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We all love rules, right? Right? No, me neither. Oh well. Deal with it.

1) Usually the first rule has something to do with language, but I don't care, so there isn't a first rule.

2) Try to stay on-topic. Please? Since that's usually a problem, I'll make a spam folder.

3) Oh... I just realized that I don't have any other rules yet. Hm...

4) Obey above rules, and there may or may not be more to come.

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5) Look, another one! Okay, use (()) when you say something not related to RP stuff.

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6) Also, this is always a problem, so it will be in bold. Yay bold! When you RP, use third-person and put the name of your character every time!!!

This is not an acceptable RP post:


Because no one knows who said hi.

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