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I'll probably end up mentioning a lot of strange technology from Half-Life, Fallout, and other things... I'll put that stuff here, and other people can make stuff too...

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Name: Pip-Boy
Function: It's a small personal computer that people wear on their wrist.

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In the background, you can see the vault door... The one in the RP is much bigger, but same basic shape...

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Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., will play a big part later in the story...

The only known possible A.I. is The Superintendant, but he may be human. No on knows for sure. Most freelancers used to have A.I. companions, but they were all deleted due to compatability issues, when freelancers began working together. Agent Maine (Meta) has been taken over by his A.I.

Most A.I. look like holographic, floting, glowing humans.

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Never seen it... I've based these A.I. off of Red vs Blue (the web series).

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Dan | 3 comments Will our characters need weapons?

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Hm... Yeah, at some point, if they run across any threats, etc...

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