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Amanda Was I the only one who was sooo happy that they got a new cat to play Buttercup in Catching Fire? I was so angered by the dumb black and white one from the first Hunger Games. It made me super happy that they got a orange one for Catching Fire!! What are your guys' thoughts on this?

Ericka Scott Nelson I actually don't recall the black and white one from the other movie, but it's good they got one that looks more like Buttercup...surely it's as easy to get one color of cat as another, so might as well have one that looks right!

Kristen I don't remember what either cat looked like. Didn't pay that close attention.

Betsy Didn't notice the cats'color in Hunger Games,but Katniss referred to it as the color of rotting squash ,even though Prim called it Buttercup. A pretty tuxedo cat just wouldn't suit the mood of the Seam.

Kenzi I was happy about it. I mean a black cat named Buttercup?

Kirk Who cares?

Kelsey I was extremely excited about it. I actually yelled out in excitement. The people around me didn't care/didn't remember. I guess it's a detail-oriented thing.

Kenzi Kelsey wrote: "I was extremely excited about it. I actually yelled out in excitement. The people around me didn't care/didn't remember. I guess it's a detail-oriented thing."


Minda~Quenn {Somehow I found a way to get lost in you} I just wish that they would have gotten it right in the first movie. Is it that hard to find a tabby that can hiss?!?!

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Kressel Housman Every movie director I've ever heard on the subject of cats said they're AWFUL to work with. (Nora Ephron on "Julie/Julia" and Tim Burton on "Big Fish.")

Christine This thread makes my day.

Middy I'm actually surprised that someone else noticed that.
I hated when I saw the first movie and they had that black and white cat.
I wondered myself why they hadn't used one that stuck true to the book and when they had the scene of the new cat, I was pleased to see the change.

Jennifer I am glad that the director fixed Butter cups appearance along with how things went in the first movie messed up by Gary Ross and Fixed By Francis Lawrence :
First movie
Katniss went before Peeta in the Training sessions
Second movie
Peeta went first just like in both of the books
First movie
When they gave training scores they said only first names until they got to Katniss and Peeta and then Said last names along with when they were at interviews
Second movie
used both first and last names and gave last names to people who didn't have them in the book (Beetee)
First Movie
All 24 Tributes rode on the hovercraft together
Second movie
Katniss rode only with her stylist

I do under stand that things have to be changed for movies from the books. However Franscis Lawrence stayed more true to the book by quoting and making scenes just as they were in the book and took out things but explained them well. GarY Ross on the other hand messed things up a lot and veered away from the book but didn't explain.

Speciale Destinee They change buttercup in the 2nd movie. What did the other cat die?

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Lana They changed it because hald the fandom was so fucking angry when the cat wasnt orange in the first film. Personally I dont really care what color the cat is, as long as its there.

Kenzi Its black and white and named butter cup? That would be stupid.

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Carol Haha, I read this book in Spanish and I didn't stop myself to translate "buttercup", so I kept imagining the cat as being black, probably because Katniss make him look like a "raised from hell cat", kinda like the one in Pet Sematary.

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