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This spacious lobby is where most people head into as they request a room or their key. The large mountain view usually holding people captive in its beauty...

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Lucky Duckie William leaned against the window, watching a light dusting of snow fall on top of everything. He had a small bag near his feet, and a backpack in his hand. It was everything he'd gotten to pack before coming here. Anything else, it was assumed would be provided by his sister. Will hadn't known his parents to be such tough-love kind of people, but then, They did think this was his fault. He grimaced at the thought, and turned away from the window to glance at his phone. William still hadn't told his sister he was here, but every time he started to send a text...Well, he just deleted it. There was nothing to say to her really. Which is why he'd ended up at the resort. Will wanted a day or so just to get used to the idea of being here before he had to deal with, well, actually being here. Did that make much sense? Nope, but since when were guys known for logic?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Kayla pranced into the lobby, frozen from her trip down the hill. She had hit a rock and actually rolled down the hill. That wasn't like her at all, but it made her look like a snow monster. She soon started stripping off the articles of clothing down to her normal pants and black long sleeve shirt. She sighed, coughing a bit. She noticed a new kid, and she'd know if they were new. She had been around the resort for quite a long time. She put her cloths by the fireplace to melt the snow like she usually did, letting it drip away into a bucket. She shook her hair off, putting her hand through it to make it go back into place.

She slowly walked up to the guy, her finger outstretched, her palm close to her body as she slightly pointed to him. "You look new, are you?" She asked, raising her eyebrow.

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Lucky Duckie William glanced towards the door as a girl maybe a bit younger than him walked in. She started stripping and Will raised an eyebrow. Either she didn't care/notice that he was here, or her gaydar was the best freaking tell ever. By the time Kayla was messing with her hair, William had managed to get over most of his shock. She wasn't stripping, he realized. Just taking off the top layers that needed to dry. "Hello," He said trying to fake a smile as she headed towards him. What on earth was he going to say? 'Yes, I'm new here.'? 'No, I left and came back'? 'I'm just visiting family only I'm not actually going back home'? In the end, William said none of that and avoided her question completely, saying, "I'm William." He dropped the blue packpack onto the ground and then reached to shake her hand. She didn't strike him as a person who shook hands often, but it was a habit Will's father had taught.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Kayla smiled at him, "Well then, hello William." She said taking his hand with her chilled ones that probably felt like ice cubes. "I'm Kayla." She introduced herself. She noted he didn't answer her question and thought it was probably that he didn't want to talk about it. That was fine, she didn't want to talk about her past so she always was considerate of other's pasts. "Snows nice this time of day." She moved her hand on her head, "I got way to close of a view down the hill." She laughed lightly.

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Lucky Duckie "Kayla," He repeated nodding. It was kind of cute, and not very common. Which contrasted with her in-your-face attitude. Psh, yeah, Will had made a snap judgement based on her first impression. Was it correct? Too soon to tell. "You should stand closer to the fire. I hear it's snowing outside." He did smile then, not a forced thing, but a natural, easy grin. William didn't pick his bags up, just sort of kicked them out of the way. There was nothing valuable or breakable in them, just photos, clothes and sentimental stuff. "Sounds like you had fun though?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) Kayla smiled as he said her name once again. He was a strange one, but that was cool. Strange people were the best there were. She followed what he said, walking over to the fire and plopping herself down, "Wouldn't have guessed. I thought that the sky had dandruff or something." She said back to him. "I'm relieved it's just frozen water particles." She giggled. "It would be kinda gross to have that in my hair." She scrunched up her face in disguest and looked at her black hair. "And yes, falling face first and rolling down a hill is always fun." The words sounded sarcastic, but she laughed and had a completely serious tone to her voice.

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Lucky Duckie William laughed, and glanced out the glass window. He'd never personally thought that, but living in California other people had different opinions, so her words didn't shock him or anything. Indeed, William made a slight face at her. If he'd wanted a science lesson he'd be in college. He ended up sitting near her, by the fire after a couple more moments. "Face-first?" William repeated, glancing her over. Definitely in your face, if she happened to be a daredevil like that. "I'm sure next time won't be like that. Maybe stick to the bunny slopes though." He just had a hunch that she'd tried one of the harder trails; no proof though.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Kayla laughed, "In your dreams! I hit a rock that was hidden under the fresh powder and my snow board wedged in it and flipped me." She rolled her eyes, "Rocks suck." She laughed carefully. "Dad thing is I didn't stop timing until I got ahold of a tree." She was used to the hard courses, that rock just threw her off. "Oh well, its like longboardig and hitting a pebble."

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Lucky Duckie "Mmmh," William nodded like he believed her; he didn't though. People never admitted when something was their fault. Even if there had been a rock hidden by fresh snow, she was still the one who'd tripped over it. Why did Kayla feel the need to blame something else? It wasn't like he was going to change his opinion that easily. Nope, Will wasn't the type of stranger who believed everything about anyone he met. "Longboarding is okay. You just gotta get used to it." William might have tried it a couple of times, but he'd never been as good as some of his other friends. They'd been raised on bikes and surfboards. He'd grown up around skates and ski-lifts. "Well, if it keeps snowing, it won't matter anyways. Supposed to be a huge storm, right?" Yeah, William had checked the weather forecast. Was it because he was one of those ever prepared boy-scouts? Nope. He just wanted to know what to expect upon seeing his sister for the first time in ten years. Being kicked out and having no clue what was going on had sounded like a horrible idea.

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Kate Kid (katekid) "Man I hope so." She said, "And I hope it's deep so the snow mobiles don't get stuck too." She said. "Rocks are evil little buggers." She sighed laying back on the ground. She closed her eyes, wondering why the heck the snow was so easily packed today, or in that area. She hated when it got like that so the snow was flat, but once you reach a hole, nope, you're in trouble. She was just glad she didn't snap her leg by doing that. "Can't wait for the snow to start because it won't be slushy and warm." She smiled. She hated when it started to get warmer, it always got more dangerous.

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((The fireplace is to far from the chairs on the picture, so they would be sitting on the ground. Kayla just laid back because well.... She's Kayla.))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((Okay.))

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Lucky Duckie William watched as Kayla seemed to relax. Probably now that her face was warm instead of being frozen she was just more serene and peaceful. Getting out of the snowed-over jacket and boots had to have helped as well. A Will's nose twitched, and he tapped his first two fingers against his legs, stretched out in front of himself. It wasn't the most comfortable thing, but it wasn't bad either. He closed his eyes for a second, just sort of zoning out. Kayla didn't seem to expect him to reply, so he didn't, other than the "Mmmm-hhmmm." Sort of agreement.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Kayla noted that he didn't seem to be the chatty type, staying quiet feeling as if she talked to much. She bit her lip a bit, looking up into the flames, feeling the warmth of them. She had lived here for about three years, if not more. She forgot how old she was when she finally was able to get out of the horrid home she used to be in. She turned a bit, leaning on her elbows, "So.... Do you like it here?"She asked.

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Lucky Duckie "Do I like it here?" William repeated, eyes flickering with emotion. When he was little, he'd had fun, but Will hadn't been here in years, and wasn't currently here over the best circumstances. Did he like it? William hadn't given it much of a chance he supposed. "Sometimes," He replied after a bit too long of a pause. "I missed the snow, but the rest of it's not so great." Like his sister...She hadn't tried to keep in touch at all. Will knew his father had talked to her all the time over the past ten years, but he personally hadn't spoken to her until recently when plans were being made for him to be shipped out to live with her.

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Kate Kid (katekid) "Oh, so you've been here before." Kayla smiled up at him. "Yeah, I can see how you'd miss it." She looked out the window, "I do kinda miss the warm weather, just so I could go long boarding and stuff, but snowboarding is just the same." She stopped thinking about how that sounded, "Well, the enjoyment I get out of it is the same, riding isn't." She laughed lightly. "Nice to get back huh?" She rose her eyebrow to him, smiling kindly. She wasn't sounding stuck up at all, or like she was a know-it-all. She was just talking like she would to a new person. Trying to keep the conversation light and not getting into the personal life to much.

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Lucky Duckie "Not in a long time," William replied absentmindedly. He shook his head, and offered her a forced smile, shoving away thoughts of his family. "No, snowboarding isn't the same." That was like saying that Roller Derby and Figure Skating were the same thing. Sure, they might both involve special shoes, but one talent and practice while the other took determination and a lack of caring about getting hurt. At her last question, William merely shrugged. It hadn't been his choice to come back. For a while he'd wanted to. But then he'd made friends in California. People who he talked to and trusted...Which was something that his twin sister hadn't exactly encouraged in the past ten years. Ugh, there his mind went again with the family stuff.

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