-inclined member of the family, Scott's mind had officially been blown; from his first trip to Diagon alley to the charms of the train ride from yesteryear, to the ceaseless revelations of his first year. The only student in his year to earn full marks for all his Care of Magical Creatures exams during his third year, his success only confirmed what he always knew, that he had an undeniable affiliation with animals, both magical and mundane. (His cat Felice defected to his sister's care after he went abroad, but retains a mewing fondness for her young master.) Committing himself to travelling the world after his "emancipation" from years of studying about the hidden magical world, Scott devoted his "gap years" as he called them, to squirreling out the hidden treasures that are magizoology's greatest and best kept secrets. Not much is known of the ten years he spent abroad after graduating, but his academic impact left Hufflepuff with a significantly celebrated recent alumnus, and something of an inspiration for his embodiment of the badgers unceasing work ethic. Returning from his sojourn abroad, Scott set about transferring his experiences to the printed page, producing a set of memoirs entitled There and How to Get Back Again? published by Obscurus Books, before devising and presenting his findings concerning the behaviour of the elusive demiguise before the International Magizoological Institute. It was during this period that he met, and eventually fell in love with a woman who shared his passions, embarking on a speculative venture together to ascertain the truth of alleged Crumple-Horned Snorcack sightings. Comitting himself to writing, and about to embark upon a revised edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them he received an altogether unexpected offer of employment from Professor Zosimos, who admitted in his letter to have been following Scott's career with considerable interest. Granted the dream opportunity to return to Hogwarts, Scott eagerly accepted, seeking to teach as an outlet for his writing and vice versa.
» Garrett Pickford Worthington-West - Father; 67; Retired, Volunteer Worker with Clean Green (formerly a Documentary Filmmaker and Conservationist)
» Isabel Leigh Worthington-West (née Platt) - Mother; 64; Retired, Volunteer Worker with Clean Green (formerly a University Lecturer in Environmental Science)
» Lynnette Eldamar Spencer (née Worthington-West) - Sister; 37; Retail Manager, Harrods Department Store
» Michael Wilbraham Spencer - Brother-in-Law; 40; Managing Director, Lloyds TSB
» Scott Garrett Spencer - Nephew; 12; Student
» Martha Annabelle Spencer - Niece; 9; Student
» Harriett Arabesque Finch-Fletcher - Girlfriend; 34; Muggle Studies Professor; Former Gryffindor
Pet: Granian
» Name: Whisper
» Gender: Female
» Age: 25
» Appearance: description
» Description: Stumbling upon the poor, shivering fledgling during one of his many forays out into the fjordlands of northern Scandinavia, Scott and his expedition had been scattered by a sudden attack from an irate Swedish short-snout, who it was later discovered, had recently raided a Granian eyrie, making off with several fledglings for its own young. Overlooked due to her diminutive size, the little female had cowered, terrified while the dragon made off with her yearmates as the male harassed the adults, exposing the collection of nests. Nursing the little dappled creature back to health, Scott took it upon himself to tend to her, eventually developing a close bond with the shy grey Nordic pegasus. Her presence in his life came as something of a natural union, as in spite of his magical proficiency in other areas, Scott detested apparition, and had previously taken to travelling "the Muggle way", which he did not mind in the least, aside from the inevitable technological malfunctions and the tedious time it took. An avid rider, he began to train Whisper, their mutual trust and affection making for a swift transition. A gentle but skittish creature, Whisper is devoted to her master, and in Harriett's absence, Scott often takes to confiding in her, deriving security from her gentle, reassuring presence. Mindful of the Statute of Secrecy, the application of a disillusionment charm is a must whenever travel is required, and the procurement of a licence for the possession of exotic pets adds to his clear display of responsible ownership. To Muggles, she is a dappled grey horse, when on land, and a stark nothingness when flying. The addition of an invisibility cloak that renders him unseen at the clasp of its fastenings, both master and mare pass over would be observers like a rogue gust.
Other: Scott's unapologetic fascination for Quidditch and his fervent support of the Wimbourne Wasps has seen him relocate to the Dorset town in a dual attempt to integrate himself into the fabric of wizarding society and, naturally, in order to join his fellow stingers as they support their team in pursuit of their nineteenth league title. A chaser during his playing days, Scott sees it as his duty to "resuscitate the broom badgers", organising and overseeing Hufflepuff Quidditch efforts personally.

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) RICK

Name: Warwick Merlinien Stanton-Hayes
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure-Blood
Age: 33
» Birthday: November 21
Position: Flying Instructor/Quidditch Referee
House: Gryffindor
» Wood: Sycamore
» Core: Re'em Blood
» Length: 11 Inches
» Flexibility: Rigid
» Description: To be honest, Rick almost felt like giving up, having tried what felt like every possible want in the store, none had provided any sign of forming the beginnings of any sort of bond with the effusive golden-haired eleven year old, but being a natural optimist and rarely if ever discouraged, Rick could not shake the growing feeling that waving lengths of wood around was not the cleverest use of his time, and it was with a growing sense of acceptance that he picked up the wand the elderly wandmaker handed to him after what felt like a lifetime of deliberation. A curious and ebullient child, the partnership between wizard and wand was struck in a shower of golden sparks. To the boy's mounting excitement Olivander elaborated on how he "never twigged that that wand would ever find an owner, well my wide eyed lad, enjoy, but do so responsibly!"
Appearance: description
Description: "If you weren't a sunshine mop top, I'd swear you were a Weasley." That joking assessment of him by his own mother tells one pretty much all one needs to know about the effervescent life of the party that is Rick "Stayes". A prankster with a heart of gold and particularly quick hands his enthusiasm and joie de vivre is infectious and perhaps understandably he was extremely popular during his student days, as both "laugh-inducer in especial" and "Quaffle-poacher King", Always ready with a good word, and a pick me up "Roisterous Rick" could sometimes take things a little too far in the spirit of carefree abandon, leading to him getting carried away on occasion, although he has since learned to keep his bubbling emotions in check. As a player he imbued the national team with hie never-say-die gusto, and now as a teacher, his love for Quidditch, informal manner contribute to his being one of the most popular teachers at Hogwarts.
Background: The third of four children born into a Quidditch mad family, Rick would say that he learned to fly before he could walk, and the number of times his mother can recall performing blanket hover charms so that the breakables were kept well out of the way and her pride at watching her three two daughters and two sons facing off in games of two-a-side Quidditch above the expansive back lawn ought to make it come as no surprise that he was selected for his house Quidditch team as soon as second year began; the no first years rule still having been upheld) Although smaller than his siblings, his initial allocation as seeker was soon abandoned in favour of chaser. Loving the constant interplay in the centre of the pitch, Rick could make the quaffle do "things I had never believe possible" to quote Podraig Frume, Quidditch master during Rick's time at Hogwarts. While he excelled on the pitch and in the air, books remained something of an impediment for him, although he more than made up for his abysmal performances in History of Magic and Potions by surprising his Transfiguration and Charms professors, one of whom noted that he "has the vim and vigour that makes for a mind open to the wonder of magic." Curious, but by no means careless, Hogwarts after dark became the haunt of "the cubs" as he termed his little gang of Gryffindors, all in the same year as he was, all swayed by his persuasive promise of thrills and spills. It was during his seventh and last year that, upon the invitation of Cadmus Farrington, his head of house, and avid Chudley Cannon nut, the seasoned talent scout Barnabas Pidgley watched him play, and soon after leaving Hogwarts, extended the offer of flying with the Cannons. Somewhat crestfallen not to be approached from an official from his childhood team, the Wimbourne Wasps, Rick nevertheless accepted with his trademark eagerness, and so began one of the more glory-tinged eras which long-suffering Cannons fans still recall with warm pride of nostalgia as "the beginning of the ascent." His life beyond the sport continued apace as his skills catapulted him into the public eye, and wealth and renown soon followed. Ironically what he proudly calls "the best decision I ever made" had nothing at all to do with quidditch, but everything to do with a bookish, bespectacled waif of a girl; Muggle-born Martha-Anne Foxglove. It is with a fond smile that he recalls their first, inauspicious meeting, with her tending to the idiot who, having unwisely opted to fly after several firewhiskies, crashed into her back garden and broke his arm. Fortunately she had been a junior healer at St. Mungo's (she is now head healer specialising in sports-related injuries) and one awkward "date" turned into more as he gradually drew her out of her shell. Rick proposed to her not long after being called up to the England Quidditch team. Left trailing in the wake of the Irish and Welsh teams, England, with the "goal-den" assistance from Rick improved their standings internationally, but fell short of world cup glory, losing to Australia two hundred and thirty to two hundred and ten, with Rick scoring thirteen times. Hanging up his broom after seven years of top international Quidditch, he had several coaching jobs on the table when Professor Zosimos, of all people approached him about teaching the young witches and wizards of his alma mater to fly, and recalling the wonder of his first experience airborne, there was only ever one decision.It was also then that Martha informed him she was expecting triplets!
» Emmerle Warburton Stanton-Hayes - Father; 67; Retired former Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot; Former Ravenclaw
» Merida Amelie Stanton-Hayes (née DeVilliers) - Mother; 61; Housewife; Attended Beauxbatons Academy
» Kendrick *Ken" Braxton Stanton-Hayes - Brother; 42; Manager of the Appleby Arrows Quidditch team; Former Gryffindor
» Emmalina "Emmy" Tiamaria Stanton-Hayes - Sister; 39; Former Pride of Portree Seeker, now owner of Quality Quidditch Supplies International; Former Ravenclaw
» Wendelynn "Wendy" Morganna Stanton-Hayes - Sister; 31; Keeper, Pride of Portree; Former Hufflepuff
» Martha-Anne Charlotte Stanton-Hayes (née Foxglove) - Wife; 33; Head healer, St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries; Former Ravenclaw
» Anna Elizabeth, Diamanda Francesca and Adora Belle Stanton-Hayes - Children; 3
Pet: Owl
» Name: Screech
» Gender: Male
» Age: 12
» Appearance:description
» Description: A gift from his then-girlfriend, Martha was deeply touched by his tale of his close relationship with his pet barn owl Shriek which he had during his student years, and which had died at the ripe old age of nineteen the summer before he had met her. Screech flew into that owl-shaped hole in his life, and the two bonded almost straightaway. Rick refers to the majestic tyto alba as his "wingman", and the two of them are often seen flying together over the Hogwarts grounds. Screech is a very expressive owl, and earned his cacophonous moniker after his penchant for shrieking at his master to wake up and divest him of his burden, usually a copy of the The Daily Prophet or monthly editions of Which Broomstick.
Other: Martha's brother Malcolm is a fan of the Muggle football team Liverpool, and Rick has developed a liking for the reds as well as even playing the game when he can as part of the Queen's Head Reds, a local pub team where Martha's parents live.

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