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sabrina A friend of a friend found Juno Diaz's email address and asked him what she should discuss with her book group. He replied! See below for his suggested topics.

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thank you for your kind email. im TERRIBLE at these book club questions. but
maybe if you ask

WHY is Yunior the narrator of this story? Is it because he is attempting an act
of penitance? Are there other less honorable reasons?

The fuku is an important force in the novel. And yet most of the major
characters--Belicia, Lola, Abelard, Yunior and even Oscar throughout most of
the book--either dont believe in it or know nothing about it. What is the
author attempting to say with this disconnect?

Why the the narrator compare writers and dictators? In one foot note he claims
that 'like recognizes like?' What are the implications of this claim,
considering that in the economy of this novel there's nothing worse than a

Why do you think there are so many references to science fiction, fantasty,
comic books and roleplaying games in the novel?

Who is the Mongoose and who is the Man Without a Face? Does it matter if we
answer these questions.

that's all i got! theyre lame but i hope they help!


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Daeniel crazy how he responded!

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I can't imagine writing such a story as Diaz did! It is quite hard to make it through the entire novel as there are some very difficult parts to the story.

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