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Heaven Can't Wait (I-Team, #1.5)
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Dawn (Kat N Hat) (katnhat) A sexy romp featuring the characters from Pamela Clare’s popular I-Team series.
Lissy Charteris and Will Fraser are two weeks away from getting married when Lissy suggests they put a bit of traditional romance into their lives by giving up sex until their wedding night. Though Will thinks it’s a crazy idea, he’s not about to admit he can’t do it. The two end up making a bet, vowing not to be the first to ask for sex. But what starts as a bet turns into a game of no-holds-barred seduction—winner take all.

⚜️Trea (duskrider3740) I just finished this very early this morning, and was a bit disappointed in it. I didn't remember Will and Lissy from Extreme Exposure, so that distracted me quite a bit. I also didn't really care for the "torture" that Lissy's mother kept putting them through based on her own failure of a marriage and Lissy's spinelessness when it came to defending what her and Will had from her mother's attacks on it. I did like seeing how things were going with Reese and Kara's HEA, so that was a bonus. I'll rate it 3 stars, but its really more of a 2.5 star read for me.

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