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Susie/Ashmoon (snicolaysen18) | 1001 comments Mod
Mods have the power to:
-Enforce rules
-Kick you out
-Approve characters
-Delete posts
-Add folders/topics
-Change the group settings
-Change the group discription
-Add a title beside their name
-Add rules
-Give premission to add a topic/folder
-Sugest members to be mods

To be a mod you must:
-Have at LEAST 250 posts.
-Be sugested by myself or another mod.
-Help make the group better. (Add topics, invite people, ect...)
-Be in at least one RP.
-Be active
-Be nice. :D
-I or another mod must know you from another group.
-Follow the rules and not have more than 2 stirkes on you. (I keep track...)

Okay, there you go!! Please don't ASK to be a mod!! And current mods, please, when you feel someone is mod material, sugest them to me. I'm only haveing 5 mods...And they'll be in order of power. Top to bottom on the home page.

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Silver - it's description
- can we change the comment thing? forgot about this post...

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