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Compare and Contrast: Book vs. Movie

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Brandyn I must say, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was probably my least favorite movie of them all. It is not because the book was bad, if anything it was because the book was good. The movie had a lot of "gaps," parts where what happened in the book did not ever even come up in the movie. Scenes like Nearly headless Nick's Deathday party, or the garden gnome chores back at the Weasley's house never happened in the movie. Like most Movie versions of books, some dialogue was missing or altered, nothing surprised me there. However, some of the dialogue missing was rather important, vital some might say. I understand, because the movie was still three hours long. The actors, as you would expect, were as good as good can... ugh, they did good. They were kids, the rest of the movies will have better performances, I promise! On that note, let me finish this, the movie had good child acting and some holes in the plot. The book, was as good as you would expect, and so are the rest.

AgCl have you actually watched 3-8? well 3 wasn't so bad but those last 5 movies were nothing at all like the book or at least it was what it would be if a book gets butchered.

Bridget I agree that the later movies deviated pretty far from the books. Well, they didn't deviate so much as just left a LOT of stuff out. They were still great movies, but you get an entirely different story when you read the books vs watch the movies.

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Feliks Crumbly dung vs. moist dung.

Khyati no one sat on the end of their seats during the movie but everyone was while reading the books !!!!

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Khyati wrote: "no one sat on the end of their seats during the movie but everyone was while reading the books !!!!"
its because you imagine it more vividly in your imagination isnt it? in the movie, that wasnt actually how i imagined it. i imagined it more scary!

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Spa 3 is my fav - tho not the gr8est adaptation in book 2 movie history

1 & 2 were gr8 adaptations tho the emitment (is that even a word) of peeves is a heinous crime

4 & 5 & 7 were fine

6 stank

8 - me and a cuz have had hour long lamenting sessions both ending in the resolution that we wish we could go back to a time b4 this movie

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