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message 1: by Lindig (new)

Lindig | 167 comments I was doing a search on Nora Roberts. As I paged through the 18 pages, I noticed a bunch of books that shouldn't have come up in this search; e.g.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

I went to the Frankenstein page but couldn't see any reason for it to be linked to Nora Roberts so couldn't figure out what to do.

Hence my question: What to do?

message 2: by Eva Marie (new)

Eva Marie (evamarie3578) | 755 comments Something happened similiar to that with me before- I think it has something to do with the author being listed as writing a foreword or something else with the book in question.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 2413 comments Yes, She probably did contribute in some way to one of the editions. It is weird. It happened to me recently and although the author had written only an introduction, it was the first book that showed up on her list of books.

message 4: by Eva Marie (new)

Eva Marie (evamarie3578) | 755 comments About what to do- it just stays the same since like Lisa said, the author contributed in some way.

message 5: by Lindig (new)

Lindig | 167 comments Well, okay, if y'all say so, but I couldn't see any indication that Nora Roberts (romance writer) had anything to do with the following books:

Reckless Abandon by Stuart Woods
Where Have All the Pandas Gone by Melvin Berger
North American Free Trade by Nora Lustig
Les Lieux de Memoire, tome 3 by Charles-Robert Ageron, Pierre Nora
An Unusual Affair by Lindsay Armstrong
Coppercraft and Silver Made at home by Karl Robert Kramer, Nora Kramer
Transforming the Work Place by John Nora, Robert Stamy
Das Spannungrerhaltnis Zwischen by Nora Weider
Media Management by Stephen Lacy
A Tribute to Leslie George Katz by Peter Kayafas
Favorite Stories of Christmas Past by Clement Clarke Moore

It seems to me that the search is pulling up anything with Nora or Robert(s) in the author field. Should I put quotes around "Nora Roberts" to tighten the search, the way I do on google, say, to prevent just this sort of overly wide result?

message 6: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 46 comments Yes, ""s help a lot if you know precisely who/what you're searching for. Although that WILL still bring up seemingly unrelated books if that author wrote a foreword or contributed in some other way.

The search on GR seems to get quite a bit wonky at times, and I think that they try to improve it periodically.

This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For | 949 comments If you go to Nora Roberts page and then click on the list of her books, it will NOT list the ones where she did not contribute in some way. If you do a general search for Nora Roberts it will find anything which it thinks matches "Nora" and "Robert" separately (as far as I can tell, GR ignores pluralization in its searches, so you'll get Robert not just Roberts), which is why some of those odd ones are coming up (as you inferred).

message 8: by Lindig (new)

Lindig | 167 comments Okay. Now I know to put quotes around reasonably common names. Good to know.


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