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S.K. Newton (sknewton) | 7 comments Linked


If you enjoy millennia-long conspiracies, spooky quantum entanglement, and distant future evolution, read my new sci-fi novel, Linked. As a new (and completely anonymous) author, I am entirely dependent on the brave adventurous souls who take a chance on the unknown. The synopsis is below, enjoy!


Everything is connected.

It is the year 11,012 AD. The world is powered by Luminum, an incredible and exotic particle, generated by the Sun. It is the source of the Link, a universal quantum communications system. The entire human race has one unified government, known as The Alliance. After cataclysmic attacks on all major settlements in the Solar System, most of the human population is dead or missing. As their world collapses, Helia, Adlan and Soren, are flung into a millennia-long conspiracy.

Helia learns a powerful and dangerous secret about Luminum, and the Link that has been encoded in her very genes. A secret that has her marked for death by the Alliance. Adlan finds himself fighting for his life on an icy outpost beneath Europa. As he tries to uncover the lies of the Alliance, and what really happened in the attacks, he begins to doubt his own intentions and sanity. Soren is trapped on the Lunar Settlement, and forced to trust a secretive, enigmatic man named Riss because he keeps saving her life. Ominous signs start to emerge that they face a much darker, and more terrible threat. Known only as the Architects, they seek to enslave or destroy any who remain. A war will soon begin, but only if Helia, Adlan and Soren, decide to fight it. Faced with the choice between living forever with the ones they love, and fighting powerful and unknown forces, the three of them, linked by a destiny greater than they ever imagined, will chart a course that determines the future of the human race.

Intrigued yet?

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S.K. Newton (sknewton) | 7 comments By the way! It's 99 CENTS FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY FRIENDS!

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