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Why is the UK printing of these books coming out almost a year before the US versions?

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Peggy Reading the ARC reviews written by some of my favorite reviewers really makes me want to read this trilogy. But...... What is with the long wait for each book to come out in the US? I know the 2nd book is being released here in the US in December 2013 but the 3rd book is not being released until September 2014. The UK version of the 2nd book was published in June of 2013 and the 3rd book is being released in December 2013. It just seems like a long time between books for an already completed and published (as of next month) trilogy.
Is there such a big difference in publishing a book in the UK than in the US? I am refusing to start another cliffy ending trilogy until all of the books are out.

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SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ Hi Peggy!
It's in the hands of the publishers. All three books are done, but the US publisher has decided on a different schedule.
Book 1 ends with a HUGE cliffy. Book 2 ends with a HFN, but it is clear that their story is far from over.
Depending on where you live you have a few options: Book 1 & 2 can be purchased in Kindle in both US and UK. Book 3 can be purchased in paperback from Amazon UK and soon as used paperback in US. Netgalley is also handing out ARCs be they are typically not approving non-UK residents. I hope this helps clarifying! There are also ways, I have heard, of purchasing Kindle from UK....

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