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post dragons here

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Lena (lenalee11) ty

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Lena (lenalee11) more~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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Lena (lenalee11) thx

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herez mine:

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Adopt one today!
Kean-san and kyoko-san
With a long and pure heratage, these two dragons are ver proud, and wait for the ay when they can continue their pureness of breed.
They are older than any other dragons owned by keeah.
These two sisters help the other dragons threw tought times.

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Despite bad parents, with horrible names.
Hecain-San, found the light and had a child named Asuka Kun, a summer dragon.

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Chou San
Chou San, has a golden father. Whome he is very found of, his baloon mother, is sweet and caring.
His child is yet to be born, as a baloon dragon.
He is yet sad thoe, for not holding up his fathers tradition of golden dragons.

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Aoi Kun
Aoi Kun, is inspired by his father, a snowy seasonal dragon. One of the last spring dragons, he is a rare indeed. He consuls Hecain San, and Kasumi San.
He and has two children, one a adult summer dragon named Asuka Kun and a baby water dragon, who is yet to be named.

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Kasumi San
Kuzumi San, was unfortunatly lost from her parents. Whal still an egg. I took her in, and raised her.
When she had her first child, she could not keep her(or him) so, regretably, she abandoned it.
She is sad most of the time, but watches her child grow up from a distance.

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Hinata Kun
Hinta Kun, no heratage and no brother or sisters he can remember.
Stands alone, and sad. She hopes to have children of her own someday.

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Daichi San
Dachi San has a ferice and bloodsy heratage. He is one of the only dragons in his family to be good. Despite his apperence. He ran away from home, before he was born.

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Masuyo San
Masyo San, has as a royal hertage.
His striped father, he is espical found of.
But, his mothers side- is not so, her great grand father was abondened, and is now a wild dragon.
Masyo San is displeased that he looks like his mother.
He wishes, he could be, just like his father.
He has a hatchling that will look just like him, he wishes it looked like its mother.

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Sayuri Chan
Sayuri Chan, is a very small very scared dragon. She used o be aftaid of other dragons, but now hangs around with Masyo San.
One day she hopes to have children of he own.

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Kohaju San
Kohaju San mother , was just like her. Her father, took over the apperence of her sibling, who was unnamed. He and her took seprate ways, an both grew up to be heathy dragons.
She conforted masyo San, and together, the had one red dragon. Althoe Masyo San wishes it looked like his mother.

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Asuka Kun
A breed summer dragon, Asuka Kun is the father of an unborn boloon dragon.
His mother Hecain San, loves him greatly, so does his father Aoi Kun- one of the last spring dragons.
He is proud of his Fathers hearatage, but is embaresed to admit that his mothers heratage is spoiled, cause of unwelcome names.

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omgz! i luv summer dragonz!

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Lena (lenalee11) i know!

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ure back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lena (lenalee11) yupz!!

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i kept ure dragons alive!!!

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Lena (lenalee11) thx! but sense dragcave iz down, idk if thell liv!!! D=

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they lived XD

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