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message 1: by Ilisha (last edited Mar 09, 2014 10:16AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ilisha I like cole's character . Even though he has a negative role I liked the way he sacrificed himself in the end .
I do not like jacks character . He is too perfect for my taste and not a single flaw is shown except his anger and jealousy of cole.
Nikki irritates me is a polite way to put it. She makes a mistake and then keeps on making the wrong decision and gets angry and screws up a lot in my opinion and cole is blamed every time . I dont like it .
I admit the part with Greek mythology is interesting but everlivings are evil like what ?
There is some good in everybody
the series was ok for me , i got frustrated and wanted to bang my head in the wall for a few moments and was disappointed in the end
Cole was the one who made the series likeable

summer's night I love cole he's the most amazing person ever... I cried my eyes out when he gave up his life for nikki in the end of evertrue

message 3: by Lovetoread47 (last edited Feb 12, 2014 07:35AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lovetoread47 In this final book, Cole totally redeemed himself. Jack was loving, faithful, strong, unwavering, boyfriend/long term relationship material;whereas, Cole was deceitful, scheming, but this book proved otherwise. His unconditional love and selflessness took me by surprise. Team Cole.

Nikita I wasn't frustrated, just disappointed by the ending. Yeah I was very sad when Cole died. I still love the series, but the ending was not what I expected or hoped for.

Jennifer I was also very sad Cole died! I had a feeling early on that was going to happen when she said she wanted to destroy the whole Everneath and that breaking their hearts would make them "mortal" Many times when immortals become mortal it means they turn however old they would be which means they turn to dust and die. So then when the Queen mentioned it I knew Cole would die! I really wanted him to be able to be mortal on the surface and find love and maybe stay friends with Nikki and Jack. *SAD*

Gaby Testa I was crying when cole died i was like about to have a heart attack. Cole is my favoriote character. I knew he was gonna die because hes the antagonist but the way he died, it was so tragic and dramatic. i couldn't help but feel something! POOR COLE X'O

summer's night ** spoiler alert ** Everytime I read the part where Cole dies in Nikki's arms I can't help but cry like a baby :'( And I just can't stop reading it over and over again as if I thought that if I kept reading about Cole I'd keep him alive somehow. This is TORTURE! I officially request for an alternate ending!!!
Cole forever!

summer's night I just wish that Cole was still alive and Nikki would have a change of heart and they would both be immortal (or not i dont care but mostly i want them to be together forever) and Jack would have a heart attack and turn out to be the villain threatening Cole to do his biddings and Nikki would finally realize she's loved Cole all along and...
WEDDING INVITATION: come and witness the union of Cole and Nikki

Ilaria Carstairs I love Cole's character. He is in my top-five-fictional-boyfriend list. Don't make me feel weird, everyone here has that list, right? :P
I didn't mind Nikki's character. She is human and as such she makes mistakes. However, her love for Jack never wavered and she has always been loyal to him. I don't know how she could do it but she managed to! I think she represents a good model for teenagers.
I cried a lot too in that final scene when Cole dies. I honestly didn't expect him to die but I realized he was going to when he said he would give up his immortality. Anyway, this was the only way for him to redeem himself so, although it made us extremely sad, I think the trilogy had to end in this way.
The best ending in my opinion would have been for Cole to lose immortality, without dying obvs, (because I think Nikki would have never changed her mind about being immortal) and then for Nikki to finally realize she has loved Cole all along <3

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