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Am I the only one who doesn't like steampunk?
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I feel like I'm the minority here in saying that honestly, steampunk is quite annoying to me. The definitive qualities is just a bunch of random cog and gear type inventions. It's completely unnecessary. They serve no purpose other than to try and make the book sound more original than it actually is. You can't just ride in a regular carriage, oh dear Lord no, it has to be a special steam powered feat of engineering that is nothing but a tangent from the rest of the book. You can't just use a regular pen, it has to be a special metal pen with gears and metal parchment and ink made of acid. It's infuriating how they just seem to have these random contraptions with little back-story on how industrialized the premise/setting is. And all this ridiculous talk over social etiquette. I'm going to scream if I read one more paragraph judging the way a woman holds her teacup. It's snotty, flamboyant, and pretentious, and I don't like it one bit.

You have to think of steampunk as of a piece of resurrected history - something that was actually happening during the Victorian times. The steampunk ideas are the ideas people held at the time, the ideas of Victorian futurism. Before the invention and implementation of petrol/diesel engines, before the employment of electricity everywhere; there were these ideas. It also teaches you of the contrast between the incredibly tight morale and bonton (proper behaviour in the high society) and restricting conditions and the individuals that rebelled. That could have been through patronage of sciences, actually inventing gadgets and participating in adventures or simply by breaking these social norms and rules - hence those sometimes exhaustively described encounters and ways of drinking tea etc. Steampunk is not for everyone, true but I don't think it's pretentious - it doesn't play at anything, it just was like that. With regards to lacking the canon - the genre is still evolving, same as new weird so give it a chance. I just kept collecting steampunk books to read until I finally got into them recently, and I can recommend The Finishing School by Gail Carriger for an amusing and easy introduction.

I used to think steampunk was the dumbest genre to ever hit the reading, but then I actually read one of the books from the steampunk genre, I liked it a lot. I would equate it to hard sci-fi, where there a lot of gizmos and long explanations(Most times, I skip over those parts). If it's done right, it's really good, but I tend to read books more focused on characters and character development. I usually don't have the patience to read steampunk.

Steampunk is a genre that I thought I'd enjoy, but I haven't been pulled into a single book I've read/attempted to read. They have some great cover art, and I've been drawn to pick up several to see about reading them, but now if I see it described as steampunk on the cover or reviews I'm more apt to disregard it than take a chance on it due to my past experience with the genre.

My thought is that the authors seem to invest more energy writing about their contraptions and the 'reason' the world has developed differently than they do writing interesting characters/plot. I read for the characters and story, not for the gadgets.

Christian I don't think this is an trait of the genre though. SciFi and fantasy also have to deal with delivering exposition, but there's just a whole lot more ...more
Dec 03, 2013 03:06AM

You are not ;). I just can't get interested in the genre, when I want to read about contraptions and the like, I'd rather turn to science fiction.

I agree with Yaya. I have only read Gail Carriger and thoroughly enjoyed her books, but I am not really interested in reading anymore in the genre yet. I am more into paranormal romance.

I considered the Soulless series more paranormal romance with a steam punk angle. I think Gail Carriger books are fanciful, unique and fun to read. Not a bit snotty or pretentious. I have not read any other steam punk writers, maybe the genre as a whole needs to grow and become more defined.

Steam Punk lacks a definitive canon the way fantasy does. It's just not as evolved. I find the genre of steam punk includes a lot of unrelated themes and authors spend a lot of time explaining things. As the genre grows I'm sure that things will get fleshed out but for now, it's not my favorite either. I am willing to give it a try once in a while though!

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