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message 1: by Kathy (last edited Apr 13, 2019 04:40PM) (new)

Kathy Golden | 300 comments Mod
Hello, Authors, and welcome.

In order to help you and the right beta-reader match up, in the Beta-readers' discussion, please provide the following information:

Book's genre
Word count
POV details: First- or third-person; whether or not the story is told from more than one person's POV.
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable) (e.g.: steamy, erotica, clean-romance, sensual, etc.)
Level of violence
Any possible triggers readers should be aware of
Number of betareaders you want

Indicate if you're open to getting feedback on just part of the book.

You can post an excerpt in your topic if you like. If you have links where you can provide access to an excerpt, that would be great, as well. Also, state any special requests or time limits. Please post your request for a reader under the folder labeled Authors.

Click on "Authors." Once the folder opens, look to your top right and locate "new topic." Click on this link and start a topic with details about your book. The more info you provide, the easier it is for a betareader to choose to read your book. That said, don't post a synopsis because some readers like to discovery the mysteries and secrets of a story for themselves.

Final note: Please create your own topic for your request instead of adding your request to someone else's topic.

Note: If you want to pay for betareading, read this topic first:

Thanks, Kathy

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Henderson Smith (goodreadscomhenderson_smith) | 2 comments Hi Kathy, I would love to have beta readers, but want to ensure I'm following the guidelines. I just published my first book, The Ugly Princess - The Legend of the Winnowwood through Create Space last month so I am looking for readers to review it and give me feedback. Is that appropriate for this forum. Thanks for your help, Henderson

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Kathy Golden | 300 comments Mod
Authors usually use betareaders before a book is published in order to acquire feedback that might necessitate changes to the manuscript. If you want to offer your book for review, be sure to specify that you are looking for people who don't mind posting a review after they finish reading it.

In addtion, there are review groups here at GR that bring authors and readers together, so authors can get reviews. Here is one such group:

I'll send you a list of some others.

Best to you,

message 4: by Henderson (new)

Henderson Smith (goodreadscomhenderson_smith) | 2 comments Thanks for your help, Kathy. Much appreciated.

message 5: by Sherri (new)

Sherri Moorer (sherrithewriter) | 14 comments Greetings! I'm Sherri Fulmer Moorerand I'm looking for beta readers and edits for a long story I'm writing for an anthology. It's 20,000 words, and is titled Nonstop to Nowhere. It's about a college student who's high school nemesis seeks her help with a haunting that threatens her relationship and her future. There are no sex scenes, as it's primarily an urban fantasy/horror story. It's also quite brief. Thanks! You can message me here or email me at if you're interested. I'm on a June 30 deadline for the story, so quick responses are appreciated.

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Marlowe Sr. (Ariindam Chakrabortiy) (mrmarlowe) | 8 comments Alright, I am looking for reviewers for my ebook and here are he details (interested readers can send me a message for a free review copy):

Name of Book: Phantasy

Book's genre: Fantasy:

Word count: 169,550

Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): Non-hardcore

Number of betareaders you want: 20

message 7: by April (new)

April  | 2 comments Genre:Erotica
Word count:2346
Kinds of sex scenes:Explict Sex Scenes
Number of betareaders you want: 20

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

April wrote: "Genre:Erotica
Word count:2346
Kinds of sex scenes:Explict Sex Scenes
Number of betareaders you want: 20"

I see that you are looking for 20 beta readers. I'm wondering why so many? With a word count of only 2346, it's safe to believe that the whole book is still being written? I like the idea of your beta readers coming in early on for critiquing, instead of at completion. Also if your like me and have 2 really good *Beta Readers* they are not very good if I'm still waiting 2 month later for one synopsis. Let me know what you are looking for from your beta readers. Charlene

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Genre: Romance/Paranormal
Word count: 96,862
Hello, I'm looking for a few good beta readers for my new book series, Takers. There will be 6 books and a prequel. This is a Romance/Paranormal book series that fits into the new genre, Romantica.

What I would like is to have my beta readers stay with me throughout the series. No one can critique a series better then someone right there from the start.But it's not mandatory that you do.
Here is the blurb for Takers, Tormented.

Megan Chase has one -SCREWED-UP- life. She didn't choose the life she’s led. Being the only human in her family, she somehow manages to cope with their unearthly ways.
It’s a good thing she’s developed a strong personality. She’s going to need it when Tristan arrives for the first time, to lay his CLAIM to her. On her eighteenth birthday, this strange and stunning male takes what he feels is his right full place in her life.
Can Megan and Tristan survive the SHAMELESS SECRETS surrounding their new relationship? On the other hand, will Tristan himself end up being the kiss of death? Testing her beyond her limits, Megan finds out the hard way,

What I'm looking for is someone with really good comprehension skills for critiquing purposes. If your interested in beta reading for Tormented, please message me at

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Sallyanne (sallyanne32) | 19 comments Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a couple of beta readers to take a look at the first three chapters of my erotic romance novel, The Proposition just to see whether I'm heading in the right direction.

The word count is 11,406. Although there are no sex scenes in the first three chapters, there is explicit language and sexual terminology.

Let me know if your interested by either messaging me or emailing me directly


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M.H. Heyer (marciaholah) | 2 comments I would like 2-3 beta readers for my Erotica/Romance novella please. It is complete and has been edited. Word count: 34,000 and has explicit sex scenes and sexual terminology.

Arabella is a single parent of two teenagers, approaching 45 yrs. old. She escaped from an abusive husband 10 yrs. ago and doesn't trust men and doesn't believe she needs a man in her life.

Until she meets Fabian, a 26 yrs. old, self-confessed player, engaged and about to be married.

Because of a connection he feels he has with her, he pursues her relentlessly. When her children discover her secret, they give her an ultimatum; lose him or us.

I was looking for feedback before I publish as to whether I need to write into the story another thread to increase the tension, or is the story interesting enough by itself.

I have other books in the pipeline and would like to build a relationship with the beta readers if that was acceptable by all parties.

If you are interested, contact me on and tell me in which format you would like me to send either the first couple of chapters or the whole book.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

message 12: by Sallyanne (new)

Sallyanne (sallyanne32) | 19 comments Hi Marcia,

I have sent you an email.



message 13: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (GeekGirlWriter) | 3 comments Title: Heart of Steel
Genre: Science fiction/romance
Word Count: 68,000
Kinds of sex scenes: None (kissing only)
Number of Betareaders you want: 5

Alistair Mechanus can't remember the tragedy that turned him into a cyborg ten years ago. He does remember the pain, both physical and mental, which has haunted him since, and he's retreated to seclusion on Shark Reef Isle. Hiding away from the world that broke him, he forms a plan for World Domination, believing that he can improve on the inherent societal flaws that he associates with his breakdown. However, when he sees his latest prisoner, he feels a spark of emotion in his internal circuitry that he has not felt in over a decade.

Julia's lush vacation was supposed to block out the incident that cost her job at the hospital. Now instead of swimming in Hawaii's blue waters, she meets an infatuated cyborg who needs the very compassionate care she wants to stop giving. When her overbearing wish-we-broke-up-already boyfriend Jim is injured, Alistair’s clumsy attempt at kindness goes spinning out of control, forcing Julia to trust the mad genius with her life.

Julia soon uncovers a vulnerable side beneath Alistair’s armored plating, as well as clues to unlocking his forgotten past. However, solving the mystery of who he used to be may cost him what remains of his fractured sanity.

Novel has been edited and needs a second eyeball check and critique on characterization and plot. If interested email me at

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Thank you Tina Elaine, you are worth 10 beta readers to me. You did a great job and charged me way too little for the timely work you did. The best part of your work for me is, all the comments you wrote about how the story was making you feel. The extras you give are well worth it. I'll keep coming back to you for now on. Charlene

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Cyma Khan (cymariizwaankhan) | 7 comments Wondering if anyone would be interested in this book:

New Adult / Scifi / Dystopian 70,000 words

Here's a link to the blurb and more info: Experiment by Cyma Rizwaan Khan

BLURB: How do you survive in a world without hope?

And what will it turn you into?

Alien species are in control of the planet and Zyronian Citizens have no choice but to become slaves to both reigning species, the Zyre and the Khaltars. Life on Zyron for someone who is born a Citizen was bad enough but the constant riots within the regions have made survival impossible. So when Lane Volze, a twenty-two year old Citizen becomes the victim of a treacherous conspiracy, his brother Connor takes the help of resistance leader Jace Dyer and does everything in his power to get him out, but nothing is at it seems, and Connor keeps running into dead-ends. Lane on the other hand, struggles for survival in the prison from hell and is trying his best to come to terms with the fact that his life is over.

Will Connor get to the bottom of this conspiracy before it’s too late?

I need at least twenty beta readers.

Thanks for the help!

Email is

message 16: by Logan (new)

Logan Grey | 1 comments I want to get the opinions of a few beta readers before sending this manuscript off to an agent. I didn't do this with my first novel and the end result was less that stellar. I have high hopes for my second effort and I am open to any comments or suggestions.

Book Title: The Price of Her
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Dystopian
Word Count:114,157
Kind of Sex: graphic but not gross (does that help?)
Number of requested readers: 5

My email address is:

message 17: by Katrina (last edited Jul 20, 2014 08:48PM) (new)

Katrina Cope I am looking for a few beta readers for my preteen series 'The Sanctum Series' which is also loved by adults.
Two have been published, with the first one receiving 5 stars from Readers' Favorite, but I would like to make the series sparkle more. The two published ones are on my profile.

Book's genre: Preteen Spy thriller/ action and adventure with heart
Word count: 70,000 - 85,000
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable) n/a
Number of betareaders you want: I would like to establish an ongoing relationship with 4 or 5 beta readers and I am very happy to mention beta readers in acknowledgements in my books unless they do not want to be mentioned.
Please message me if you are interested :) I am a pleasant author and will appreciate take your help.

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Kathy Love (groovykathy) | 2 comments Hi,

I'm a multi-published author looking for readers who are comfortable doing line edits on my first Indie manuscript. I'm open to plot suggestions, but mostly looking for grammar, typos, missing words, awkward sentences and that type of thing. I'd also love reviews!

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 50,000-60,000
Kind of sex scenes: Steamy
Number of beta readers: 4 or 5 readers who are willing to work with me on future books as well.
Added note: On this particular book, I'm looking for a fast turnaround time, due to some snafus that have left me in a bit of a bind. I will gladly thank my beta readers in my acknowledgements.
My email is and my website is The book you will be reading is PERFECT MATCH, the backcover blurb is on my website.
Thank you so much!!!

message 19: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 4 comments I'd love to help. I loved the blurb on your website.

message 20: by Laura (new)

Laura Whiskens | 5 comments ** LOOKING FOR 3-4 BETA READERS **
My current WIP will be finished by the end of August and I am looking for 3-4 beta readers.
This is a mixed genre piece - romance / modern fairytale / paranormal (I would say perhaps similar to a Cecelia Ahern novel). Word count 35,000. NO sex scenes.
If you would be interested, please send me a message.

'Celeste is not like other girls, she literally appeared from no where aged five.
She has no memory of her past or who she is. When a nationwide search fails to identify her, Celeste is sent to live with Mrs Potts.
But Celeste has a hidden gift - she can leave pieces of herself, her soul, with people that she loves.
Where the gift comes from and what it means, she does not know... Is she ready to find out?'

message 21: by C.C. (last edited Jul 30, 2014 11:49AM) (new)

C.C. Ekeke (ccekeke) | 3 comments Hi,

I'm looking for about 2 or 3 beta readers to review a collection of short stories that will serve as a companion piece to my novel Star Brigade: Resurgent. These shorts are of the science fiction genre, with a mix of space opera, military sci-fi and a little space western.

While there are 15 short stories from different character POVs but the word count is under 52,000. There are 2 sex scenes but they are very tame and non-hardcore.

I'm looking for basic feedback, spelling, grammar issues along general thoughts on the story plots and characters.

My book is free today (7/30) on Amazon if you want to check it out beforehand.

Star Brigade Resurgent (Star Brigade, Book 1) by C.C. Ekeke

Please message me if you are interested. Thanks!

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Caryl Almelor (carylalmelor) | 1 comments Hi! My name is Caryl, and I am looking for 5 beta readers to read my first novel titled: From a Distance. I have a couple of unedited teasers on my website: I have had my manuscript edited already and I need a few fresh eyes to take a look at it for me. This is the book #1 out of 2 books.

If you are interested or would like more information or would like to attain a copy, please email me through:, as I am not as active on Goodreads. Thank you :)

Book's genre - Contemporary New Adult Romance
Word count - 29,008 words
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable) - kissing scenes, some strong language used
Number of betareaders you want - 5

message 23: by Sallyanne (new)

Sallyanne (sallyanne32) | 19 comments Hi Guys,

I'm looking for 2-3 beta readers for the draft of my erotic romance novel. It's approximately 50,000 words and is the first book of two in The Proposition series that I'm currently writing.

I'm an experienced beta reader and I'd be happy to beta read work of a similar genre.

If you're interested please PM me.



message 24: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Mcmahen | 4 comments Hi! I am looking for 3-5 Beta Readers. It's about 40,000 words. It's a romance. There are two sex scenes and some bad words. :) It's got a nice dose of suspense and plenty of humor. The main characters are an Actress and a Rock star. :) Let me know if you'd like to help me out! I'm looking for help with continuity, grammar and spelling. But this is more about making sure the story is good and is cohesive. Thanks so much!


message 25: by Brian (new)

Brian Michaud | 1 comments Hello,
I am looking for those who may interested in being a beta reader for my YA Fantasy, The Ring of Carnac. It is the second book in the Tales of Gaspar series. You can find info and reviews of the first book, The Road to Nyn, at

Here is a brief synopsis:
It has been a year since the defeat of the Lord of Nyn, but the Kingdom of Gaspar is far from peaceful. The goblins are tampering with an ancient magic that they little understand and may bring about the destruction of the entire kingdom. Only the Ring of Carnac holds the key to stopping them. The problem is that nobody quite knows where it is hidden. There is but a single clue to the Ring's whereabouts—it was last known to be in the possession of a crazed wizard who lives on a secluded island far to the south.
Kay and Jerra must temporarily abandon their magical studies to go on a secret voyage by sea with their master, Alamin. The wizard has a plan for finding the Ring, but it requires the young apprentices to fall into the hands of bloodthirsty pirates.

Book info:
Title – The Ring of Carnac
Word Count: 85,000
Sex scenes: None
Beta Readers Needed: 3-5

Thank You,
Brian Michaud

message 26: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Gerardo (carolinegerardo) | 1 comments I am looking for 2 beta readers
Novel is 92113 words
Literary fiction, thriller, dystopian
Female protagonist
3 brief sex scenes
some violence
drought, dogs, horses, prepping

I do not need editing or grammar input.
The narrative has Point of View shifts and
I want some input about that in particular.
email me here or
href="http://www.carolinegerardo.blogspot.c... blog

message 27: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Cherney Hi everyone,
Book's genre: Epic Fantasy/ Romance Fantasy
Word count- About 93,000
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable)- graphic but not extremely graphic (if that makes sense) also implied scenes.
Number of betareaders you want- I'm hoping for 3-5.

It is a second book in a series, but does stand alone, other warnings for some it does have violence as well as strong language. Right now the manuscript is pre-edit with only one read through done, but mainly I'm looking for plot consistency as well as general feedback more than grammar errors.

Synposis- Liz's second year as ruler slowly draws to a close, but a coming storm looms on the horizon. An unseen enemy who is more than content to stay in the shadows than attack in the open and those who do know can't speak or are too afraid to. Still, never one to be bogged down by shadowy threats, Liz looks to the future in more ways than one.

As the land wakes come spring the dam breaks and allies are split. Power gathers, creatures from Uranys and Inarni nightmares have been reported and human settlements are being razed. Despite being alone, they march to war before the forces of darkness take out all they have worked so hard for.

I'm hoping for a turnaround by the end of the month due to some circumstances that caused me to fall behind a bit. If you're interested feel free to pm me or e-mail me at


message 28: by Cecelia (last edited Sep 29, 2014 06:00AM) (new)

Cecelia (goodreadscomcecelia_dowdy) | 1 comments I'm looking for beta readers for a book that I will indie publish. Content is not available online - but I can send it to you via email. It's a Christian romance novel - no sex scenes. It's about 86K words. Email me at or via Goodreads.

Here's the story summary:
Facing eviction, Rhea Morrison, a young grieving widow, must save her failing bakery. Her
recently-injured twin sister, Raven, loans her money – stipulating Rhea attend a singles retreat to spy on Martin Lane, Raven’s new love interest. Disgruntled, Rhea attends the retreat and is attracted to Martin. She discovers that Martin can help save her bakery.

Pastor Martin laments over his secret, traumatic past mistakes. He’s destined to lead his father’s church, despite blatant rejection. He can’t love Rhea - he’s yet to forgive himself for his past, and if Rhea knew how he used to be, she would have no interest in pursuing a relationship with him. In spite of their shared attraction, he helps Rhea form a plan to save her business. Martin, a former successful bakery owner, can expertly create delicious pastry recipes.

Rhea feels torn about her attraction to Martin – he’s a pastor, and after her husband’s death, she vowed to never get involved with another pastor. Plus, her twin sister, Raven, has strong feelings for Martin. Can Rhea let herself have romantic feelings for Martin – knowing it would hurt her sister?

Since this is the first time I'm indie publishing, I'm kinda unclear about how many beta readers I need? I guess I'll see if I get any response and then decide what to do/how many I want?

message 29: by Anvita (new)

Anvita Sharma | 1 comments Hey I'd like to offer to beta read your story... I'll email you....

message 30: by Steve (new)

Steve Haslam | 1 comments I'm looking for five beta readers for my novel.

Title: Fearest Enden
Genre: Magic Realism
Word Count: 89,000
The book has one scene of an attempted sexual assault where the victim gets the upper hand.

Tasked with avenging the first murder, the slaying of Abel, Tennessee teacher Elias Hughes emerges as the seventh member of an ancient bloodline which was predestined for this very task.

You can email me at or tweet me: @aestheticdemon

message 31: by Shandreka (new)

Shandreka Jones | 4 comments Kathy wrote: "Hello, Authors,
In order to help you and the right beta-reader match up, in the Beta-readers' discussion, please provide the following information:

Book's genre
Word count
Kinds of sex scenes (if..."

Kathy wrote: "Hello, Authors,
In order to help you and the right beta-reader match up, in the Beta-readers' discussion, please provide the following information:

Book's genre
Word count
Kinds of sex scenes (if..."

Hello! I am looking for 2-3 beta readers for my memoir.
Genre: Autobiography
Word Count: 30, 651
It talks about some sexual assault when I was a minor.
Please contact me @

message 32: by Shandreka (new)

Shandreka Jones | 4 comments Hello! I am looking for 5 beta readers for my memoir.
Genre: Autobiography
Word Count: 30, 651
It talks about some sexual assault when I was a minor.
Please contact me @ if you are interested.

message 33: by Catherine (last edited Sep 30, 2014 08:16AM) (new)

Catherine Crumber (ccrumber) Hello:

I am looking for 5 Beta Readers for Elevated, a Tale.

J and Rachel are opposites trying to stay attracted but circumstances along with the past are threatening to pull them apart.

Please visit for a full description.

Genre: Inspirational Fiction Romance
No sex scenes but kisses are apart of the work.
No cursing
Word Count : 70,000

The ebook version is available but the print version is not. - This is why I need beta readers. I plan to take the book to print within the next three weeks (Oct. 17th). So this will need to be completed by 10/14/14.

If the Beta Readers would like to leave a review; that will be helpful. Please respond by 10/05/2014.

message 34: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 300 comments Mod
Hi Jeet,
Congrats on finishing your book. We need a few more details so betareaders can determine if they have time to offer feedback. How long is the book? Is it a contemporary or historical romance? Is the sex explicit, steamy, erotica, clean, or fade to black? How soon would you like the feedback? How many readers are you looking for? You can create a separate discussion providing these details about your book and asking for readers.

message 35: by Celine (new)

Celine Jeanjean | 1 comments Book's genre: YA Fantasy / Steampunk mix
Word count: 75,000 words
Kinds of sex scenes: None
Number of Beta Readers: 5 Beta Readers would be great.

You can message me through goodreads, or email me on

Longines’ alter-ego, The Viper, should be revered as Damsport's deadliest and most elegant assassin, but his attempts at growing his own reputation aren't going well. His secret but debilitating fear of blood doesn't help, either.

Rory dreams of becoming a world-famous swordfighter, but that requires at least some sort of training, and being a scrawny, 16 year-old street kid with a big mouth is not conducive to being taken seriously by Damsport's swordmasters.

When Rory saves Longines during an assassination gone wrong, she discovers his terror of blood and blackmails him into teaching her all he knows about swords. However, she gets a lot more than she bargained for and quickly questions whether becoming a famed warrior really is worth putting up with Longines.

But when a mysterious assassin imitates The Viper's kills and threatens both their lives, arguments have to be set aside, and Rory and Longines are forced to work together against one who might just be the deadliest assassin Damsport has ever known.

A tale of friendship and arguments, and of two misfits trying to be more than the sum of their parts.

message 36: by V.R. (new)

V.R. Cardoso (vrcardoso) Hi Kathy,

I'm a Fantasy author (just published my first book) and I'm currently writing a short story for which I need Beta readers.
The book should be ready to send to the Beta's in two to three weeks. Should I make my request right now or wait until it's finished?


message 37: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 300 comments Mod
Vasco wrote: "Hi Kathy,

I'm a Fantasy author (just published my first book) and I'm currently writing a short story for which I need Beta readers.
The book should be ready to send to the Beta's in two to three..."

Hi Vasco,
Welcome to the group. You could ask now for betareaders; it can't hurt. Three weeks is a ways off in some respects, especially as we are in the holiday season. But placing your request now will give those who like to plan ahead a chance to do so. Plus, you can always ask again when the book is ready.

message 38: by Scott (new)

Scott McCoskey | 2 comments Hello :)
I just joined the group & I'd like to try to find some beta-readers.

Book's genre: Urban Fantasy/Crime
Word count:29,152-ish
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): None, cursing & violence though
Number of betareaders you want: 3-5

It's a novella not a novel in Word format.
Thanks for the sticky on this topic, I didn't want to spam.

message 39: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (jjtrippy) | 3 comments Scott wrote: "Hello :)
I just joined the group & I'd like to try to find some beta-readers.

Book's genre: Urban Fantasy/Crime
Word count:29,152-ish
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): None, cursing & violence ..."

Hi Scott!

I'd be glad to look over your book! It sounds really interesting!

I hope to hear from you soon!



message 40: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 300 comments Mod
Scott wrote: "Hello :)
I just joined the group & I'd like to try to find some beta-readers.

Book's genre: Urban Fantasy/Crime
Word count:29,152-ish
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): None, cursing & violence ..."

Welcome to the group, Scott.

message 41: by Scott (last edited Nov 17, 2014 11:47AM) (new)

Scott McCoskey | 2 comments Jordan

Thank you for the interest, I'll send you a message shortly.


Thank you.

message 42: by Belit (last edited Nov 26, 2014 03:55PM) (new)

Belit Rivers | 1 comments An introduction: Hello all, my name is Bêlit Rivers. I would like 2-5 beta readers for a short story I wrote entitled The Blue Bird'. It is a prequel to other tales that will be written in different time periods of a city I have created. I'd like to get a review or two within 4 weeks so I can possibly do revisions and begin illustrating it.
My email address is I will send a link for the story to anyone who wants to help out. Thanks in advance.


Fantasy/Fairy tale
613 words
No sex scenes
2-5 beta readers

message 43: by Lena (new)

Lena | 6 comments Hi! I'm looking for betas for a contemporary YA I'm working on. It will be ready to go in it's entirety soon, but was hoping to get some feedback on the beginning (first 5500 words). If you like it and want to keep reading, I'll send you the rest as soon as it is done. If not, you've only spent a bit of time on it, since it's the first few chapters only! win/win.

The book is about a high school basketball player learning to live as an amputee after a car accident. It is told in alternating past/present tense, mostly the months leading up to the accident and the months after.

I'm concerned about it having a good hook and knowing if the first few chapters & format work, if it makes you want to keep reading.

Please PM me if you'd like to offer a bit of feedback.

Thank you!


Genre: Contemporary YA
5500 words (more if you want to continue reading)
Sexuality (teenage boy urges) but no sex scenes
5 beta readers would be awesome

message 44: by Ethel (new)

Ethel Lewis | 4 comments Hi everyone!
Looking for a few beta reader for my novel, "Leave Yesterday Behind." I have edited twice now and am now looking for some outside opinions.
Looking for a beta who will mostly focus on the "big picture" aspect of the novel (ie. plot pacing, character development, confusing passages) rather than grammar.

Book's genre: YA, romance, mystery
Word count: 110K+
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): Hints at but nothing graphic, fades to black.
Number of betareaders you want: Looking for 3-5 beta readers

A brief synopsis -

Becky's journey into adulthood wasn't always a smooth one. Along the way, she was beset with many upheavals. Some were heart breaking, . . . some were even more horrific.
Her best friend, Mandy, the 'sister-soul' she met in college, proved to be an even more important aid in Becky's self-discovery. With Becky, at every turn, Mandy's love and undying friendship seemed to be Becky's only lifeline. Her only hope.
But, . . . would Mandy's help and devotion be enough? Would Becky survive? Or would her demons pull her down into the depths of her own personal hell?
Would Becky ever be able to finally, . . . Leave Yesterday Behind?

Please contact me at if you might be interested.
Ethel Lewis

message 45: by Hock (new)

Hock Tjoa (hockgtjoa) | 4 comments Hi Kathy,

title--Eastern Ocean, South Sea
genre--spy novel, no super heroes (James Bond or Jason Bourne), just contemporary international intrigue.
length--nearly 49000 words.
available immediately.
Comments needed by the end of February.
I'd like to know what needs more details, what needs less, what doesn't work, etc.
PM me or email to for word doc (or docx).

I'd like at least two readers. This is volume 2 of
The Chinese Spymaster

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Chickn Doodls | 2 comments Hello!
thanks for this opportunity.

Book's genre: paranormal/fiction
Word count: 4700 unfinished ( very short chapters)
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): NONE
Number of beta-readers you want:5-15 ( I need simple readers but pros are also welcome to comment.


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Sharon Brooks | 1 comments Help please! I need readers...asap you see I'm 69 years wise and need to get my books published for no other reason than to say I DID IT! I've been writing all my life and now retired.
I really do not know what genre my book's been called Paranormal Romance, but that's not what I think it is ...there are elements of both but there is an element of mystery...oh and there are two more books currently been written so this is a trilogy. Please e-mail me if interested, I hope you are. Thanks , Sharon Brooks

Book's genre: fiction near future/possible paranormal Romance/Mystery
Word count:75,344
Kinds of Sex scenes: none
Number of beta readers you want= 5-20

P,S. Sure I would like to make a few dollars from my writing.
Refer. Beta reader

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Bov Enceph | 2 comments Hello! I write short stories. I self-published on Amazon and Smashwords. I am looking for readers.

Title: Four Horrible Stories
Genre: short stories, fiction, mixed-bag of sci-fi, horror, and imaginative.
Word Count: 10,360, but I would appreciate comments on even just one of the shorter stories.
No sex scenes (sorry, kids)
Number of betareaders: as many are interested (or at least one, whichever is more!)
Use coupon code mm46e to download the book for free.

Thanks everyone!

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K.S Dexter | 1 comments Hi everyone, I am looking for readers for my first book. I did publish on Amazon, but took it down.
Title: Tonya's Dirty Secret
Word count: 39,851
Kind of sex scene: Explicit Sex Scenes

I am looking for three beta readers.

Thank you, K.S. Dexter

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Mark  Thomas (markadamthomas) | 1 comments Hello Beta Readers, I am in the process of completing the second draft of my novel, and it is time for fresh eyes to take a look at it, and give me an honest critique. I have divided it into 4 parts for easier consumption. The first act is completed, and the rest will be finished by early February 2015 (if not sooner).

Title: Kestrel Creed and the Febrile Felon
Book's genre: Pulp Adventure/Horror
Word count: 140,000
No sex scenes, but there are horror elements (no explicit gore)
Number of betareaders: 2-5

I hope to get responses back by mid-March.

The prologue is posted on my website, to give you an idea of what you are in for.

If interested:

Thank you very much.

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