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Staring off at just 6 inches deep and finishing at 10 feet deep. This pool is a relaxing environment, at which one can dive into the deep end, soft resort towels are hanged on a rack and are to be dropped into the basket on the way out of the pool...

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal felt a light shove as she was pushed forward a bit. "Freak" The person behind her chuckled as the girl managed to keep herself with a slight struggle on her feet. Honestly not willing to have to waste the time getting a nice replacement on the glasses. Nor having to lie about how it happened. "Aw, daddys' little girl not going to talk back? Not willing to let one break their perfectly manicured fingers in a fight?" One had barked as for the most part Kendal focused on ignoring them. Which was always a safe bet. Well it usually was as she was pushed back against the wall, shifting slightly and holding back a groan. "Talk, bitch"
"I don't think she can" The other had laughed as Kendal's back lightly started sliding down. Resulting in a fist full of her hair yanking her back up and a punch. Her letting out a quiet yelp. Damn these people. Though it wasn't like anyone else was there-Bad luck on her part as things tended to go down hill rather quickly.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn had decided to go to the pool for now. His sister was safe up in their room, and he needed to just relax for a little while. Of course though, the pool had to be less than relaxing, the first thing he saw being a girl being bullied. He shook his head. God, did no one at all have common decency these days? He dropped his things on an empty chair and plucked the smallest of the bullies up to drop him in the pool, making his way over to be beside the girl. "Walk away, now, or join your friend in taking a swim," he growled softly, fixing each of them with a cool stare, he would do it. Swimming wouldn't hurt them, if they continued though, what he would do next just might.

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somebody | 332 comments They had ran away, well, backed off that is. Sort of leaving not so happily as one grumbled an insult, the oldest shoving them out of the place with a rolling of his eyes. Kendal shaking like a leaf only for a moment before managing to stop. Not entirely sure she should be thankful for the moment as she looked up at him, questioningly before whispering a "Thank you" though it barely came out as she shifted in the floor a bit. Her heart rate was through the roof at this rate, though there wasn't much she could do with that as she breathed in and out in soft little breaths.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn turned to the girl as her tormentors finally left the room, he glared at the one in the pool until he joined his friends. He turned to the girl as she spoke, instantly reminding him of Rosa. "No problem," he told her, studying her for a moment. "You're okay, right? Not hurt or anything?" he asked, not wanting to just leave her there after that, thinking at the very least he could stick around in case those assholes came back.

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somebody | 332 comments Nodding her head, Kendal got up. Sure she was a small bit sore but that last thing she'd need to do was go ahead and complain to him. "Yea, I'm fine" She managed a weak smile though, hell, it was something. She'd deal with the rest of herself later. Though swimming with a bruised up stomach never did her any good, she was used to it. She was sure that one day she'd get back at them-Some what anyways, brains over bronze was usually the case. At times like this she understood how people so powerful could leave little to the ones who used to stand so tall, it was a sickly revenge. A well deserved one. But it wasn't exactly right either.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn didn't believe the girl, looking down at her with worry. "I'm guessing this isn't a rare occurrence?"he asked, his tone a little blunt. He was running out of things to say, conversation wasn't his strong suit, threats, maybe, but not conversation. He scratched the back of his neck nervously. "You still planning on swimming?" he asked, trying to ease over the bluntness of his last question. At least he was trying. He already felt protective of the girl.

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somebody | 332 comments Deciding on ignoring the first question she nodded her head. "Yea, I usually do. Not exactly as privileged enough to own a big fancy swimming pool in my house. Perks of working here." She admitted softly. She didn't have the chance to talk to people much and she sort of missed that, obviously he was a guest of the place-clearly or he wouldn't have just been guessing about that rare occurrence thing and he probably would have known why by then as well. She was never all too good at talking to people, but that didn't mean she wasn't able to understand them.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I don't think many people here own a big fancy swimming pool, but I'm not going to stop you from staying. You mind if I join you? I want to do some cooling off, figured this would be the best way," he rambled on a little bit. He was terrible at talking to people, and this might help that in the long run, but right now he was just fumbling around like bull in a china shop.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal giggled lightly shaking her head with a soft smile. "I don't mind at all" she insisted. "Sides, even if I did what would my preferences matter? I don't own the place I just swim here" she shrugged lightly. Picking her things from the floor with light fingers as she setted it down on the bench. She really wouldn't mind if someone like him chose to go swimming at the same time. Tucking her hair behind her ear she was forced to take off her glasses. And woosh. It was just a blur. Everything really. But if she tried hard enough she could walk around without being such a fail.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn smiled softly, nodding. He removed his watch and shirt, then moved to the deep end of the pool, his body powerful as he dove in and turned back to her, seeing the way she was moving. "You need some help?" he called softly, already starting to pull himself back out of the pool, thinking he didn't want her to slip and fall, though him dripping water all over really wouldn't help much with that.

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somebody | 332 comments "I don't think so, I should be good" Kendall admitted as she worked on taking off her outer layer of clothes. Best part about swimming was the fact that under water, everyone saw things just as terrible as she did. She struggled a bit with her shoes though, as she almost tripped along the wet floor. Catching herself and then getting back up right. Her body itself dotted in little bruises-It wasn't exactly like she wasn't clumsy. Her stomach looking a little yellow though eventually it'd all go away. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, freezing for a moment. she hated the idea of just being out in the open.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn still got out, going over to stand beside her, reaching his arm out to stop her from falling when she tripped, glad that she caught herself, though the bruises all over her worried him. He was hoping she just bruised easily, but he had a feeling that it wasn't all innocent bruising especially her stomach. "You ready to get in now?" he asked her, thinking they were only about three feet from the pool, but he wasn't going to get back in until she was safely in the water.

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somebody | 332 comments She let out a slight laugh. "You should realize I usually don't have help with this?" She asked. "It think I can manage to get myself in and out of a pool-- I'm Kendal by the way, I don't think I mentioned that" she sighed lightly. Her feet walking over lightly to the edge as she had to remind herself exactly where she was with her feet. "Though I appreciate the help" she gave him a kind smile- honestly she really really did. But wasn't exactly willing to bore him with the details as of the moment. Diving into the deep end, with the style she was used to our of habit.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn smiled, "I figured, but hey, everybody needs a hand once in a while," he told her with a shrug. "I'm Flynn, it's nice to meet you," he told her with a grin, moving off to her side to dive in. He popped up for a moment, looking at her. "No problem, sweetheart, now I'll race you down and back!" he exclaimed, pushing off the wall and taking off, the muscles in his body working, shown off in their glory by his swimsuit.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal had set on a slight smirk, honestly it wasn't in his best interest to challenge someone good enough for the Olympics in swimming as she quickly pushed herself off. She felt the need to impress, mostly because she had no other actual advantages and this was about all she had. And she really did kind of show off, beating him easily. As she emerged back up. It was back to back swimming or holding her breath under water. Both of which she loved to do. They kept her relaxed. She didn't go as fast as she could have, however, honestly it wasn't relaxing if she was trying too hard.

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Megan (nightrunner) To be fair, Flynn had less than half a pool length left when she finished, though he lost regardless. He pulled up beside her, grinning, even though he lost. "I though maybe, you look like a swimmer," he told her, grinning, looking over her. "I guess next time I get more of a head start?" he was joking around, knowing if she let him get a full pool length ahead she could probably still catch up. "I'm guessing you make it a thing to swim like, all day every day then?"

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somebody | 332 comments "I had, if I wanted to full on train though I wouldn't have been doing at my relaxing pace. Which really just meant I wasn't pushing myself not that you were slow just that I was fast and now I'm drowning in my own ranting, great" she had rambled on, up until her voice kept a strong 'great' as Kendal sighed back, sinking into the water and holding back any other words. She wasn't a people person, that much she knew, she didn't know what to say, and if she talked she usually said something weird or over stepped her boundaries. Her sinking down into the water.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn just smiled, shaking his head, not minding her rambling at all, he did the same thing all the time, it was really not that big of a deal at all. "You're fine, I don't much care about how you say things. I'm not that great at this talking thing myself," he shrugged, sighing, starting off on another lap at a leisurely pace, back stroking, thinking he would be back soon enough, or she could come swim with him.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal nodded her head, slowing sinking down into the water as she kept only her nose and up above it. Getting used to the water as she allowed herself to be fully submerged in it. Watching him for a moment. Her grey eyes shifting away with a bit of a figit. Arms locked tight surrounded by the water as it needed strength to go forward or back. Her being able to somewhat sit on the bottom of the short end. She knew her hair was collecting chlorine, she also knew her body loved the warm water. However in the struggle of swim or flight, her body's warmth and comfortableness tended to pull through.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn returned to her side, smiling at the way here eyes were popped up above the water. "You look comfortable," he told her, thinking she had to be good at doing that. He settled in the water beside her, all of his face above the water. He shook some of the water our of his hair, running his fingers through it now that it was all wet. He wanted to start up a conversation with her, a normal conversation with her, he had no clue how to do that though, none at all.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal poked her head up a bit more from the water. "Yea, so are you visiting here?" She asked. Part of her said yes since he was at the resort, though move residence got benefits here as well. She rested her head against the edge. Sinking back down again in order to hold her tongue until spoken to. She's a bit weird, but oh well. Change was never something she was all that good at. Nor was talking to people as she looked him over.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Kind of visiting, I'm trying to find a job and a place to settle, just applied for a job in one of the restaurants here. For now I'm just a guest here, with my sister," he admitted, not wanting to think about what would happen if he didn't get the job. He would have to leave and find something else. He really didn't want to drag his sister around like that though. He wanted to give her at least a semblance of a normal life.

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somebody | 332 comments "What about your parents..?" Kendal asked, biting her lip as she sunk down into the water, staring up at him. Honestly not sure if she should have asked that. Her mind answered with at least one dying, making her wish she hadn't spoken at all as her face softened up a bit more, eyes down casted. She felt bad enough she was wasting his time just being there, though her probably bringing that up made it worse.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn sighed softly at the mention of his parents, he had figured it was bound to come up, what else would someone think when he said he had to make a life for himself and his sister. "Well, they're both dead. It's part of why I moved away. You need a break from the sadness, a new start, you know?" he said, his voice soft, but still carrying around the empty room. There was nothing he could do about it now. He had watched them both die, each in their own way.

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somebody | 332 comments Biting her lip, Kendal shrink down some more. Staring up at him with eyes that said she was sorry-Even if he looked or not. A sink feeling sort of curled in her stomach at the fact that she just said that. Honestly is either of her dad's died she'd lose it, but to lose both? She wasn't sure if it was some car wreak or plane crash or something. Though she wasn't planning on finding out. He felt bad for them, him and his sister.

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Megan (nightrunner) "You don't have to feel sorry for me, you know, it's done and over with. You were right to be curious," he told her, thinking that he didn't want this to ruin the slight trust that they had been building up. "I'm guessing you still have both your parents?" he asked her, thinking that look in her eyes would be different if she had lost a parent. She would understand more of it, not all of it, but enough.

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somebody | 332 comments "Uh. Somewhat. I lost my mother when I was younger but then my dad got remarried to his old buddy from high-school after meeting at a gay pub" she mumbled. She kind of killed her mother in a way. Her father never said those words directly but everyone thought it. Birth Complications. So in other words. Kendal murdered her mother on the way out. Regardless of that she had two loving fathers. Which was plenty even if they freaked out when puberty hit- Her adoptive father thinking she was broken.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn didn't think he heard her right at first, but he kept his face totally impassive and just thought through it. He wasn't homophobic, but he had never met anyone with two gay parents. "That's good, at least you have them to take care of you, especially when you don't have those glasses on," he tried to tease her, not sure if it would come of as that or flirting, but he was hoping she wouldn't mind either way.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal laughed a bit. "Yea: wouldn't be surprised if I had broken my nose walking into the wall next to the door" she chuckled with a soft shake of her head. "Again that is. The more you wear glasses the more you need them" she admitted. "That and my Vision is near too blurry to help. The nurses had to check me eyes. Check them again. Get the doctor to check them. Then she checked them again" she laughed lightly. Not sure how to take the teasing though she realized she was fine either way.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I think I would be surprised, because if I wasn't, I wouldn't let you do that," he told her, shaking his head, though he was chuckling. "Have you ever thought about like laser surgery to correct your eyesight? Is that even an option?" he asked her, thinking there had to be something around that could help her more than those glasses. "Wow, really that bad? I guess we'll have to make sure you keep those glasses on those blurry eyes," he teased lightly.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal laughed. "Yea. I'm terribly blind. And contacts never worked- allergic to it. It's rare to be; but I suppose I'm just unlucky. I'm only extremely near sided though. Meaning I can't see things that are far from me." Truth was, she wasn't entirely sure that she could afford that special surgery to fix her eyes, though it wasn't so bad long as she had glasses. "I was sort do born with bad eyesight" A short laugh came out, tinge of bitterness to it. Sure she only knew that but she kind of wished she wasn't, even if she never dared say it. It was almost as natural as having eyes in the first place.

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Megan (nightrunner) Flynn grinned at her laugh, glad that she wasn't feeling sorry for herself or anything like that. At least she could wear glasses when she wasn't in the water. "Well, at least you don't need to see to swim, some people swim with their eyes closed, though I don't know how they do it," he admitted with a grin, thinking it relaxing to be here with her. "So, do you want to swim some more? Or do you just want to sit here and talk with the most uninteresting guy on earth?

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somebody | 332 comments "You aren't uninteresting. I hardly know anything about you-which in turn makes you interesting. I-however- am boring. People don't exactly die to speak to me, nor stand in line to do so" She spoke lightly before throwing her body into the water as moving to swim.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well, what you know may just be everything you'll ever find out," he told her with a shrug. He started on his back with her, staying at her side, though his muscles seemed to strain more than hers. He didn't do this as much as she did. "You're interesting enough, if people stop and talk to you," he told her, trying to pay her a compliment, but failing miserably, it took him a moment to realize what he said. "That came out way wrong. I meant to say you're interesting and I like talking to you. That's not quite what I said, is it?"

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somebody | 332 comments "No. It's not" Kendal admitted with a small smile. Was it bad to like someone just for their awkwardness? Mostly because she was usually worse, though for once it felt like she wasn't the only one. Even if that was as far as what they had in common. "Though it's probably truer than your revise" she forced out a slight laugh of sorts. The water causing her loose hair to stick to the sides of her face as she started trying to get it to, well, not. Her small fingers messing around before she gave into nature. Arms resting to her sides. She was used to playing with her hair when she was nervous. But now she had nothing, even if she was in her element.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well, I think you are interesting, and I think you might be someone to spend time with here," he told her with a grin. "Would you know where a guy could get a job around here?" he asked, looking over to her. He thought it was cute how nervous she was, it made him feel like they were kind of on equal footing. He wasn't good socially, but then, neither was she. The difference was that he just couldn't communicate without using his fists.

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somebody | 332 comments "Uh-" Kendal's face scrunched up a bit in thought. Well there had to be somewhere, and she lived here, shouldn't she know this stuff? It was the type of thing she probably should have known. "I think you can find some of this stuff in the paper's" She offered with a slight smile turning her head to the side and looking at him. Her arms felt like such useless space at the moment and she kind of wanted to get rid of them, like they only provided something else she'd have to think about.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Papers, oh yeah, they had those for sale in the lobby I think, thanks," he thanked her, thinking that would help him. He had to find a place for his sister and him to stay more than just short term. "There's a school in town, right?" he asked, thinking he would get his sister enrolled, but under a different name, so they wouldn't be able to find her. He had learned how to forge paperwork a long time ago.

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somebody | 332 comments She nodded her head. "Course, we're a small town but that doesn't mean there's only idiots here." She smiled. "Though it's literally one school, fits in for elementary, middle, and high. The students per class size is pretty big since we only really have much room." She ended up going on, though took note of the fact that it seemed he was more of an adult here-Probably a little kid, sibling or child though she wasn't entirely sure, though she was hoping for the later.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I just want to get my sister enrolled. She needs to get at least a high school diploma," he said with a sigh. "As long as she can graduate, I don't much care about the age rang of the kids," he told Kendal with a smile. Flynn leaned back, fully submerging himself for a moment, then standing up and shaking his hair out. "Are you still in school?" he asked her, fingering one of the many scars, this one a thin white line just under the right side of his chin.

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somebody | 332 comments "Uh, no. Not in school anymore" Kendall admitted. "Haven't been for a year or so now." Her eyes scanned over his face. Not much in results just a nice blur. She was pretty much blind enough that if he held up fingers she may just get the wrong number. "Guessing you aren't either?" She checked, mostly because he hadn't mentioned himself in that equation of finishing school. Her mind raked over what this said about the parents. Her trying to picture answers and settling upon death, made the most sense unless they were abusive.

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Megan (nightrunner) "No, I took a test to get my GED when I was fifteen. I haven't exactly pursued many higher education opportunities since," he said with a shrug. He smiled at her, shaking his head at her squinting. "If you want to swim some more you can go right ahead,I think I need to head into town and try and get my bearings, see if there's anywhere down there with a job available for someone without any real work experience. At this point I would do anything." He pushed his back to the wall and pulled himself up so he was sitting on the edge. "I guess I'll see you around at some point?" he asked, thinking he might have to swing by the pool at bit more often to check up on the girl, make sure those boys weren't giving her any trouble.

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somebody | 332 comments Kendal nodded faintly, thinking things over. "Alright, maybe... I'm not exactly social." A small smile played on the tips of her lips, though to be honest she didn't expect herself to him again... People being randomly nice to her had a habit of doing so, whether or not they avoided her she wasn't entirely sure, though she did have some hope. Just a little bit really. That he wouldn't. Even if he didn't particularly like her, it was a small enough town and unless he chose to jump around the corner when she was around, well, she'd see him again.

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Megan (nightrunner) "You don't have to be social, I know just where to find you," he told her with a wink, he moved to stand up, walking over to his towel. "Where do you work here on the resort? I don't think you ever mentioned." He quickly dried off his torso, then started on his hair, leaving it spiked up in every possible direction. He was lingering on, trying to find a reason to stay, though he didn't have many to leave. There was just something that felt so wrong to him about leaving her there after seeing her being pushed around already. He couldn't shake off his protective nature. It was ingrained in him after looking after his sister for so long.

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