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Sherry (sherylmarasi) | 150 comments Mod

READS: Every month there will be up to 4 books posted for you to choose from. During a two week period after posting, these books will be available to you directly through the author's site at a discounted rate*. Although I require our authors to sell to you at a discount, I do not have the final say/control. Please notify me if you are charged a higher rate and I will warn and/or remove the author from our site.

PARTICIPATION: This is a very laid back site. Books will be posted the first week of the month. You are not required to read the books and you are not required to post on a regular basis. If there is something that sparks your interest, please dive into it.

GIVEAWAY DRAWING: Each month (as long as I have authors participating), for each book that you write a review for, you can enter for a drawing of an autographed book written by a traditionally published author. YOU MUST ENTER under the Enter for "book" post with the book that you read.

EMAILS: I will notify by email all of our members each new group of books we will be reading.

REVIEWS: Please post a review for the books that you have read...this will help our authors tremendously. If you feel the book falls under a 3, I ask that no review be made. If the book is truly not that good of a read no reviews will be posted and the author will be right where he started, but can still hold his/her head above their shoulders. Please keep in mind that this group was made for you to discover and for authors to climb up, not down.

I do hope you find a new favorite author on this site! If you do, I will have done my job :)

If you have any questions or feel I have left something out, please send me an email.


following is how member prices will be handled:

Books that are chosen as Group Reads will be discounted at a minumum of 10% during the period of time that it is listed as the Group Read. Shipping will be whatever the normal shipping costs are.

***By all means, authors are encouraged to lower their costs to only "cost" during this period, and I hope that is the direction taken by all of our authors. If that is the case, many times our readers will see discounts greater than 10%. The discounted cost of the book will be listed at the time it is up for the Group Read.***

message 2: by D. (new)

D. Allen (dallenjenkins) | 4 comments GIVEAWAY DRAWING: Each month (as long as I have authors participating), you can enter for a drawing of an autographed book written by a non-independently published author for each book that you write a review for.


What exactly does "non-independently published mean? Is that another way of saying self-published?

message 3: by Sherry (new)

Sherry (sherylmarasi) | 150 comments Mod
Lol! Sorry...sometimes I make up my own wording.

By that I mean an author that was published the traditional way...."not" self published. Perhaps called mainstream publishing?

Hopefully I cleared up the question.

message 4: by D. (new)

D. Allen (dallenjenkins) | 4 comments Sherry,

That clears things up. Thanks. Both of my books were traditional publishing, though the first book was through Publish America which is a questionable source. (Hey, it was my first book, and we have to learn somethings the hard way.) Still, I never paid for publication for either book.


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