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•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis floated in the pool like a dead body. her wings wet but she didn't care.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments It was lonely being in this big pool by herself but, she liked to be floating dead body. She was afraid that she was going to be pulled underwater.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alex was under water waiting for the perfect time to pull his sister underwater.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis drifted some more.

Then Alex pulled her under the water.

Alexis was struggling, kicking.

Alex was just laughing.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Alex that was not funny." Alexis said coming out of the water.

"Well I thought it was." Alex said laughing. He liked to tease his sister occasionally.
"What are you doing here anyways?" Alex asked Alexis.

"I got bored. So I came here." Alexis said getting out of the pool.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Uh Alex?" Alexis said.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"Why do you have-" she pulled it off of his head.
"You had seaweed on your head." Alexis said chuckling.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments They burst out laughing.

message 9: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin walked into the pool area paying attention to no one and dived into the pull queitly and swiftly.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Well ima swim some more you go take a shower. Kay?" Alexis said not noticing the boy.

"Ok! Bye!" Alex yelled running off.

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Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin swam to the very bottom of the pool and stayed there for a moment thinking about personal things.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis got back in the pool and started to swim.

message 13: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin started swimming to surface quickly,he sensed angels.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis felt weird or at least had a weird feeling. She started to dive.

message 15: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin surfaced and looked around and noticed someone swimming down,so he went after them

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments She felt someone come after her she swam faster.

message 17: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin stopped and watched them swim down

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments She didn't feel the energy anymore so she carefully came up out of the water.

message 19: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin looked at the girl in disgust "an angel" he said angrily

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Demon." She said just as disgusted.

message 21: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin looked at her "why are angels even here,you're not even a monster,but a "disciple of god" he said angrily

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Why are demons here? You guys just work for the devil." Alexis shot right back.

message 23: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin laughed "not all of us,but i heard this was a school for monsters,and demons are technically monsters" he said looking at her

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Yes demons are monsters and they cause trouble!" Alexis said.

message 25: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin shook his head "you know nothing of demons you fool,we always have to be the bad one ones,but you know nothing!" he yelled as thunder boomed in his eyes.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "You sicken me!" Alexis said.

message 27: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) "I'm sure i do,you weakling" he laughed

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis went over and slapped him.
"I'm anything but weak don't you ever call me weak!" She yelled.

message 29: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin laughed "oh that hurt,but I've delt with angels with way more stronger auras than you" he said smiling

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis glared at him

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Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin nodded "now leave me alone" he said getting out of the pull

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments She got out of the pool and fanned out her wings.

message 33: by Iverson (last edited Feb 02, 2014 04:00PM) (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin dried off and started to leave

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Wait!" Alexis called after him.

message 35: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin stopped "what?!"

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "What do you mean I know know nothing?" She asked

message 37: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin turned to look at her "you don't know the truth about demons,that is all i need to say" he said continuing to walk away

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Well why won't you tell me?" Alexis asked.

message 39: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin stopped "because you're an angel,i must not tell you the secrets of demons" he said sighing

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "I understand." Alexis said looking down.

message 41: by Iverson (new)

Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin nodded "good,because if you kept bothering me, i would've let shadows ruin your soul" he said leaving

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "I don't have a soul." She told him as he was leaving.

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Iverson (palad1n) Aodfhin laughed on the way out

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "You're so childish!" She yelled.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments She chased after him.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments ((In the hall.))

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Iverson (palad1n) ((okay,I'll post first))

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Alexis decided that going back to her dorm was going to be boringso instead she went back to the pool for another swim. Alexis removed het top and jeans and dived in the pool.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Kaito was at the very bottom in his monster form with his bare chest and tail, and his tattoo showing. He was laying on the pool's floor, hands behind his head, his eyes closed trying to relax.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Ahhhhh this is nice. Alexis thought.

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