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Manipi L | 96 comments Mod
I for one find it hart with posting pictures, links and stuff. So here we can chare tips and ask questions.

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Manipi L | 96 comments Mod
Look at the link SOME HTML IS OK

Easy and fast tips on how to do stuff :)

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Manipi L | 96 comments Mod
How to as a picture in a thread?/b>

If you're trying to add a book cover image, the easiest way to do so is:

1. Navigate to the discussion thread in which you would like the post to appear.
2. Scroll down until you see the text field that appears below all of the comments.
3. Click the beige "add book/author" link that appears on top of the text field.
4. A window will pop up. Make sure that you select the radio button for "cover" at the bottom of the window, then search for the book in question.
5. As soon as you find it, click "add". The cover image should automatically appear when you publish your comment.
If you're trying to add an image that isn't a book cover, you will have to use HTML. The image has to be sourced online, so you will need a URL to the picture you want to add. If the picture is on your computer, and not hosted online, I recommend creating a Photobucket account (where they will provide you with URLs to each photo you upload). As soon as you have this URL, insert it between the quotation marks here:
img src=""
then add a bracket to each end (< and >) and paste that into the text field.

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Manipi L | 96 comments Mod
Use the link "some html is ok"
There u find easy tips

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