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ραят ι

You learn that we are all doing our best, and while people often wait for us, we often wait for others too.

◉ nαmє ◉ Georgia Konstantina Stavros
nícknαmє ◎ Georgie --though call her that without her permission, she'll break your arm with a smile

αgє ◉ Nineteen.
dαtє σf вírth ◎ February 29th --Georgie loves to celebrate her birthday, when it finally comes around that is. Since it's a rare occasion to celebrate her birthday on the actual day she was born, Georgie tends to go all out when it happens for a change. And oh the fun she has telling people how, by technicality, she's much younger than she is.
zσdíαc ◎ ♓ Pisces

gєndєr ◉ Female --from head to toe.
sєхuαl σríєntαtíσn ◎ Heterosexual --Georgie has been known to mess around when she's drunk enough, and she has no problem with being with girls, however she's more into boys than she is into girls.
rєlαtíσnshíp stαtus ◎ Single --for now.

ѕocιal ѕтaтυѕ ◉ Commoner -- Dancing Instructor
It's not exactly a highly sought after occupation, but ever since she was a child all Georgie wanted to be was a dancer. Her own mother was a prima ballerina back when she was younger, and her grandmother before that, so it was only natural for Georgie o follow in her mother's footsteps. Now teaches other young girls and boys the beautiful art form of Ballet. In fact she teaches small classes just about every single day of the week, and is paid for it fairly well. Though she doesn't do it for the money, she does it because it makes her happy to be able to pass on her passion to other people who share her interests. While it was a slow business at first, lately it has been gaining a lot of attention, and all while she's merely nineteen years of age.


Enhanced Speed  
Georgia is able to move far faster than the average human, not there were anymore average humans around, She's able to move at supersonic speed or even faster, possibly reaching or even exceeding light speed, not that she does that often or at all for that matter. This power is not without any ill effects however, as it can strain her body, but she has learned that she's able to resist the effects of high speed travel including friction and inertia. However Georgia isn't fond of this ability, meaning she hardly ever uses it unless she's in a rush.
Enhanced Reflexes
Georgia has a drastically enhanced reaction time, allowing her to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to. It comes in handy when she bumps into people and drops things in the process, which happens a lot actually. Strange that a dancer would be so clumsy right?

Georgie is able to move through objects and ignore most physical effects in her way,; the exact means how this is done vary between slipping partially into other dimensions, being able to make her own atoms move between other atoms, being non-physical being of energy, vibrating her molecules into a new quantum frequency, etc. Regardless little Miss Georgia is able to ignore most attacks and physical dangers. Oh how she loves this power of hers. Most often than not, she will use it to play pranks on her students and even her friends, such as Hayden.

While Georgia is all for natural beauty, she has a small secret that isn't that much of a secret. She likes to dye her hair a shade of golden blonde but then switches back to her natural dark locks because she's never sure whether she wasn't to be a blondie or a brunette. It's a hard decision for her since she can pull off both looks, though lately she's been sticking to being a brunette, but look close enough and you're bound to see subtle streaks of blonde buried there.

Aside from that little thing, the rest of Georgia is all natural. The girl stands at 5'2" and weighs no more than 90 lbs, which makes her appear small and weak, but never underestimate her strength. While she may not be a body builder, the girl can pack a punch if someone pushes her too far, but that's not important now. The girl has long legs, and arms, and a slender, long neck. However she has a short torso, and she's not so gifted in the chest area, but she has a beautiful line. It might sound strange to others, but to serious ballet dancer as Georgie, her body shape is practically perfect.

If only other guys saw her that way.

While at first glance Georgia eyes might appear to be green, there's sort of a strange mixture of olive green and pale blue with a strange ring of hazel around the pupils of her eyes. Depending on the lighting it could either simply dark and murky, or it could appear almost opalescent, though it all depends on her mood as well. Or so it appears every now and again. On top of all that, Georgie has a sweet heart-shaped face, fair skin and perfectly kissable lips.

(view spoiler)

dístínguíshíng mαrks ◎ There may nor may not be a butterfly tattoo on her hip. If there was one, not saying there is one, there's a chance that it's a blue butterfly that's might be located on the left side of her hip. Now, remember, there is no proof that it is there. Unless, of course, someone sees it for themselves somehow.

drєssíng stчlє ◎ Georgie puts a lot of thought into what she wears any single day at any given time of day. It's actually not uncommon for the girl to wear several different outfits within a single day. When Georgie's off to teach one of her classes, she's in her usual black footed tights, black leotard, pink wrap skirt, ballet shoes, which is all topped off with a bun. Outside of these classes, Georgie either dressed up with a nice dress, some pumps and a moderate amount of make-up, or she dresses a little more casually with jeans, a simple peasant blouse, and cutesy flats. She prefers loose fitting clothing that's comfortable to wear around for a walk in the park or even the city. Lastly, when she's at home, whether alone or with some friends, Georgie likes to wear an oversized t-shirt and some shorts but during the colder months she goes for the sweatpants and sweaters look. Now this is sort of a secret but she has been known to wear a onesie, but only when she's completely alone.

dєfíníng σвjєctBallet shoes. These particular pair mean the world to her because it was a gift from her great grandmother on her mother's --Clara-- side when Georgie had gotten a part in the Nutcracker. She was thirteen at the time and earned the role as the Sugar Plum Fairy, which her family was proud of even if she hadn't gotten the lead role. Also, there's her great great grandmother's antique mirror compact. It was a gift from her other mother, Kimberly, something that has been handed down from generation to generation, which just makes it mean that much more to Georgie. She carries it around with her everywhere, and takes great care to never loose it.


So where to start off? Georgie is sort of a strange girl, filled with contradictions and constantly changing. Some of her friends, and even her family, have wondered if she has multiple personalities or if she hasn't decided who she is just yet. Though a few things that had never changed about her was her compassion for others, how she was able to adapt to any changes around her, accept people no matter their race, culture, religion, etc., devoted to anything she sets her mind to, and how imaginative she has always been. In general, Georgie has always been this very kind-hearted girl with no ulterior motives in her actions or thoughts.

Every morning, on her way to her dance studio, Georgie would smile and greet anyone she passes on the street. Even if she doesn't know the person, though this certain girl knew just about everyone within her kingdom, Georgie has always shown nothing but kindness towards them. Though don't take her to be Saint or anything because even girls as sweet as Georgie has a dark side, a side she has tried to keep to herself but it doesn't take much to rear its' ugly head.

While Georgie is compassionate, she's also a tad oversensitive. Okay maybe a little more than just a tad but it's not that bad of thing. Sort of. The girl has been known to shed many tears over things such as someone verbally abusing her, her finding out people have been badmouthing her behind her back, or something as simple as the class pet hamster dying unexpectedly. It's even worse when she watches a sappy romantic movie, the tears won't stop flowing and she's not even a little ashamed of it. While Georgie has problems with this part of her, sometimes she just can't help it, and sometimes she just needs to cry. Lately she has gotten better at it or so it seemed.

If someone were to shout at Georgie for whatever reason, she would keep a straight face, try to calm them down, but once they were done, she would then go off to cry in private. Don't take this to mean she doesn't have a backbone just because she shows a little emotion when people were unreasonably rude to her, because she has many sarcastic and degrading comments locked away inside her, she just would like to take the higher road. But if pushed far enough, she could turn pretty vicious.

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ραят ιι

pєrsσnαlítч cσntínuєd

Along with being oversensitive, Georgie was indecisive, competitive, and was known to be an escapist. Her indecisive nature has been known to irritate many people because it keeps her from making decisions on her own. Some times her mothers feels as if someone else was making all the decisions for their daughter, controlling her in a way without her ever voicing her own opinions on the matter at hand. The main reason Georgia was like this was because she has this strange urge to make everyone happy. In order to do that, she leaves the decisions up to them and follows along, even if doesn't end up liking whatever the person chose for her.

It's not a good habit, she knows. Georgia should be her own person, she should make her own decisions, not rely on other people so much, and stop crying over hurt feelings, but she can't help who she has become. However becoming a dancer, buying the studio, and turning it all into a dance school for children, that was all Georgia's doing. No one told her what to do, that she should use her years of experience to become a dance instructor, she had decided that all on her own. And she's happy because of it.

Now about Georgia's competitive side. . . That's a bit hard to explain. After all, the girl is sensitive and compassionate, how'd she become competitive all of a sudden? Well it wasn't all of a sudden, and she was never like that until she met a certain boy at a small festival. His name? Harley Hayden Quinn. It was a nice summer day, her mothers had brought Georgia and her siblings to the festival for a little fun. Before she knew, Georgie was sucked into a small competition on who could fit the most jelly babies into their mouth. She had won a small ribbon and a toy. To show good sportsmanship, Georgia had introduced herself to the young boy and had tried to give him the toy to start up a friendship with him. Somehow, instead, a rivalry had started up between the two.

Ever since then, she has been trying to be better than him in almost everything. She didn't always win, but she didn't always win either. Moreover this competitive side of hers only comes out whenever Hayden's around. Some might say that he brought out the worst in her, but Georgie doesn't believe that because while they were rivals, they were also friends. Hard to believe, right? But it was true. It was strange and hard to explain friendship between the two, but it made sense to them.

Now the escapist buried deep inside is no one's fault really, she was simply wired this way. Thanks to her overactive imagination, she tended to escape into her own mind whenever things become too stressful. In a way, when she becomes overwhelmed with anything, whether at home or work, she would shut down and go to her happy place, which was locked away in that head of hers. She has gotten better in dealing with problems and making her own decisions, but this sort of thing happens without warning. Though it was easy to tell whenever she would shut down, retreating from the real world, and it takes her a while to snap out of it. You see, Georgia's eyes would just suddenly glaze over and she wouldn't respond to anything or anyone for a while.

When it had first happened, her parents had gone into full panic mode, not understanding what was going on until they talked to a specialist about it. It wasn't a defense mechanism per se, but more of a coping mechanism. It would also explain why she was so indecisive, but her parents had thought this sort of thing was dangerous because it could happen anywhere at anytime without a single warning, so they put her in therapy so that Georgia would find different coping methods.

Ballet. Ballet. Ballet. It's her main reason for living, so it means a lot to her. In fact Georgie had learned ballet from her mother and grandmother, both of them having been Prima Ballerinas in their youths. She has been learning since she was five years of age.
Dancing. In general Georgie is a good dancer, and she's a fast learned. Not only has she learned ballet, but she also knows how to tap dance and even breakdance.
Smiling. It kept people from asking questions, so Georgia was hardly ever seen without a smile on her face. Though some of those smiles were genuine.
Lying. Georgia wasn't proud of how good of a liar she had become, even fooling herself with her lies. Of course she doesn't lie anymore, but she knows that if she wanted to, she could do it flawlessly.

Herself. Even though she's not longer the girl she once was, Georgie still has a hard time accepting herself for who she is. For so long she would change herself for other people, especially boys, that she hardly ever saw herself in a positive light.
Ignorance. It's bliss. Maybe it isn't but Georgie feels as if she doesn't actually need to know something, you better not fucking tell her. Especially if it's something depressing. She likes happier stuff, which means she'd rather not know the bad news. Seriously. Just shhhh.
Running. Not literally. You see, Georgia has a thing about facing her fear and her problems-- she just doesn't do it. She prefers to pretend that they don't exist, so she refuses to face them even when she knows that she should. Basically she's a coward. It took her brother to make her realize she had a problem, and even then she needed her family to help her to get through it.
The Dark. Only her brother knows that Georgia still sleeps with a nightlight on. Either she needs a nightlight, or someone needs to sleep in the same bed as her. Perhaps this is why she spends so much time with guys, never caring if they made it to third base within the first day of meeting.
Family. Does this really need to be explained?

вíggєst fєαrPhilophobia
■ Falling in love, it's the one thing she never wants to do mainly because she's so scared of getting hurt. Being as sensitive as she is, Georgie simply refuses to dive headfirst into a relationship even if she isn't sure it'll end in heartbreak or not. She can't give her heart and soul to another person, the idea is much too frightening in itself. Any time she's in a relationship with someone, Georgia either sabotages it or ends it before it gets too serious. Once again, she's a coward. She knows she is, and she's accepted it long ago.

◉ hístσrч ◉

When you first met Georgia, you’d think she had the world in the palm of her hands. Striking beauty, a good job, and an amazing family that always stood behind her.

Georgia had always thought differently.

Back when she first hit high school, she realized it was a dog eat dog world. The people she was surrounded by every day seemed to tear each other apart with little to no remorse, almost making it look like some sort of sport. Being the sort of girl she was, she never wanted to be the girl that other people picked apart. In fact she promised herself she would never become that girl. Georgia wasn’t fake by any means. She was honest with everyone but herself. Every day was a battle with her self-esteem as she watched girls get torn down every day. Georgia wouldn’t dare let that happen to her, so she had become someone she wasn't. She’d compare herself to girls in her school, watching them with their boyfriends and perfect fashion sense, and copy them but would add her own little touch here and there. Georgie had grown to be quite popular, even gained and lost a few boyfriends along the way. Yet when she looked in the mirror, she never saw what other people could. Everyone saw her as the blonde with stunning beauty and a personality to match. She never could see that she was more than good looks. If even that.

Georgia had also been in ballet, which was one of the few things that made her relax, but at the same time she was no longer able to see how talented she was, often pushing herself to work harder even when she was thoroughly exhausted. Ballet was the young girl's life, it was everything to her, so if she felt as if she wasn't doing well enough, she would stay behind at her grandmother's dance studio until she was perfect. But she could never see just how good she was, too busy focused on the flaws to see anything else. Since Georgie was making friends in high school, and most of them wanted to see her performances, ballet was no longer her escape from life. Ballet quickly turned into a job, which had made her feel even more burdened but she kept it to herself.

As she had gone through high school, her issues seemed to worsen. If she ate a little more than she limited herself to, she wouldn’t eat at all the next day. It became a growing habit. Looking in the mirror, stepping on the scale and food had become her worse enemies. At first, she was pleased with the look her newfound hobby had given her. With each day she ignored lunch and dinner, even if it had made her feel worse about herself. For some reason, she couldn’t kick the habit of not eating. This in turn greatly affected her dancing, though she had kept it up. Compared to everyone else, she seemed flawless. That was good enough for her. Georgia had slowly become something she never wanted to be. The expensive clothing, the Mac makeup and the posse of girls she trailed behind was just the start. Nobody knew how disgusting she felt in her own skin. To others, she seemed perfectly fine. That was what was interesting about Georgia – she hid her secrets extremely well. She could have had anything but let it slip through her fingers due to her self-discomfort.

Her parents had noticed something was wrong with their daughter but Georgia had gotten so good at lying and pretending that they hadn't suspected anything for so long. Too long. It was sad how Georgie was treating herself since both her mothers were nurses at the local hospital, she should have known better than to do something stupid like this but she was in a stupid point in her life.

When her brother had found out about her disorder in the summer of her sophomore year, he had given her a piece of his mind as well as a reality check. He told their parents and they got Georgia help immediately. It was clear she needed it. With a lot of therapy and meetings with a nutritionist, the young girl was back to a healthy weight. And once again she was happy. Truly happy. Not that fake happy that she fooled everyone with, but she was honestly happy to be alive again. She was no longer scared of her high school or the people in it.

Then after she had graduated, instead of going to college like most other kids, Georgia turned her grandmother's dancing studio into a school for children interested in ballet. She has even gone as far as treating her students the importance of being their true self, and to eat healthily. Having learned the hard way of how important both lessons were, and almost at the cost of her career of becoming a professional dancer, Georgia keeps an eyes on her students, especially the ones already in high school, making sure they understand that their health was much more important than someone's opinions of them.

ραят ιιι


Clara Lee Stavros {Mother ; 58 } --The woman was sweet and very caring of all her children, mainly because she was the one that birthed all three. She was a nurse at the local hospital, often working late to help pay the bills, but she always found time to spend with her children, sometimes even bringing them to work with her from time to time. She always respected her children's wishes, allowing them to be free to do whatever the wanted to do in life. Though she was the one that got Georgia interested in Ballet, teaching her all that she knew, which was a lot considering she had been a Ballerina before she injured herself and had to find a new career. She had gone back to school to train to become a nurse, and before she knew it, she was working in a hospital, which was where she met Kimberley.

Kimberley Stavros { Mother ; 51} --Even though she was blood related to her three children, she loved them dearly. She was generally known as the fun one because she would always take them to the park, or get them ice cream, or even plan a family road trip randomly. She was also a nurse at the hospital, the same one Clara worked in, which was how they met in the first place. While she tried to spend as much time as possible with the kids, work would take over her life because someone at the hospital always needed her. But Georgia has fond memories of her mother taking her to work during her graveyard shifts. It was fun and spooky; fun because there weren't many people at night and most of the patients were already asleep, but spooky because Georgia could have sworn she saw a ghost a few times while there.

Harper Lysander Stavros {Older brother ; 23} --Harper was that sort of older brother who actually enjoyed spending time with his little sisters. He would often play with them even if it meant playing the same game for the hundredth time in a row. He would watch after them when his mother couldn't, but never resented them for it. It was strange but he turned out to be the perfect kid, and perfect older brother. In fact he was the one that made Georgia get help with her problem when he noticed something was really wrong with her. If it wasn't for him, who knows how Georgia would have turned out?

Elisabeth Erin Stavros {Younger sister ; 12} --Her younger sister, who's possibly the cutest little thing in the entire world. Georgia loves spending time with her, even though Elisa isn't a big fan of dancing. Though the little girl loves to dress up as a ballerina, but if only she wasn't terribly clumsy she probably would have grown up to be an amazing dancer like her sister. However the child's interests lie in animals. She may just become a vet some day.

σthєr◉ With two mothers people normally assume that Georgia was adopted, but she wasn't. You see both her mothers went to a clinic of some sort and picked out a sperm donor, and the rest went on from there. Clara was the one who gave birth to Georgia, but the young girl hasn't a clue who her father was. In fact she has no interest on who it was. Can't really be that great of a guy if he handed over his sperm in exchange for money. Yeah. . . Georgia doesn't like thinking about it at all.

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { Part 1 }

. K . r . y . p . t . o . n .



"Just be yourself, my beautiful daughter. And people are either going to love you for it or not. But those who don't? They'll secretly be wondering why they can't do the same."


{ N a m e : } Mirabelle Catarina Ambrosi. The mouthful of a name should give away a rather big hint regarding her heritage. While her mother had some roots from France, her grandparent were mostly Italian. Just as her father was, which sort of explains the reasoning for her multiple-origined name: Mirabelle being extremely French and Catarina being a classical female name found in Italy.
N i c k n a m e : Mira ( pronounced my-ruh )
{ A g e : } Twenty-three
B i r t h d a y : February 20th
Z o d i a c : ♓ Pisces ♓

{ G e n d e r : } Of the feminine sorts.
S e x u a l . O r i en t a t i o n : Heterosexual
R e l a t i o n s h i p . S t a t u s: Contrary to popular belief, Mira is very much so in love, it's not even cute. Okay. So that was a lie: It's a little cute. Only because the source of her affection just so happens to be the best man. On the planet.


{ S o c i a l . S t a t u s : } As a court diplomat from Krypton, Mirabelle's the girl who knows her stuff when it comes to the political aspect of the kingdoms. I mean, it's pretty much what she does for a living and being uninformed is like being unprepared. Preventable. So she keeps up with what's going on and, due to her position, she even gets the excluded details. The ones kept away from most of the citizens.
{ P o w e r : }
Enhanced Vision - This is the ability to see with enhanced clarity and various effects. When it comes to Mira's abilities specifically, her powers are quite limited. Basically, the extent of her vision allows her to see extremely fast moving objects like someone's pressed a slow-mo button and distance has no effect on the clarity at which she sees. Meaning she could be a mile away and, should she focus hard enough on a spot in the distance, every ounce of detail in the spot becomes crystal clear. Sort of like binoculars and the physical indication of her using her ability is quite distinctive: her eyes go pitch black. Of course, this takes immense straining of the eye beforehand, which can cause intense migraines, and with every usage, she's steadily going blind. All in all, it's the fact that her ability isn't something she can do much with nor really use without pretty powerful side effects that is half the reason she's able to be a court diplomat.


{ A p p e a r a n c e : }

(view spoiler)

H a i r . C o l o r : Hmm. Are we talking about the majority of her hair? If so, the answer to that would be a simple light brown. But near the ends of her hair? That's were things tend to change. Due to the ombre coloring of her hair, the tips are actually more so a golden blonde. The locks themselves are extremely wavy, it's natural state that she honestly can't stand. Like, whyyy? Is straight hair too much to ask for? According to her hair: Yes. Yes, it is.
E y e . C o l o r : Most people see brown irises when looking into Mira’s eyes, average much like her hair. But should you catch her in a certain, bright-enough lighting, be in close enough proximity –in other words, just so happen to be Anselm- or catch her in a mood other than that of her standard one? You’d know that her eyes actually have a hazel coloring to them. Most of her eye is brown, yes, but there’s an outer ring of greenish gold that will occasionally make a scene.
B u i l d : Seeing as how Mira's from the Krypton kingdom, she has this really bad habit. Of eating. Like, a lot. Unless she’s nervous or anxious about something. And while her metabolism works pretty fast, her mother is still kind of a health freak. Meaning she's been trained from a relatively young age that jogging and exercise? Should be a part of your daily schedule. It's because of this reason and this reason only that she's managed to keep her stomach flat, though she's honestly never really weighed herself. Is that weird? Yeah, probably. But if you never know your weight, then you can never feel self-conscious about it, right? It makes sense in Mira's mind, anyways. She stands at 5'7", most of that height being legs. Which, again, she's never really paid much mind to. For someone so concerned with her outfits and things, she doesn't really care about how she herself actually looks. It's weird. But, then again, Mirabelle has always been the odd duckling, so what do you expect?
D i s t i n c t i v e . M a r k i n g s : According to Mira, there’s really nothing about her physically that’s really special. Nothing that particularly stands out in the crowd. Unlike Anselm with his little boy singular dimple and the smile that touches his chocolate eyes and the list is never ending, trust me. Mira is pretty plain Jane, a Mary Sue. Aside from the tattoos on her wrists, which she’s still getting used to seeing as how she only got them a few months ago. Her left wrist says in cursive flowing lettering, ”we accept the love,” while her right wrist continues the thought, ”we think we deserve.” Her explanation given to most people is that it describes her family dynamics –they put up with her at her worst- and, while that’s partly true, the ink was more so dedicated to Anselm. The boy she in no way shape or form deserves, but still somehow loves her anyway.
D r e s s i n g . S t y l e : Let's get one thing straight: Mira? She's very much so the girly type girl. It's evident in her laugh that more so resembles a giggle, her flowery scent, the intricate things she's able to do with her hair, and just overall her seemingly fragile state -which, if she heard you refer to her as, she'd no doubt be offended by. But what makes her girly tendencies the most obvious? Would definitely be how she dresses. Her inclinations toward dresses, whether they be the casual sleeveless type, the little black numbers, or even the business ones she often wears for meetings with the courts. And eighty percent of the time, she can be seen wearing a crown of flowers over her hair as well. While, at first glance, it might seem kind of superficial, there's actually somewhat of a deeper meaning behind it. While, yeah, she does like pretty things, -who doesn't?- it's also her way of sort of communicating to the kingdoms she visits that she trusts the people living there. It would be one thing to go to another kingdom wearing things that would be a little more on the rational side, things that would make it easy to escape should there be an attack. But honestly? Mira knows that, in order for people to put their trust in someone, that person has to be willing to take that first step. To put his or her trust in the group first.
(view spoiler)


{ P e r s o n a l i t y : } Mira can be described as either really, really cute or really, really weird. Take your pick. There isn’t particularly a middle ground: you’re either the type that thinks her quirkiness makes her strange, or the type who thinks it makes her adorable. Maybe it has something to do with the expressively odd ways she contorts her facial features? Whether it’s her wrinkled nose and stuck out tongue in a look of “ew, icky” or her parted lip and wide eyes normally indicating her somewhat childish shock. Whatever it is, you can definitely read whatever it is she’s feeling by the looks that cross her face. Anselm once said it’s part of her charm -just because that boy is perfect and always knows exactly what to say. But she's also had it pointed out that there's no mystery left in that, that she's an open book when all her emotions play across her face like so. So it all really depends on how you look at things.

Let it just be known, Mira is apparently not a woman of mystery. And that's perfectly okay.

Something that's probably not at all surprising about Mirabelle? She's incredibly sensitive. Always has been. She was the little girl on the playground that would easily cry at a mean word said from the boy who didn't know how to express his feelings. The one who would run home with tears on her cheeks to her mom, sobbing about how stupid and mean boys are. Or the hurt animals that would make her eyes turn glassy, or the cruel words from jealous, pretty girls as she was growing up. One would think with her Italian heritage, she'd have a white-hot temper, but it's quite the opposite. Though Mira's far from meek, she's the one who could never handle harshness, though it's something Anselm's actually been helping her with, believe it or not. Just being around his strength is enough to make her want to be stronger. For him. A little bit of independence is a sought after trait anyways, right?

And let us not forget the fact that Mirabelle is pretty damn dorky. Like, she's the girl who makes old comic book references occasionally -though she's stopped as of recently just because it's a little bit embarrassing and people rarely ever understand them. She also reads books from a million and one years ago that are extremely ancient, watches old movies that not many people particularly care about. It's sort of just one of her many Mira quirks, one out of thousands. It's weird. She's weird though, something we've already discussed. But hopefully the fact that she can also be sweet and caring makes up for that?

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S t r e n g t h s :
Speaking. Mira is an extremely good public speaker where it counts, due to her job. Yeah, she can be quite the awkward turtle socially in most settings, around her peers and such, but surprisingly enough? When it’s a crowd she’s speaking to, or the court she’s visiting, it’s like a switch is flipped and Mirabelle is the face of business. Because she knows when it’s time to be serious. Mira? Serious? I know, sounds too good to be true. But it doesn’t come without effort, believe me, especially those speeches and reports: Her family can attest to that. As well as Anselm, who’s seen her a nervous wreck, reciting points she wants to hit and trashing the pointless ramble. When it comes to her job, Mira likes to think she knows how to be professional. At least, for most things.
Personable. Mirabelle likes to think half the reason she's decent at speaking is because she's able to relate to people. And she's not some stiff, formal speaker- she acts like an actual person, even in the face of royalty. She jokes to the princess -even if it's really, really bad jokes said mostly out of nerves- and just generally asks like a dork in front of people. It's able to put most people at ease, because she's just a regular person. Real.
W e a k n e s s e s :
Words. As in, Mira is, as previously mentioned, an incredibly sensitive person. You can easily hurt her with one cruel word, a snarky comment, or rude remark. It wouldn’t be hard to crush her if that was really what you desired to do: just bring up the possibility of her failing her job. Or, you know, Anselm. Seeing as how they’re the DL –like so much so that no one knows- the likelihood of someone bringing him up is extremely, extremely low. But if anyone ever were to say she wasn’t worthy of him? Well, it would probably hurt her most of all. Feel like knifes in her gut. Just because it’s so true and having someone put that out to you? It’s like all her biggest fears would be confirmed. Thinking about it on her own is really enough to do her in, think about how he could do so much better. How he should really be with someone he could wrap his arms around in public and smile at with affection that didn’t have to be masked twenty-four seven.
Weak stomach. Uh, yeah. And we're not necessarily talking about simply the sight of some or the carnage left behind after fighting, though she probably wouldn't handle that too well either. But mostly, this is referring to the effects from nerves and anxiety. Believe it or not, Mirabelle actually feels these two emotions quite a lot. A lot more than most people would ever assume. It's since gotten better, but this girl still has the worst anxiety. As in, food's become a no-no unless she wanted it come back up. Glamorous, right? Of course, if she's messed up enough, it can still get pretty. Something that she's worked really hard to keep hidden -because hi there shame, have you met Mirabelle? Yes, yes you have. In fact, if it were up to her, Anselm wouldn't even know, but he does, because he's personally witnessed it quite a few times. The nausea that's gotten so bad he could wrap his arm around her with a legitimate excuse -trying to keep her upright- and the dry heaving when the pressure of her position gets to her. And her empty stomach. Because she loves trying to come up with solutions to problems, ways to end the fighting between the kingdoms. But it's stressful, especially when she doesn't always have the answers. Still, it's gotten better then it used to be.
Greedy. Okay, look. When Mira finally gets something she hasn't had in awhile? Is able to have what she's been denied for so long? Well, this girl likes to purge, to say it lightly. It's kind of a problem, actually. So maybe it's better described as 'gluttony?' Because she doesn't know when to stop, exactly? 'Purging,' maybe? Either way, she has this habit of taking as much as she can of something just because you never know when you might not have it again. This can best be explained because of Anselm. When you love someone so much and your kept away from them for so long? Well, you take as much of it when you can. Because seeing them again is never a promise. It's the reason behind her somehow always finding an excuse to need him around. Even if she's not able to touch him because they're in the company of others, there's something comforting having him so much as beside her.


"Has anyone ever told you how unfairly adorable you are when you pout, Mira? No? Well, let me be the first to tell you."

{ H i s t o r y } Adrian Ambrosi and Veronique Billington had a relatively average past. Adrian being the son of two very hot-tempered Italian parents and Veronique the daughter of two Italy-born parents as well. Along with a French grandfather of course- cue the name. Their story basically boils down to this: They met at twenty-one and fell in love the laid eyes on each other. And that's it. There was no lifelong friendship before that, no knowing each other for years, no romantic coffee shop. As a matter of fact, they met because of their job- very unromantic, seeing as how they were both rookie diplomats. But their love? Now that was romantic, especially in their daughter's eyes. It was the kind of love that was instantaneous, like a bomb dropping or a grenade detonating. They looked at each other from across the room and BAM. There it was. Adrian's even admitted to his daughter that it was scary at first, the magnitude of what he felt for her mother.

Sort of like Mirabelle's own love life, but we'll get to that in a moment, won't we?

Adrian wound up moving away from becoming a court diplomat and instead got a job in town. Veronique, on the other hand, was very much so set in stone with her job. Seeing as how it was in her family line, a job that had sort of been passed down generation to generation, sort of strengthening her mother's dedication to it. Which didn't mean Mirabelle's father felt derailed by any means due to her choice of job and the travel that would surely come into play: if anything, he was even more smitten by her strong ethics and her drive to make her family proud. It wasn't long before he'd built up the courage to ask her out on a date. To which she obviously said yes -in case it wasn't obvious enough, her mother had felt that same bomb of affection for him. And somehow, despite her constant traveling, they managed to make it work.

And then Veronique was pregnant with Mirabelle and it seemed like the best time to put her career on hold. After all, a man deserved to see his wife fore more than a few weeks every couple of months. And after their baby girl was born, it quickly became apparent her mother wasn't going back to the court She'd missed her husband too much and now she had yet another person to stay home for. Veronique was able to find a decent job in town, not too far from home, giving her enough time to watch her daughter grow up and be with the two people she loved most.

As Mira grew up, her parents made sure to install in her their beliefs: fight for what you believe in, do what makes you happy. But they were also that perfect blend of parent that gave her the freedom to be the woman she would develop into, a quirky sensitive girl who smiled a lot and laughed just as quickly. They told her the stories of a time before her, how they'd met, and what the other kingdoms were like when her mother visited them. And the more detail Veronique included, the brighter the sparkle would appear in her eyes. There was something so magical about the idea of helping to mend the kingdoms and fix the broken relationships between them. When she was old enough to aspire to do things with her life, that was what she wanted. To follow her mother and her mother's family's footsteps and become a representative for the Krypton court.

It wasn't terribly difficult getting an in with the court, seeing as how the position had run in her family since great-great-great-something times. Not to mention her ability: being as weak as it, there was no real way she could serve as any danger in the other kingdoms. And it wasn't until her third visit to another kingdom, Asteria to be exact, after she'd gotten in the groove of handling the court, when she met him. Anselm. It was more or less the same thing that had happened with her parents: First glance at each other and there was that spark. Well, alright: it was more like a lightning bolt.

His beautiful brown eyes were the first thing she noticed- then that small smile and that dimple after she'd practically skipped up to him. "So looks like you'll be my tour guide for a little while." She'd smiled up at him, eyes searching his before seeing that grin that made her heart stutter in her chest. "If that's not too much trouble?" And from than on, she's been lost in him. How could she not be? He's determined and focused, has this patience for people and is so unfalteringly loyal and and and. He's incredible, period. He makes her want to be a better person, to focus and do even better with her job.

She loves him, regardless of what his kingdom is or what kind of powers he has. Which is why it's so important that they be so careful every time she's able to visit.

{ F a m i l y : }
Mom- Veronique Karana Ambrosi
Dad- Adrian Victor Ambrosi


{ O t h e r : }
ღ Mira has an Italian accent. And yeah, it's strong, extremely prominent with every word she speaks. Though her parents taught her English as her first language growing up, she has caught on to a few Italian words here and there. Like when she used to beg for a puppy and her dad would smile down at her, promising to bring her home "a toy cucciolo," the words said with a sparkle in his eyes. Or when her mother would call her "luce del sole" ( sunshine ) and "arcobalena" ( her mother's made up feminine version of rainbow ). They're small little random words she learned and she does know the occasional phrase but that's about it. Sadly, she is no English-Italian dictionary.
ღ Though it's not something most people know about since she prefers to wear contacts, Mirabelle is in desperate need of some sort of eye enhancement. Because otherwise, she's as blind as a bat. Maybe it's a side effect of using her ability since it's progressively gotten worse as she's grown older, but Mira is in desperate need of some sort of visual aid. She does have glasses that she refuses to wear in front of people -sort of like how some girls react to someone seeing them without makeup. In other words, complete horror. So, she'd be willing to see practically nothing more than blobs and blurs as oppose to letting someone see her in her glasses. The only person she's ever willingly worn them around is Anselm and that's only because he insists they look adorable on her. And if wearing her hideous glasses is something that makes him happy, then by gosh, she'll wear them.



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. K . r . y . p . t . o . n .



"Do not, for one second, think she's cruel because she wants love. That's like saying an anaconda constricts its prey because it wants to cuddle."

{ N a m e : } Alexandra Rowan Hecate. The one and only.
N i c k n a m e : Zandra. Only important people are allowed to call her by her full name, though. As in, she literally will not answer to Alexandra unless you take priority over the majority of the population. And Zandra's definition of VIP is far from generous: unless you have a crown? Save your breath, honey. She doesn't talk to peasants. You may be wondering about her parents, then? Well, her father rarely communicates to the daughter he's forgotten he has. As for her mother, she refers to Zandra as nothing more than daughter, and her brother is never lucid enough to realize he has a sister. Meaning her family's never an aspect she has to worry about when it comes to her name. And before you give her that pitying look? Don't bother.

{ A g e : } Nineteen
B i r t h d a y : September 30th
Z o d i a c : ♎ Libra ♎

{ G e n d e r : } Female, something that should be quite obvious. But if you'd like to be sure, Zandra has no qualms being a little indecent. In fact, it's what she's best at. Just ask anyone, really.
S e x u a l . O r i en t a t i o n : Heterosexual.
R e l a t i o n s h i p . S t a t u s: Let her track record speak for itself- Zandra jumps from guy to guy every couple days, after they've fulfilled their use. In her eyes, relationships are a joke and marriages make her laugh. Like, really? Love? It's just something people tell themselves before going to sleep each night, a distant promise that, one day, they'll find it. One day, they'll have a reason to be happy. Would you like the real truth? Soulmates are a myth, you hopeful fool, something to make you feel less lonely in the world. It's all a lie sweetheart, so you might as well enjoy the ride as best you can before it's over.

{ S o c i a l . S t a t u s : } Nobility. Her mother has always been high up on the social ladder, despite the well-hidden truth of her father and her brother. Finances have never been a problem, not something Mrs. Hecate gives even a second thought about. Cue why her daughter doesn't, either. It's for this reason that she's never had to worry about the prospect of working, thank God. Because work? Ew. Anyways, why would you work when you already have everything you need at your disposal? At one point, Zandra had even gone as far as to say money wasn't important. Would you like to know how her mother responded? She smacked her. "Don't be stupid, my naïve daughter. Money is what makes the world go around." As you can probably guess, she knew better then to ever, ever repeat that question again. Even at age seven, she had common sense.

{ P o w e r : }
Persuasion - This is the ability to control people with the sound of her voice, meaning the command spoken must be heard. At high levels, Zandra can even persuade people into hurting themselves, but her ability is limited to causing victims to achieve what they are not capable of, such as flying, etc. She's able to cause people to believe certain untrue statements and, though it takes an extreme amount of concentration, even absurd notations. The simpler the command, the more likely it is to stick, though. For example, it's all too easy to persuade a girl into smacking herself, but convincing that same girl to jump off a building is just a tad bit more difficult. Sadly. This includes the ability to induce an altered state of consciousness in a subject's mind by a simple command. In English, this simply means, by uttering a 'sleep', her victim would in seconds be on the floor, passed out. Of course, this leaves her incredibly weak and, often times, she'll need to sleep off the after affects for a day or so. Not that that's ever stopped her mother or her from using them for personal gain.
Aura Reading - She is able to perceive auras, invisible fields of energy that surround every living thing. The more vibrant the color, the stronger the feelings are. It can be used to sense emotions, health, or ability levels. Should someone touch an object with enough emotion the moment of physical contact, often times it will leave what Zandra refers to as a "smear." Basically it's like an imprint of that person's emotion upon the time of touching said object. It's something that's a part of her natural eyesight, meaning there's no real way to shut it off. While it used to be extremely overwhelming, seeing the multitude of different shades of color while in a crowd, Zandra's since trained herself to disregard it. Now, it barely registers. It's just a nuisance- does she give you the impression that she particularly cares what other people are feeling?

{ A p p e a r a n c e : }

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H a i r . C o l o r : While Zandra’s mother has always hated the color of her daughter’s hair, Zandra has no problem with it. In fact, she’s rather fond of her thick layers of chocolate locks. According to Juliette, her daughter would look much better with her same honey-colored hair, but if wishes were horses, right? Zandra and her brother have matching hair, which they get from their father- and maybe that’s why her mother hates it so much. As a matter of fact, when Zandra was eight, Juliette had ordered their servant to get rid of the six inches of hair cascading down her daughter’s back. It’s not something she likes to think about: after all, it had just been a particularly vicious drunk moment courtesy of an alcoholic mother. What difference was cutting her hair against her will, –the hair that had taken years to grow, by the way- and smacking her across the face? Not much, really. Besides, it grew back. And just to spite Juliette, she’s let it grow out even longer.
E y e . C o l o r : From far away, her eyes are so clear, they can sometimes appear to be the iciest shade of blue there is. But upon closer inspection? You’d find her eyes are actually an extremely vibrant green. It does have a lot to do with her mood though: Her face is generally this blank slate of emotions, a sheet of ice that’s nearly impossible to crack. But! Should you actually be able to evoke something out of her, her reaction strong enough, her eyes are the only facial feature that would actually give away what she’s feeling. Anger results in murky sea-colored irises and- well. I would give you the rest of her eye translation, but let’s be real here- getting an emotion out of Zandra? It’s likely never going to be anything except rage.
B u i l d : Standing at 5’7”, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Zandra’s tan legs seem to go on for miles, seemingly the one and only gene she got from her mother. And nice legs those are, my friend. Add to the fact that she has quite an inclination to wearing heels? Welp. Let’s just say Zandra’s relatively tall and leave it at that. As well as having model stature, she weighs roughly 125 lbs and considering her height? That pretty much sums up as Zandra being thin- if it weren’t for her smart mouth, she could almost appear fragile. After all, can you imagine what her mother would say if she started gaining any extra pounds? ”Lesson one: Appearances are everything.” Though honestly, in the back of her mind, she’s always been envious of curves.
D i s t i n c t i v e . M a r k i n g s : Though it’s so faint most barely notice it, –in fact, only like two people in her life have ever glanced up in that general direction- Zandra has a break in her right eyebrow. Almost like where a scar split the skin apart and, while it’s completely healed now, the evidence has still stuck around to play. Would you like the story behind it? Trick question bitch, her lips are sealed. As well as that faint scar on her eyebrow, she was one on her collarbone, a bit bigger than the inch-or-so long one on her face. It dances up toward her neck but, again, it’s so faint, people rarely notice it. And anyways, if you’re happening to see it? Odds are, you’re more distracted with the rest of Zandra’s body to notice one tiny little scar.
D r e s s i n g . S t y l e : Like most noble females, Zandra makes a point to dress up during every single occasion she can. Of course, her particular style tends to stand out in the crowd: Whereas most women make a point to go with soft material that emits an expensive feel, Zandra’s outfits scream flashy and leave no doubt that they were costly. Dresses made out of high-end material adorn her body, form fitting and skin-tight. Vibrant colors that catch people’s eyes in a crowd and the added gems and studs definitely add to it, making sure she’s not someone you could ever overlook at a social gathering. It’s the same style as her mother, this way of making sure all eyes remain on them. And even when she isn’t at some production put on by the royalty and nobility, Zandra still makes a point to consciously put an effort into what she’s wearing. Nearly always looking calculated and perfectly put together. Hell, even when this girl is practically hacking up a lung with the flu, she will sure be doing it still looking flawless. The only time you’d ever catch her not looking made up would be in the morning- Because fuck mornings.

(view spoiler)


{ P e r s o n a l i t y : }To sum her up quickly, Zandra is a bitch. Plain and simple. She’s cruel and harsh with words, using them as a weapon to lash out at the people around her. Growing up the way she has though, it’s really the only way she’s ever seen people handle each other. Her mother being the woman she is taught her daughter through example how one is supposed to act being high class: Thinly veiled rude comments and backhanded compliments. Monkey see, monkey do, right? Of course, when it comes to Alexandra? There’s nothing veiled or backhanded about the words that spill from her pouty lips. Oh no, you don’t have to think to know what Zandra just said to you was something insulting, it’s just that obvious.

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Honey, it takes talent coming up with the mean things she says on a daily basis. But would you like to know the weird thing? While ninety-nine percent of the time Zandra knows exactly what she’s saying and the upsetting ripple affect her words will have? There’s still that one percent when she has no clue that her words could be hurtful. When it’s an accident and, for just a split second, she wishes she can take the mean words back, shove them back in her mouth like they were never said aloud. It’s a sign that, you know, she still does have a heart. And occasionally –though extremely rare- it decides to be a pain in the ass and beat. But as was previously mentioned, this is the way Zandra was raised. Nobility isn’t exactly known for being kind and thoughtful to one another and it’s eat or be eaten in a world like this.

Another thing about Zandra? She’s extremely calculating. While she can be extremely rash and bluntly bold, this is a girl who also knows how to be even deadly. She knows how to sit back and observe. To wait for someone to slip up and expose something they normally wouldn’t, a weakness that’s all too easy to prey on. It’s not exactly because she has an overabundance of patience, –in fact, Zandra is probably the least patient person you’ll ever want to meet. After all, why should she have to wait for anything she wants?- but more so having enough brain to realize it’s the smartest move. While waiting to get revenge, to make someone tear up for that backhanded compliment they just gave her, isn’t the most fun thing in the world? Sometimes it’s the smartest move because sometimes, you find something that can hurt them even worse.

Like that time this girl thought it would be cute to insult her dress at a banquet? Zandra had held her tongue and instead, kept a steady eye on the girl periodically throughout the night. Turns out she was messing around with a family friend. A fifty year old, married family friend. ”I’m sorry, you must have a preference for something more vintage, right? Something a tad bit older? Say, thirty years older?” Her face when Zandra had called her on it? Priceless, sweetheart. The feat that Zandra had found out her dirty little secret, and would be cruel enough to spill it? Perfect. She didn’t tell anyone, in case you were curious. Instead, she just let the girl sweat it out- much like she does to lots of people.

S t r e n g t h s :
Drawing- It didn’t start off as anything serious, just a random hobby Zandra’s picked up during all those sleepless nights in a suffocating house. Sketching the image of a Jack Daniel’s bottle that seemed forever etched into her brain from being so acquainted with it. At first that’s all it was, just her looking at the endless crystal containers filled with amber liquid and drawing based off what she saw. Gradually, she became a little bolder, grabbing a sheet of blank paper and heading downstairs; pencil in hand, to sketch the image of her mother, passed out on the couch. The bottle tipped over on the carpet hadn’t been the hardest to draw, not after so much practice- instead, it had been her mother’s face. Conveying the almost angelic peace on her face, something that Zandra had never noticed before trying to draw her. And maybe that’s why she likes drawing: it opens her eyes up to things she’d never noticed before, small details she’d overlooked, without the human tendency to say, ”See, I told you so.”Of course, this isn’t something she shares with people. In fact, no one knows about her ability to draw and she prefers to keep it that way because it’s personal and the thing about Zandra? She’s not exactly the sharing type.

Secrets. Seeing as how Zandra is so good at watching and observing people, it’s made her something of a Nancy Drew. Secrets don’t stay secrets for long in her presence: Trust me, she’ll find them out one way or another. She’s like a bloodhound when it comes to these sorts of things. It’s another reason for her social power- one wouldn’t dare to strike against someone who knows all the things they’re trying desperately to hide, if just for fear that she might decide it’s time to share with someone. At least, that’s the case when it comes to girls her age. Older women are still very much so out of her control, cue the fact that her reputation of perfection is quite as perfect as the rest of her family’s. She can only manipulate her way so far, right?

W e a k n e s s e s :
Friendship- It's a concept this girl really has yet to wrap her brain around. No, seriously. And it's not even her fault. Well. Alright, that's a lie- She's a bitch. It's hard to like bitchy people. But she just doesn't understand the cliché image of best friends who have sleep overs and do each other’s' hair- like, are pillow fights a real thing? Please tell me the rest of the female population has not lowered themselves that much. Zandra has never had an opportunity to find out for herself, though. You'll find a funny thing with the higher class folk? They don't really do 'friends.' They have associates and acquaintances and only when it's beneficial for them in the long run. But it’s not completely because of her social class- she’s done this to herself. But whatever. What it boils down to is Zandra has never had someone to do her nails for her or someone to compliment her clothing. Because you can be sure if she did have one, that would definitely be what they'd be doing.

Family- I mean, sure, in public things seem fine and dandy. She can smile and fake it through as long as she sees her parents at least pretending to be normal, her older brother giving the resemblance of completely and totally sane. But when you ask her about them in a completely different setting, when the chandelier’s dim lights are gone and there’s no fancy dresses or politely rude mannerisms to hide behind anymore? Well, there’s nowhere left to hide. Nothing to dodge behind, no fake images to dance around and pretend to be. All Zandra’s left with is the sad reality that her home life? It’s shit. And no amount of fancy gems and expensive jewelry is going to make up for that, no amount of smartassery or bold remarks. Of course, you’d never be able to guess any of this. Looking at her, Zandra and her family are the perfect imagine. You’d never be able to peg her as unhappy with the perfect life she’s living. She doesn’t share this information with just anyone, cue how it’s been kept such a safeguarded secret all this time.


"You see that smile? Yeah, it's just the calm before the storm."

{ H i s t o r y }
“Hey girl/Open the walls/Play with your dolls,

Juliette Elena Striden has always been a master actress. She’s paraded around life with this pretentious air of superiority, one she herself believed, since she knew the meaning of social classes- and the fact that she was quite high up there. In other words, since she was about six years old. The Striden family was nobility at its finest and, from day one, they trained their only daughter right. The only thing capable of making her parents proud: being the best of the best. It was a life Juliette claims to have loved, even as one can imagine it was a lot of pressure. A lot of unnecessary stress to beat everyone else at this unspoken competition, one that her parents had built up in her mind. Being brainwashed into believing the whole world is a race that you must constantly be winning is an exhausting thought in itself, much less actually living it. But that was Juliette’s family, only second to the royal family and the crown. And it was a role the arrogant daughter took on well; every time she beat those around her at something, whether it was having the best penmanship or the most musically inclined, it only added to the belief that her family was destined for greatness.

In other words, Juliette was good at living up to what her parents wanted for her. Half because they were good at applying pressure offhandedly and half because Juliette was just good at everything. She was bred to be the perfect noble and living up to that heritage, she was. At least, until she met him. That’s right, we don’t refer to him by name: kind of like the devil. He was everything her parents wouldn’t want Juliette to look at, and maybe that’s why he caught her eye like he did. Or maybe it was just because she was a stupid young girl. For a commoner, there was something so. . . Striking about him, though. Forbidden fruit tastes the best, right? The first time they went out, she told herself it was nothing. He was nothing, just a fling she would soon cast aside for the best option available in her class. Her intentions of not keeping him around for long were pure enough, but things rarely work out that way, you know? It didn’t take long for Juliette to fall in love with him, that asshole. And what would you know, she wasn’t the only girl he was paying attention to. Her name was Tatyanna, she was a commoner like him, and Juliette has hated her since the moment she found out about her existence. After all, why would you consider a peasant when you had Juliette right there, within touching distance?

But none of that mattered, because the Stridens would not have their only daughter considering a low-class man. What would he be able to provide for their only linage? Nothing worthwhile, that’s what. So they put their foot down, quickly setting that ablaze. Did it stop Juliette from longing for him from afar and hating that Tatyanna bitch for no doubt snatching him up the moment she was pulled away? No. But she never acted on it, because that wasn’t who Julie was. She would live by the role she was assigned, because life’s happy endings weren’t about finding love- they were about money and social power. That’s it. No time for feelings or emotions since, in the end, that was just a game for people to toy with. And Juliette would be damned if she was anyone’s puppet.

So she did what was expected of her and married a high-end man at twenty years old, a man she felt virtually nothing for, Kent Hecate. But he had money and his social status was right where it needed to be in order to match that of the Stridens. He was oblivious to the fact that his wife was still very much so in love with the commoner she’d met in her teen years and, two years after their marriage, their first child was on the way. Edmund Dexter Hecate was the perfect distraction from the fact that, every single day, Juliette was on a stage. She was acting like she was in love with a man who evoked nothing, no stirrings of anything, if just to continue her life of high society and riches. Her baby boy demanded her full time attention- at least, at first he did. But after a while, she grew immune to the sound of his screeching and crying and she was right back in the robotic mode of pretending. And three years later, when Alexandra was born, Juliette knew exactly what to expect. Constant crying and no help from the man who called himself her husband. This time around, there was no grace period. No short moment in time where Juliette was actually grateful for the little bundle of joy in her arms. Instead, she resented her daughter. This just meant she had to be fake mother again, instead of hitting the bottle of Jack like she’d recently taken a liking to.

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“You don’t hear me/When I say/’Mom, please wake up

But Juliette couldn’t bring herself to be a mother to Zandra. Couldn’t bring herself to care when she cried, had no attachment to the thing in her arms when she fed her. And then, of course, Kent was starting to notice. It was hard not to, after all, when the constant sound of a baby’s squealing was being ignored by his wife. He’d go into the living room only to see Juliette, shot glass in her hand, as baby Alexandra sat crying until she was blue in the face in her crib. It was when Alexandra was seven, Edmund ten, when things really blew up. Julie was on a downward spiral, the only time she was sober being when she was out in public at a ball or banquette. Kent Hecate had finally reached his breaking point: Zandra remembers the screaming to this very day. So much screaming and the sound of a wine glass smashing against a wall. Being the little sneak that she was, Zandra was eavesdropping; enough to hear the name Tatyanna Quinn and her mother finally admitting that she’d never loved Kent. That he’d just been the means to an end. For a seven year old, she was smart and she could connect the dots. After all, she knew a Quinn- Hayden Quinn. It was from that day on that she hated that kid, unconditionally and with a fiery passion. All she understood was that his family was the reason for the stony silence in her household and that was all she needed to know. She hated him, and vice versa.

But their war didn’t last long and, soon enough, Zandra was being pulled away from him to be homeschooled. After all, as her drunken mother liked to point out, it was high time Zandra learned the art of being a high class lady. ”Does that mean drinking, mama?” It hadn’t meant to be a smart aleck question, but clearly her mother had thought so. Which would explain the hard smack she’d gotten right across the face, gem-stoned rings and all. But whatever, it wasn’t the first time her mother had hit her, and it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last. And apparently, her daughter had an instant inclination towards high society because it clicked relatively quickly. The crossing over her legs like a lady, the unspoken politics that came with the rich. It all made sense, just as it had come natural for Juliette herself.

But being home more often as she was growing up meant having her eyes opened to things that you don’t necessarily want to be seeing. Like walking in on your dad and some younger woman in his office, while Mother’s downstairs drinking away her sorrows. Or smelling the strong scent of. . . Something off outside and investigating only to see your brother getting higher than a kite. But did it matter what she was seeing? No, not really. Not to a mother who’s too busy acquainting herself with a bottle of tequila and not a family friend in sight. Family friend was a term that was more so a joke- high society meant being concerned with yourself and yourself only. Something her mother had made sure to teach her and teach her well- so that meant there was nothing Zandra would do.

All she could do was accept the role she was assigned, of course. Just as her mother had once done, Zandra adapted, conforming to who she was supposed to be.

”Hey girl/Look at my mom/She’s got it going on,

To the outside world, the Hecate family is perfect. Untouchable, the picture of what high class should be. They’re rich, due to both Juliette and Kent’s constant supply of money from their family- not to mention Zandra’s father owning a large corporation. Oh yeah, that definitely helps. Money can buy you anything darling, didn’t anyone ever tell you that? Her mother has. On numerous occasions. Cash is what makes Earth spin, what urges people to do more, be better so they can get even more. If you’d like Zandra’s personal take on it? Ultimately, it’s money that breeds greed. But don’t ever let Mother dearest hear that- she would skin her alive. Not like she’d ever consider even uttering the words out loud anyways. It would ruin that image of Bitchy Ice Princess Zandra has going for her, the only image she has. According to Juliette, you are nothing without money and her daughter is working hard to adopt that same mentality.

Juliette and Zandra can afford to adorn themselves in jewels and diamonds, pearls wrapped around their necks like a noose and bracelets curled around their wrists tight enough to cut off circulation. Kent can buy those suits he wears, thinking it makes him top dog, and Eddie can pay for those whores who give him some love for a night. The Hecates have it all aside from the crown –not something they would even want, because who needs that kind of responsibility. They have that untouchable air about them even in a room full of other nobility, the aura that hides a barely concealed threat of screw with me and I’ll grind you into dirt, you peasant. From the outside looking in, there’s nothing more any of them could ever want. They have it all.

And yet? Juliette, Kent, Edmund, and little Zandra are all still searching for more.

”When you turn your back/She pulls out a flask

That can be the only explanation as to why her mother is slowly drinking herself to death in the safety of her own home, right? Into a sweet oblivion that nothing else can provide for Juliette, somewhere Zandra can’t follow her mother to no matter how hard she tries. At one point in time, she had even taken a sip of the Jack Daniels her mother seems to have such a liking for. Slipped it out from her mother’s slackening hand and popped off the glass cap. She was thirteen and in desperate need of understanding what the draw was. Downing a little and it had burned all the way down little Alexandra’s throat- never something she’d ever try again. Like, ever. That was what her mother was choosing over her own children? Here she was expecting it to at least taste good, maybe like chocolate or cotton candy, someway she could explain it all to herself. But as Zandra grew up, she stopped telling herself that her mother was drinking away life because alcohol tasted good- it was because she was seeking something more than her family could give her.

After all, wanting more has to be the reason that Father is sleeping around with women barely older then Zandra herself, as if he was a high school girl looking for a place to belong. Clearly, he wants more than what his wife is offering for him- which, in other words, is nothing but drunken fights. Smoking things that simply shouldn’t be inhaled must be Edmund’s way of seeking something else. Of escaping the screwed to hell family that everyone seems to think is oh so perfect. Or at least, this is what Zandra used to tell herself at night. How she would consul herself when she’s curled up on her bed, –alone- trying to rationalize it all. Trying to help herself understand. Because otherwise, the realization that keeping quiet could be hurting her family more than helping it? It was right there, in the back of her mind.

Now though, if you’d ask Zandra how she feels about her family life? Her answer would simply be nothing. She’s turned it all off now. After all, feeling that guilt, thinking there was something more she could do? It eats away at a person until they’re nothing more than a shell. And Zandra? Not the ‘shell’ type of person. Her mother could slowly kill herself if that’s what she wanted to do, her father could screw with girls that could very well have been her classmates, and her older brother? He could smoke his brains out if that’s what pleased him. Zandra is done caring, done trying to stop it. That’d be about as possible as trying to freeze a freight train.

”Everyone thinks that/We’re perfect,

To this day, the Hecate family is seemingly perfect. Something everyone believes, seeing as how, living in high class means no friends. Juliette has it all together, doesn’t drink herself to death each and every night, and is about as pure as those natural-cut diamonds along her fingers. She’s flawless and absolutely has never laid a hand on her equally-as-flawless daughter. Kent has complete control over that billboard family of his, is a loving and attentive husband and father, and actually remembers the middle name of that son of his. He’s completely faithful and has always been. Edmund is the bachelor son that all the girls are vying for, totally coherent during every single social event he’s ever attended. He still lives with his parents because his sense of family is very, very strong.

And then there’s Alexandra, who, despite her best efforts, does not have that perfect image down pat yet. Surprising, right? She is the daughter who has a bit of an attitude problem, as feisty as a feline, and still has yet to think about marriage.. Maybe that’s because she’s a slut who sleeps around. She is 100% honest. About everything, even when you don’t want it. She in no way shape or form hides anything. And, despite the fact that she is the one with the most tarnished reputation, she is still extremely high up on the social food chain.

Because of that perfect family of hers.

{ F a m i l y : }
Mother and Family Alcoholic- Juliette Elena Hecate { 44 }
Father and Family Man Slut- Kent Hecate { 49 }
Brother and Family Addict- Edmund Dexter Hecate { 22 }

{ O t h e r : }


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