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A small mom and pop café that sells coffee and baked goods from 6 in the morning till 8:30 at night. It's a humble place that offers the daily paper with each purchase and knows all the best places in town for visitors...

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E Evan stopped outside the cafe. He would always come here when he visited his uncle and now that he moved into his uncle's old home he made this a regular stop on his daily skate through Junction. He hoped off his board and walked into the cafe. He ordered the usual hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffin and walked to the back of the cafe and slid into his usual booth. He looked around the place. It was empty except for him and a couple sitting towards the front of the cafe. He pulled out his laptop and started working on his latest novel. He slowly tapped at his keyboard making sure to use the right words and not just type for the sake of typing.

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somebody | 332 comments October entered the place, her bag falling a bit from her shoulders as she shrugged to allow it to slip back up the best she could manage. Walking up to the counter as she quickly asked for coffee. The end of her fingers holding onto a book a fingers rubbed over it lightly. She preferred it when it was empty, it made it so much easier to sit down, that and they didn't have people chewing in her ear for an hour till she gave in and left as she sat sort of in the middle against the wall of the place, waiting on the coffee the workers weren't so keen on finishing as she rested an elbow up, staring down as her fingers toyed with the edge of the page she'd turn to.

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E Evan looked up at the sound of turning pages. He stuck his head out a bit to see into the booth next to him. He saw a beautiful young girl sitting there reading. She looked like the type of person that would shy away from the limelight. He sat back in his booth to make sure he wasn't staring. The girl was very pretty in a nerdy sort of way. Evan never really had a type, but if he did she would be that type. He knew he couldn't not to this girl, and not to him. He couldn't stand the thought of her getting hurt by getting close to him.

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somebody | 332 comments Feeling somewhat of a stare, October turned her head lightly, mostly looking through the corner of her eyes as she bit her lip lightly. She couldn't exactly see him all that well due to the fact that her glasses didn't extend that far back to reach the corner of her eyes. Her heart rate going up a bit as she flipped over to the other page, honestly it was hard to read. Not because of him persay, but the fact that she's reading on little Danny Glick's funeral really wasn't helping as her attention wavered.

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E Evan saw her move her head and bite her lip. She continued reading but he knew she couldn't focus. He looked back down at his computer and kept typing he noticed a few sidewards glances and some looks from the corner of her eye. He smiled at the actions. He looked up from his computer and looked over at her. He saw her look up and they made eye contact. They both quickly looked away. He smirked behind the screen of his laptop not at her, but at the look she gave him and the look that her beautiful grey, storm cloud eyes made him give back. He couldn't believe it within minutes he was hooked. He thought about making the first move but he couldn't he didn't know what to say. Maybe she would recognise him and start a conversation. All he knew was that he couldn't take these little awkward glances much longer.

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somebody | 332 comments She felt back a sound of discomfort, not audible but it existed. The cries of a father towards his dead son begging him to just get up and stop the prank was rather uncomforting. Thank you Mr. King, a sarcastic voice rang in her head for a moment up until she heard her order being called. She never got out much, never watched TV that much either. Sheltered life and it was kind of pathetic. She slipped up, heading to grab the warm coffee. Coffee usually helped in these situations. It's like she knew the characters better than the actual people in her life. Getting a clearer view of the guy sitting at the table next to her own spot, she realized he was gorgeous- course she wasn't the kind of person to go up and just say that, but eh- it was something.

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E He saw her stand up to get her order. She was shorter than he was, of course most people were, maybe by about 9 - 10 inches he found that it added to the geeky, cute look she had. He watched as she walked down the cafe and got her coffee. He got up and followed her. He got something from the cashier, her name October. He slowly approached her with a confident smile. Her grey eyes were more distracting than he first anticipated. He looked directly into her grey eyes seeing the gears turn in that pretty head of hers. He knew by looking at her that she was no regular girl that he could flash a smile at, thats why he liked her. She seemed complex and like there was more to her than a pretty face. "Hey it's October right? I'm Evan." he said extending a hand to her. Shit am I coming off cocky? he asked himself Tone it down a bit he thought.

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somebody | 332 comments Eyes going wide for a moment, October just nodded her head a bit numbly. "Uh...Hi?" Though it came out as more of a question. He practically towered over her as she gave a weak wave of her head. It was more of a 'I have no idea what I'm doing' sort of thing. She wasn't really used to being confronted, and even when she was there was usually a reason for it. Her eyes quickly scanning over his face almost, trying to figure out a motive though it seemed as though her mind just went blank. It felt like she was some antisocial hermit and she trying to scurry to some other shell though hadn't made it.

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E Evan looked at her she looked cute when she acted shy. "So I am still a bit lost when it comes to Junction. Do you think you could help me out?" He asked. He was not giving up on getting her out of her shell. He looked at her with his green eyes giving her a look that made most girl melt not because he made them melt but for some reason they did. He was fixed on those amazing grey eyes that looked perfectly neutral not giving off any hint of what she was feeling. She was small but cute, shy but beautiful. He waited for her answer hoping she said yes.

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E (Sorry if it is less than 6 lines I am on my phone and can't tell how Lin it is on the computer.)

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somebody | 332 comments ((It is so you're good.))

October turned her head to the side for a moment, her eyes staring up at him. Getting lost for a moment before fumbling the words out. "Do you have a GPS?" Like that'd solve all the worlds problems. Course her face itself never gave much at way, tended to be her voice. Another reason she tried to refrain from speaking too much. Her fingers tightening their grip on the coffee, causing it to be a little shaky before she realized and stopped the nerves habit. Her mind tried to work itself into not having to socialize to much on the 'outternet'. Which meant a last resort of her handing him a map and giving the current position. Almost like a theme park. Only this town wasn't as fun as a theme park...

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E "Well I do but my car is still on it's way over from Liverpool." He said, his english accent starting to show, he could tell by the way she spoke that she must've liked him. The truth was he knew his way perfectly around Junction, he had been coming here since he was little but he didn't know how else to get her to stay. He waited for her answer. He hoped she didn't pull out a map and give him directions. He gave her one more look with his green eyes to convince her. "Never been very good with directions and such. Maybe you could give me a private tour?" he asked. He was out on a limb here.

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somebody | 332 comments An eyebrow rose a bit on October's head as she pursed her lips to a thin line for a moment. He looked vaguely familiar- Not that she actually knew him but. "You've been here before....Haven't you?" She kept quiet after that, shifting the majority of her weight to another foot bringing the drink to her lips for a moment. Avoiding all emotion if possible, she stared up at him. The book was waiting, and it seemed more like he was stalling. Not that she minded-Though that didn't mean she was going to allow herself to really think that much through.

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E "I have been to the resort a few times for competitions and training but not really Junction." He lied. He was a very good lier he gave off no indication of emotion and his green eyes seemed constantly neutral like he was playing a never ending game of cards. He looked into her eyes and saw she was trying to read him. He remembered not to let her get close to him, he didn't want her hurt like everyone who ever got close to him. "Actually don't worry about it. I don't know what I was thinking." And he walked out the door of the cafe.

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somebody | 332 comments Her mind stopped for a moment. Did that just happen? Her feet moving really without her telling them to. Her brain started to scramble the images; going down a list of reasons. Common curtisy was high up there, that and the first one that came to mind. "Whoa- you can't just walk away" She almost squeaked. Well he could. He could easily walk away. But the idea that it was like she hadn't existed so easily messed with her a little. Wasn't that at least somewhat wrong? She wasn't that bad- she didn't think anyways. Oh screw it. It wasn't fair! Well didn't feel fair.

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E "Believe me you are a beautiful girl like amazing but trust me when I tell you that you want nothing to do with me, you will only get hurt" He said to her. Once the words came out he realised how stupid and cliche it sounded, but it was the truth at least that's how he felt. He looked at her, his green eyes full of sadness and sorrow. He recalled the times he had spent mourning and crying for his father, his grandfather and the only girl he ever really loved, Angie. He couldn't let this girl get hurt he would feel too responsible. It was best if he didn't let her get too close.

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somebody | 332 comments "People get hurt regardless if you're there or not.." October sighed lightly shaking her head. "It doesn't mean it your fault when someone gets hurt; call if bad luck if you will but it's not you that causes them to get hurt" She looked down for a moment. Having to hold down the blush that was trying to make it way to her cheeks. Honestly it was only right to try and at least get it into his head, no one deserved to have to feel the need to move away form someone else thinking they'd get 'hurt' is he didn't. It wasn't his fault that the cards of life just dropped in a way to harm people he was closed to.

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Avril of Themyscira | 21 comments Elidh walked in out of the rain currently drizzling down outside. She sighed, loosing it's hair from its tight bun so it fell in cascading waves, dripping onto her shoulders and the lavender jacket she wore, embroidered with her name, accompanied by the title World Champion, Rutherford Invitational. She dropped her Adidas sports bag by a table near a window, standing in line for the counter, her legs cold, as she only wore her leotard and tights, coming straight from practice. Goosebumps stood out in the chilly cafe and she shivered, tucking away a loose strand of hair and digging through her purse for her wallet.

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somebody | 332 comments Car (view spoiler) slipped into the place, brushing the snow out of his hair. Did he fall often? Honestly no, but it didn't happen occasionally, as when someone ran into him. His knees were burning red under the clothes he wore on top as he took a deep breath in. Embracing the cold and accepting it as himself. He felt a blank expression on his face, though closer to one of lack of care as he took a seat, closing the door behind him. Some of the newer snow stumbling into the place after him. His gloved hands setting down the bored as his goggles before moving to get an order.

Avril of Themyscira | 21 comments Elidh thanked the sales girl, holding her hot chocolate tightly in her prim and perfectly manicured fingers, closing her eyes to inhale the scent of sweetness, taking a sip and turning slightly on the balls of her feet in her snow boots, bumping into Carlysle and stopping short, her searchlight eyes jumping up to his. She froze like a deer that had heard a noise and been startled from its serene reality, its eyes searching the meadow for danger. "I-sorry" she whispered, her accent the faintest flutter on top of her voice as she blushed, an instinctive reaction upon seeing his face. It was one of perfection. Perfect and dark, demonic protection. Like there was something hidden in him, hiding his perfection. Though it was ever obvious to her. Yet someone else bumped into her and she resurfaced into reality, clearing her throat. "I apologize" she whispered.

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somebody | 332 comments The man had given a faint nod of his head, a mostly solemn expression as he stood there before finally thinking of actually moving to get out or her way. "No need to apologize, I probably should have watched where I was stepping anyways." He gave a quick half smile that lasted less than a second, moving over to the side, his eyes trailing over every move she had made. He couldn't quite explain the rapid attraction, probably just her nose, though that was enough for him as he quickly turned to face her direction better, pivoting on his right foot. "I'm Carlisle, by the way" he felt some snow trickle down and slide down his neck as he shifted his neck a bit to rid himself of the cold feeling.

Avril of Themyscira | 21 comments "Elidh" she nodded, rocking back and forth on her small and graceful feet, her smile an obvious manifestation of her nerves and pounding heart. A boy-and not another skater was talking to her. An attractive, straight male was acknowledging her presence. She bit her lip in an awkward moment as she tried to think of what to say. "You..umm..." Her Austrian accent was obvious, and she quietly cleared her throat and sipped her hot chocolate, glancing around the packed cafe. "You snowboard?"

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