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Manipi L | 96 comments Mod
A Marked Man (Assassin/Shifter, #1) (Mateo and Riley) — published 2012

Alaska, With Love (Assassin/Shifter, #2) (Josh and Mark) - published 2012

By the light of the Moon (Assassin/Shifter, #3) (Sam and Dakota) - published 2012

Half Moon Rising (Assassin/Shifter, #4) (Troy and Sawyer) - published 2012

Best Laid Plans (Assassin/Shifter, #5) (Qhuinton and Drake brothers) — published 2012

For the Love of Caden (Assassin/Shifter, #6) (Caden and Kellan) — published 2012

The General's Lover (Assassin/Shifter, #7) (James and Derek) - published 2012

Russian Prey (Assassin/Shifter, #8) (Victor Markov and Kearan) - published 2012

An Ignited Passion (Assassin/Shifter, #9) (Wyatt and Preston) - published 2012

Reflash (Assassin/Shifter, #10) (Tucker/Austin and Wesley/Kurt) - published 2012

The Red Zone (Assassin/Shifter, #11) (Nicholas and Sebastian) — published 2012

Irish Wishes (Assassin/Shifter, #12) (Wayne and Connor) — published 2012

Pleading the Fifth (Assassin/Shifter, #13) (Tristan and Scott) - published 2012

Betrayed (Assassin/Shifter, #14) (Chance and Logan) - published 2013 —

Summer of Awakenings (Assassin/Shifter, #15) (Kary/Jacob and Seth/Will) - published 2013

Into the Lyons Den (Assassin/Shifter, #16) (Devin and Andrei) - published 2013

The Nik of Time (Assassin/Shifter, #17) (Nikolai and Colin) - published 2013

The Littlest Assassin-Shifters (Assassin/Shifters, #18) (Birth of Maggie, Matty and Kane) - published 2013

Lessons Learned (Assassin/Shifter, #19) (Jude and Hayden) - published 2013

Broken Bonds (Assassin/Shifter, #20) (Jackson and Jonas) - published 2013

Forbidden (Assassin/Shifter, #21) (Noah and Jesse) - Published 2013

Dirty Ross (Assassin/Shifter, #22) (Ross and Cole) - published 2014

Savage Love (Assassin/Shifter, #22)(Chaz and Lev) - published 2014

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So, there are so far 21 realised books in the series Assassin shifters. And 22 book is comming come time during 2014.

I wanted to start a topic on every book, but that would be 22 topics just in this series. In other words to much.

So insted I'm starting one thread on all the books and will update it as the books keep comming out.

And in this thread u can have whatever discussions u want about the books.

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Since there are already 21 books realised in the series assassin and shifters and 22nd is on its way, the author has decided to start another two series to keep them apart.

So two other series are:
- 12 olympians
- The Santorno series

Read more about these series in those threads.

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TracyG. wrote: "Pleading the Fifth and Into the Lyons Den are my favorate books, although I did enjoy all of them. All of them are different."

Yeah, I did too.
I speant my whole Christas vacations reading this series. And it was so relaxing :)
Love this series.

I enjoyed them all.
Pleading the fifth one of my favorite. Irish wishes to. Broken Bonds to.

I realy looked farward to Into the Lyons Den becaouse those to hated eachother. But I was a little disapointed that Devin gave in so soon. He must have really loved Andrei from the start.

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Manipi L | 96 comments Mod
I understand you.

Everytime I don't know what to read, i just reread one of these. So fun

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Taya Savage Love- (Assassin/Shifters Book 23) (Chaz Savage and Lev Chirkoff) Published in 2014

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Gianna | 1 comments I'm behind on reading this series. I've only read through book 5 I believe. But A Marked Man was the very first book I ever read by this author and I fell in love immediately. I have every book through 22. And I'm excited there's a 23!

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Mitch and Lockes book is the next one in the series.
NO release date yet

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