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somebody | 332 comments description
The Black Diamond trails are some of the hardest in the world. One starting off with a pretty hefty drop. The others more of a steep slide of sorts as both take on steepness and turns from the top of the mountain. Usually a couple times each couple hours a helicopter goes to pick up a stray rider.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden had already been up on the slopes for two hours. He had done a few lazy runs down the amateur trails as warm up, but even as the snow started coming down in lazy flakes around him. HE grinned, perfect, now he just had to wait for the others attempting the trail to get down it enough so that he could at least start. Everyone else tended to take this trail rather slowly, but Caden was ready to shred it up. Most of the trail was untouched snow, and he planned to change that fact pretty quickly. He didn't bother to turn as he heard a few people sliding up behind him, probably fresh off the lift.

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta had gave a light grin to the man at the lift as he waved back a bit. Safe to say she's been here a lot, and after the man had gotta her unhooked from the machine a couple times, it simply felt wrong if she ignored his existence. She reclipped her snowboard in as she sat at the edge of the drop. Can't be too hard. However this part was the hardest part of all. Well the most annoying. Stuffing the board against the snow she brought herself up and placed the goggles over her eyes. A slight smirk at the idea of going, crossing her face.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden decided this wasn't going fast enough, so he made himself a snow ball, tossing it over his shoulder to land right on top of the helmet of the person behind him as he kept a perfectly straight face, acting as innocent as possible, his ski mask covered the smirk on his lips, his face totally covered against the harsh winds. He figured the waiting would be a little easier if he at least gave himself some amusement, he still had no idea who was behind him, hopefully someone who wasn't too sour.

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somebody | 332 comments A small sneer of sorts crept up on Lotta's face when he did that. Oh no no no. She felt like she owned this place. She felt the need to grab him and shake some sense into him, and she knew he did that on purpose, who else just does that? She was trying to keep a calm which was something she didn't often have to fight down.
"Don't worry, apology's accepted" She mumbled under her breath to herself, making sure it wasn't loud enough to hear. Little brat- and she'd show him off if she could manage it.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden glanced back for a moment, throwing a devilish smirk at her, a twinkle in his eyes, then racing off down the course, weaving through trees without missing a beat, just hoping that she would follow him and try and out do him. He wanted a challenge, though the wind had quickly intensified. He snuck into the trees, then cut back across the trail once more, hitting a small jump and pulling a 180 in the air before landing smoothly, glancing over his shoulder.

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somebody | 332 comments She cracked her head to the side, releasing some pressure before jumping off quickly after him. It was another impulsive decision she wasn't expecting to regret. Alright? All she had to do was show off to him and beat him, which seemed simple enough. Pulling up on the board at a small jump spot. Before taking on a wildcat. Or another term for a flip of sorts. Managing to keep herself mostly going forward as she didn't make any sort of attempt in slowing herself down.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden slowed himself ever so slightly, so they were neck and neck, then moved to cut her off, ending him tumbling, feeling his board hit hers. He laughed as he splayed between two trees in the snow, latching onto one to stop from sliding down the mountain. His eyes widened as he heard the blizzard sirens go up. He could see a white wall of snow coming right at him, and he swore under his breath. They were stuck halfway down a slope, and they would not be able to get down it before that sucker rolled in. "Hey?" he called out, trying to get his challenger. He knew there were cabins up here, and markers to get to them in an emergency, but would there be enough time?

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta, not being able to make out what he said, managed to cut across so she slid sideways in front of him, balancing well and managing to cover him in a nice sheet of snow before asking a "Huh?" She never had the best ability in sight but she always managed well enough. However at this point in time it seemed that the odds weren't exactly in her favor as of the moment. With the time she's spent here she actually hasn't heard one of those- then again a month isn't so long. She stopped however moving before noticing the wall of snow. It was over a 100 yards away but it wasn't like she was willing to take big chances on being able to run down there past it.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden looked at the figure before him, a girl he had had his eyes on for awhile. "We need to find shelter. Now, before the storm gets bad, or else we'll be stranded," he told her, clipping his board so he could walk, running his hand along the tree, moving a little deeper into them, finding the bright red arrow pointing to the closest cabin. "Look for another arrow!" he called out to her over the wind. "Wait!" He took a rope tied around his waist and tied them together. "You'll thank me later," he told her, starting off in the direction of the arrow.

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somebody | 332 comments However Lotta was pretty sure they were already stranded by that point as she followed him regardless. It felt weird being tied up to him, yet it wasn't exactly a bad feeling. Just unusual. She managed to catch sight of it as the winds began to pick up. Her head turning back for a small moment to see what things looked like back there though she couldn't see much as some snow started to get blown around. She should have prepared or something, but thankfully he actually knew what to do. She'd probably just...Hide in a hole? Behind a tree? She wasn't so much as thankful for him being a bit annoying as of before but when he didn't talk he was fine.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden continued feeling on the trees for arrows, since he could no longer see them at all, wind was whipping up snow all around them, and that white wall was getting closer. He same a shape looming a little further ahead. "I think there's something up head," he told her, angling his board to work through some thicker trees, holding the branches aside for her. He felt a bit of panic in his chest. He had always feared being stranded, he was barely even holding it together. "Let's pray they have fire wood in there."

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta was surprisingly calm at this rate. Which was something doctor's had feared about her. She didn't seem to conduct stress which could end up killing her. Well if she wasn't able to tense up and run. But she figured she'd work better if she was calm than charged with terror. She wasn't so big and managed to slip under and between a couple branches as she got sight of a cabin of sorts. "Yea, there is" She admitted lightly, not that she was loud enough to really hear.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden was more than relieved that at least the cabin was close, but just as they broke through the trees into the clearing with the cabin, the white wall hit. Caden wore loudly. He pushed on forward, finding a wall, searching for a door, he couldn't even see an inch in front of his face, and the temperature seemed to drop ten degrees around them in seconds. "Find the door, we need to be inside!" he called out to her over the howling of the wind.

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta nodded her head quickly, not seemingly in that big of a hurry but found the door in a matter of seconds as she undid the small w=hatch and shove open the door. Toppling herself into the cabin with a sigh. Safe. And yet she forgot him outside as she tugged at her little rope. Alright so right now it'd be him thankful for it. She knew he voice wouldn't have been loud enough, but swift pulling motions at ones body did gain reactions from people.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden felt the first pull on the rope and immediately started to follow the rope, getting inside the cabin and shoving the door closed, bolting it in place so the wind wouldn't be able to blow it back open. He untied the rope around his waist, not looking to see if she had done the same with hers. He was looking for a source of heat, because they would freeze without one. He found firewood and a fire place and relaxed slightly, tossing a couple of logs in the fire place, pulling a lighter from him back pocket, using it to light the wood. After a few moment, the fire glowed brightly, giving them both heat and light. Caden then decided it was time to take him helmet and ski mask off, see who was with him, and let them see him.

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta removed the ski mask and helmet and such. Her boots were murdering her ankles as they kept them locked in the same place, and her wet snow filled jacket came off as well. She shivered a bit but she figured she'd be able to get more comfortable and warmer. Taking off the rope from around herself and leaving it on the floor. Noticing a small opening under the whethered door, and taking her jacked to block it up before more snow entered under it.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden turned as he finished stripping off his boarding gear and turned to the girl before him. "So, want to scope this place out and see what we can find in here?" he offered, shaking a bit of snow out of his hair. The cabin seemed to be about four rooms and a loft, nothing special, quite small, it would be enough to get them through this though, hopefully.

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somebody | 332 comments Shrugging lightly, Lotta nodded. Not actually saying a word at this rate. If they had to stay here over a night she'd at least get her own room- if she so chose to. And as of the moment she was leaning towards privacy. She noticed the kitten had some stored up cans of food, some cookies and such and a pantry filled quite a bit. It seemed to have been repacked just last week. Good luck on her part.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden looked in a few closets, finding blankets and duct tape, lanterns, rope. Another closet was full of just fire wood. Caden took his lighter and lit two off the lanterns, hanging one up in the loft, and one in the kitchen. "I'll let you choice, you can take the bed in the loft, where it'll undoubtedly be colder, or use blankets to make yourself a bed by the fire. I'll be staying by the fire," he informed her, looking as she opened the cabinets.

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somebody | 332 comments She had simply nodded her head to that. She'd probably end up staying closer to the fire regardless if it was cold. It'd be brighter, and at least she could see that way. They probably could have done a better job storing up this place, however she didn't exactly know what she was supposed to say to him. If anything at all. She grabbed a bag of sunflower seeds and a cup, choosing to catch up on giving her body fuel, since it expected her to give in things in return for keeping her warm.

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Megan (nightrunner) "My name is Caden by the way. I kind of sort of almost work here," he told her, shrugging, running his hand through his damp hair. "The stove is gas, so if you want to do it you just have to light the burner," he didn't really know what to do, an odd situation for him. "There were board games up in the loft. I think I saw monopoly."

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somebody | 332 comments "Well, we certainly have the time for it." She remarked lightly managing a slight smile of sorts. Turning her head to the side for a moment before choosing to take a seat on the ground near the heat. She'd be lying if she had said part of her didn't hate the fact that he had to throw his name in there, because that meant she'd remember him, and once she moved-which was bound to happen the next six months ish- She'd fade out, if not even before then.

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Megan (nightrunner) "That we do, so you want me to grab it and a deck of cards or something? I spotted some spaghetti-o's in that cupboard, I could start them cooking?" he was trying to be polite, but couldn't help the fact that she was being colder than the the weather at the moment. To him at least. Then again, he had thrown a snowball at her, he couldn't really blame her.

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somebody | 332 comments And she'd probably challenge that fact by saying some lame excuse. But first impressions were big for her, not his fault he wasn't expecting a blizzard to show up and stuff them in a cabin. She got up, actually choosing to walk barefoot at the moment, and grabbed her cell phone. If she couldn't call home for a helicopter. She'd at least be playing flappy bird. If she could get past two anyways....

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden was giving up on her, but her technology wouldn't last forever, and the cabin didn't have electric, she would have no way to charge her phone once it died. "You're going to have to talk to me sooner or later, it's up to you," he shrugged, stripping his jacket, then shirt off and plopping back on the couch, hands behind his head, knowing he could outlast her. Silence didn't much bother him, he hoped it would drive her at least a little crazy.

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somebody | 332 comments However she figured she could last silence longer than he could have. Her phone lasting on it's lowest amount of light and saving her battery using airplane mode. She's spent her life for the most part without talking. She kept a small jacket around herself, knowing she'd be freezing if she didn't. After this she'd just sleep or something. Check to see if the blizzard ended. Or if they could get out-maybe no one even noticed she was gone yet.

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somebody | 332 comments .

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden took out his switchblade, flicking it open, then closed again. this was a bit of a habit for him, plus it was a way to just pass time. She wasn't going to get a signal up here, there was no way, not with the storm like this, plus the closest tower was five miles away from the resort, just barely covering the buildings. Plus there was no electric in the cabin. There wasn't wifi either. She would have to give up her electronics, and resort to old fashion ways of passing time.

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somebody | 332 comments And soon or later her phone gave in. Dying and shutting off. "Damnit" she grumbled under her breath and laying back, had hands moving to cover her eyes in defeat as she let out a long sigh. And even then, how was she expected to get home now. If she couldn't call home. She was screwed. She shifted over for a moment, wishing she had packed her spare battery. However she didn't.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Phone dead?" Caden asked with a smirk, figuring her swearing meant that he was aloud to talk to her now. He was quite amused by her. "Shall I start making us some dinner? Would you like canned food, canned food, no cook food, or canned food?" he asked her, raising an eyebrow at her and stuffing his pocket knife back in his pocket. "You can use my phone if you like, it's more than a little old though," he told her, all he had was a work flip phone, because it was all he really needed.

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somebody | 332 comments She held up a bag of sunflower seeds. Clearly not expecting to be here a long time. "I have all I need" she informed him, she didn't exactly say it meanly, or with an attitude, but more as if stating the weather. Choosing not to take his phone, mostly because it's be mean- secondly cause she wasn't sure it would prove a use to her. She was used to being able to get what she wanted whether she asked or not. Even if she'd fine with a crappy old phone, she wouldn't receive one. Because it was almost no difference to her family at that rate. But she was built to last cooped up and in rough places. She could survive a day here. Though she was hoping it was a couple hours.

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Megan (nightrunner) "The storm is forecasted for days, sweetheart, not hours," he informed her with a shrug, moving out of the room and starting up a pot of spaghetti-o's and tossing some bread dough in the oven, knowing both would smell strongly, and make her want to eat more than sunflower seeds, which actually weren't that sustaining. HE whistled along happily, thinking that he didn't need to do anything at all, she would have to open up eventually, they hadn't even been in here and hour.

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somebody | 332 comments Which meant Lotta had plenty of time to herself. "Good. Gives me more time to catch up on much needed sleep" she informed him. Knowing all she had to do was ignore the food as a whole. She'd manage this. She was practically alone. And so far- it seemed to bother him more than it did her. Which of course was a plus to all of this. She laid back, closing her eyes and attempting to sleep, but the sound of cracking by a window caused her to jump up a bit as the tempature outside decreased quick enough to break the window. She jumped back grabbing some of the spare stuff she remembered in a cabinet and noticing she was too late to avoid not letting snow in.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden just continued cooking, thinking she would get hungry eventually, he didn't know how to impress this girl, but this stone cold bitch act was really sexy. Caden couldn't help but be extremely attracted to the girl. Depending on how long they were here, maybe, just maybe that bed in the loft would see some use. It most certainly not be for sleeping though. He finished cooking the food, though the bread was still baking in the oven. He poured the pasta in a bowl in a bowl and moved back into the main room.

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somebody | 332 comments She rolled her eyes a bit at the fact that he brought it over to the main area- her guess was to get at her. "The windows breaking" she stated. "And unless you want your precious pasta getting cold, I suggest you help me board it up" she sighed. Standing over near the window as it was clear she was too short to actually be able to put up the last two planks of wood, managing the others just fine- with a chair. The window was pretty long if she did say so herself. Then again she wasnt exactly 6'0 ft tall. Or 5'5. She got on the chair again, unsure if he even chose to listen as she held the nails in her mouth, her finger tips being the only thing holding the second to last plank in place, but she wasn't actually able to reach both ends.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Aw shit," Caden said, putting the food down and reaching over her hands. "Give me that, you'll never be able to do it," he told her, lifting her off the chair, easily able to reach all the boards, taking the hammer, holding his hand out for the nails, getting all of them in tightly so the window was boarded up, then getting a blanket to duct tape around it to keep some more of the cold out. Then he went back to his food, shaking his head. "Any other eminent issues I should know about?" he asked her, pulling a blanket around his shoulders to warm up his cold skin.

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somebody | 332 comments She sighed, her hands going around to her sides, hugging them. More upset over the fact that he had to touch her to take her off the chair rather than that he actually fixed the window. "Far as I know, no." She sighed. Wishing she was home at the moment. Who did this guy think he was- Well that was easy, Caden. But apart from that. Letting out another sigh she took a seat back down again. Hoping she'd be able to actually rest now. She kept insisting to herself that it'd be a couple more minutes till she left though that hope was slowly dying.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden noticed how she reacted to her touching him. He shook his head, feeling as though the girl must have had some issues to react that way to just being touched. He moved to the closet with all the blankets, laying them out on the floor as a big, thick bed for her, probably much more comfortable than the spring loaded couch. He sat back down and started eating his food, watching her, thinking if she was sleeping on the floor at least she could be comfortable.

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somebody | 332 comments She shook off the thought, eating her sunflower seeds and thinking. She didn't exactly like where she was at the moment. But it was warmer down here than up there. And as of the moment wasn't even sure what to say if she had wanted to talk. There was nothing there but emptiness as of the moment and she hated that more than everything else going on at the moment. She shuddered at the thought shaking her head to herself. Alright so apparently doing nothing was getting to her for once, she needed noise or something.

message 41: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) Caden didn't know what to say, so he figured he would just use his eating as an excuse to be quiet for the time being. HE was watching her, but the quiet was killing him, so he pulled the fresh baked bread out of the oven, cut off two slices, and sat down beside her, about half a foot between them, and offering her a piece. "Try it. Fresh baked bread is one of the most amazing things ever created," he said softly, thinking there wasn't much for him to do he might as well be nice to the poor creature he may have just emotionally scarred.

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somebody | 332 comments She gave him an almost glare for a moment. Before shaking her head lightly. "I'll be fine." She mumbled, grabbing her jacket off the floor and searching her pockets for the spare phone battery. Least music would help. She looked over at him for a moment, watching him. Grabbing it out, wet and taking it over to the kitchen as she grabbed a bag of minute rice and pouted it into a regular plastic bag, then sticking in the battery with a sigh. She had pretty good posture, even as she struggled to open another bag of wood, and yet she couldn't manage to open it.

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somebody | 332 comments {You keep 'forgetting' this one >.< Oh well.}

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Megan (nightrunner) ((I think my notifications are messed up, I didn't get one for this topic. I'm Sorry!!))

Caden didn't know what to do, every time he tried to help he was shunned, any act of kindness brought resilience. He didn't know how to fix it either. He saw her struggling with the wood and frowned. "You need a hand with that?" he asked, thinking that she probably wouldn't say yes, but if she wanted help he could help her, she didn't have to be so stubborn. Though the challenge she posed was quite appealing to him.

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somebody | 332 comments She gave in after another moment and looked to him for a moment. "If it isn't so much of a huge challenge I certainly wouldn't mind assistance..." She mumbled. Mostly because he made her hungry. "Wasn't quite far of you to bring freshly cooked food over" she mumbled even quieter, sighing lightly before resting back. Looking out a window only to see a nice wall of white. Every could seconds a small slice of something else but that wasn't very often as she bit her bottom lip hard. Why today? Why not tomorrow or something? More importantly why didn't she check the whether channel or something.

message 46: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) Caden took the bag from her, muscles working for a moment before the bag popped open. He offered it back out to her, staying pretty close. "You can have as much of the bread as you want. There's butter and peanut butter and jelly if you want it," he offered her, his eyes sincere. He didn't mean to make her upset or bitter. "You know, this isn't too bad. If you just give me a chance we can make something decent of this."

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta raised an eyebrow for a moment before going into saying. "And what exactly is your idea of a decent time?" She could probably stick a thumb tact in a couple activities though choose to let him sink his own ship. She wasn't exactly going to be taking any peanut butter however, mostly because she was allergic, and if she wanted to test the boundaries of death she'd do so when she wasn't locked away in a cabin apart from civilization. And even then it was stressful. Her hands grabbed onto the bag lightly for a moment, still unsure what to make of him. Though she couldn't blame him for trying to make the best of a situation.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Not sitting here in silence, talking, maybe getting to know each other, playing board games or cards, listening to the radio to see how long we'll be stuck up here," Caden shrugged. He didn't know what she liked to do, he didn't know what she was allergic too. "You know, you could start by telling me your name, or something to call you. I probably will make up my own nickname for you if you don't." He was trying to joke around a little bit, not sure what to do, at least she was opening up a little now.

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta shrugged, moving over and opening the. Drawer under the sink as she found a radio. She then pulled out some dish detergent. "This" she held the radio up. "Is to see how long I'll be stuck with you" then seething it down on the counter she held the detergent up and said, rather sweetly. "And this is if that time is too long and I quit willing to withstand you." Which she had mostly joked on that one. "That and my jacket's, heh, dirty" she looking at him. Actually forgetting the fact she hadn't mentioned her name, and for the moment she was more curious as to what he'd come up with. Couldn't be too bad right?

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well, let's see how long, and if we'll be throwing back shots of dish soap," he told her, shaking her head. "Well, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to get that coat nice and clean London. You see, France, I think you're purposely not telling me your name, so maybe I'll just call you underpants." He was joking around, thinking he would never get it, watching her for a reaction to anything he was calling her.

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