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To be used in main RP (Post-Apocalyptic) and side story-thingy. (Pre-Apocalyptic)


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Name: Alex Mercer
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Quiet, keeps to himself.
Other: Seems to be searching for something or someone. Doesn't have any family or friends left at all.

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ak (anne-kat) Name: Jayne Carse (Jay)
Age: 18
Gender: F

Personality: doesn't talk to most people, extremely distrusting after her parents were shot and killed. strong willed
Other: is extremely lonely, enough that she would have committed suicide a while ago, except 1) she's got a very strong will to live and 2) she's afraid to die. distrustful of all authority. a naturally talented hacker. afraid of the dark, and a lot more cocky and dignified in the light.

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Name: Amy
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind and calm, but also quiet and shy.
Other: She was Alex's only friend before the bombs fell. Now she lives in a different vault, so they can't see each other.

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ak (anne-kat) soon as I'm on a computer and I can properly edit Jay's pic, I'm changing it to this in case you wanted to know. Assuming that link will even work.

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ak (anne-kat) Does the link work? Since it's both photobucket mobile and my album and stuff

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ak (anne-kat) Excellent, that means I can link pics on ze iPhone... When I would need to, not sure yet

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This is the guy responsible for the whole thing, the vaults and all... I won't make a complete character-thingy, but still...

Name: Dr. Richard Breen
Appearance: [image error]

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ak (anne-kat) He's vaguely scary looking

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Yeah... He's from the videogame Half-Life. In that, his name really is Dr. Breen, and he is responsible for giant holding areas for humans, except that they are aboveground cities with maximum security... But at least they're outside. The vault idea is from Fallout 3, which takes place in Washington, D.C.

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ak (anne-kat) Oooook

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Yep! ^-^

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Name: Unnamed
Description: These are the soldiers that patrol the wastelands after the vaults are opened. The suits are lead-based, so radiation can't get in, and they also can't be destroyed by any weapon.

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Name: Adam
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Manipulative and smart
Other: He doesn't seem to side with either Breen or the survivors. He has his own motives.

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ak (anne-kat) Name: Maddi
Age: 18
Gender: F
Except she has blue eyes.
Personality: Luna Lovegood (HP) meets Shay (Uglies) meets Clarisse (Fahrenheit 451)
Other: friends with Amy since they came to the vault, Jay's cousin although they've never met. Loves snow. Lived in Russia until the big Carse protest, for which she went to America and proceeded to get stuck there.

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ak (anne-kat) don't forget to make a pre-apocalypse story in the folder ^_^ I need to update mine...

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These are Super Mutants:
They go around the wasteland looking for things to kill and eat. They aren't very smart, but they're incredibly strong, able to destroy nearly anything.

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Basically, zombies. Irradiated zombies.

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Name: Unknown. He is called Alpha by the Brotherhood of Steel.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Smiles a lot, cheerful, then violent.
Other: He is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, but doesn't wear a soldier or scribe uniform. He seems to be a scientist, but no one knows. Or tells.
He is Freelancer Agent Wyoming.

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Name: Agent Washington (Wash)
Age: ?
Gender: M
Personality: Impatient, nervous. Obsessed with symmetry.
Other: A freelancer who decided to work alongside the Botherhood of Steel, but not actually join it.

Name: Agent Texas (Tex)
Age: ?
Gender: F
Personality: Violent and loud, but also very kind.
Other: Another freelancer working alongside the Brotherhood.

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Name: Agent South Dakota (South)
Age: ?
Gender: F
Personality: Random and nosy, usually only gets in the way.
Other: Another freelancer, but she lacks the mental capacity to work alone. Her sister, Agent North Dakota (North) was killed, so South is normally confused without her older sister to explain things. When she has a gun, though, she has great precision and speed. (Which is why she's still alive)

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Dan | 3 comments Name: Jax

Age: 18

Appearance: Pretty much an older version of Roxas (sorry i couldn't get a picture).

Personality: Keeps to himself, not very social.

Other: Lives in an abandoned city near the Wasteland with his sister, Kat. His parents were killed by ghouls, so they haven't had any outside contact for a while. He's a pretty good shot with a gun, and carries a PPK with him.

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Lionlord Name: James
Gender: male
Appearance: tall,dark hair. Carries a machete and sequoia pistol ((new Vegas))on his waist over right ((man))breast respectively
Personality:funny outgoing collects weapons in his pipboy.

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Kaitlyn | 1 comments Ok, so are you guys okay with new people joining in with the story?

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