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somebody | 332 comments description

The safest place for any animal to go as you or your family take to the slopes or simply want a break from your furry friends. The place gives all necessary exercise for your animals as well as great care in it for them while they stay.

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squirrel-cheeks | 9 comments Cloud flipped the open sign, and got ready. She flipped through her dog log book. She smiled as she saw Thomas's dog. Her and Thomas has been friends for years, he is one of her best friend. Cloud turned around and took Max out. Max was her dog he was the cud test little dog in the world. She told him to sit down as she put her long blonde hair in a pony tail, she told him to fetch the soap, he did as he was told, Max was a extremely smart dog he could do anything you could tell him to do, she turned the water on in the small tub and turned it off when it got high. Cloud pointed to the tub, max jumped in splashing water everywhere unlike the other dogs he loved baths. Cloud whipped water off her face. Cloud started to scrub max with a smile as bubbles started to form.

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somebody | 332 comments Thomas entered the boarding center, his hands slipping out of his pockets and rubbing themselves to try and get them warm. "It's cold" He chuckled lightly with a breath of cold air, his breath being seen under the condensing water. "Cloud?" He asked, not seeing her behind the counter as usual as he walked over, stepping on his tippy toes to try and get a better look. "Cloud?" He repeated a little louder, watching as a little dog ran past him, soaking wet with bubbles.

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squirrel-cheeks | 9 comments "Yeah..... Thomas?" She asked turning around to face Thomas. She brushed the bubbles out of her wet hair and gave a soft smile a bubble on her cheek. "Hey" she said brightly with a small wave. She started to drain the water and got the dog out of the water covered in bubbles. She grabbed a small towel looking over at the puffed up little dog standing waiting for her to clean the bubbles off. Cloud put him in her hands and gave Thomas a smile. "So.. It's cold out" she asked, god she felt like a idiot of course it's cold it's snowing plus he said so as she walked in. Cloud gave a soft smile when she put the dog on the ground, the dog ran up to Thomas and waited to get petted. "Sorry about him he's just a attention whore" she said looking at him.

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somebody | 332 comments He shook his head. Allowing a grin. "Attention whore?" He asked as a slight smirk started coming on his face. She looked adorable like that- and by like that. He meant covered in foam and wet. As well as flustered. "He the only one? Or is this really just a place for pampered pets to have their way?" He teased. Figuring that he might as well help out. Sides. Cloud looked like she needed the help. Cages chuck full of dogs that looked restless. Barking and even howling at random times. She could use some company; human company. The kind that was willing to endure barking dogs just to be with her. So yes. She deserved him; in other words, Thomas decided.

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squirrel-cheeks | 9 comments "More dogs are suppose to come in" she said softly still trying to brush out bubbles out of her hair. She walked to the counter. Max followed her, and sat down for a teat, cloud gave in, and gave him a treat like she always did she could never not. Give him something. She pointed to his bed and max went to his bed and mated down. Cloud still has small bubbles in her hair she brushed off a bubble that from her hair to her shoulder. Cloud combed small wet pieces of hair with her cold fingers. Cloud shivered but only a light. Cloud knew the heating was broken and they were expecting to get it fix in a couple of weeks, due to the fact of weather related problems.

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somebody | 332 comments "So you want any help?" He asked her with a sly smile. Thomas giving her a carefree wiggle of his eyebrows. Arm resting against the counter. Course he usually did this stuff for free- for her really. He didn't need the money. "Cause I'm free and not in the mood to mingle" he laughed lightly. His left foot handling most his weight as he used the counter for all his support. He didn't exactly question whether or not she'd say yes, though more or what he'd be stuck doing.

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squirrel-cheeks | 9 comments "If you can that would help a lot" she said looking at Thomas. Cloud went to the counter. She went to the computer and turned it in she typed in the password. She turned around and started to look for some papers. The bubbles in her hair started to dissolve, her hair turning a bit curly like it always did when it was wet. Just them a woman walked in with a Great Dane and wearing a fur coat, "hi Mrs. West" cloud said getting up from the counter. She looked at the dog, and a smile. Cloud walked over to the woman pulling all of her hair to one part of her shoulder. Cloud smiled as she handed her the leash.

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somebody | 332 comments "So in other words, business is good?" Thomas checked with her, flashing a side ways grin as he gave a friendly wiggle of his eyebrows to her. He slipped open the cabinet, grabbing out a milk bone and turning around to look at Cloud. The milk bone swishing around his fingers as he leaned over against the counter a bit lazily. "So, been on the slopes lately?" He asked her, a dog sitting at his feet getting drool all over the ground.

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